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  1. 1. Rethinking the library ELAG 2008 Forum
  2. 2. Technical Issues Distance from the past needed New requirements for the ILS Hearing what the user really like New software design principles (eg UCD) Sharing of Services (SOA)
  3. 3. Data Sharing of data lib -> lib, usr - lib controlled data can used to improve uncontrolled RDA - a web tool FRBR - a base for new services
  4. 4. User Generated Conent Sharing (e.g. Tags / Comments/ Reviews) Tagging with PURLs will make us ready for the semantic web Webservices and descriptions
  5. 5. Semantic Web Unsexy but (still) a raising topic Persistent Identifier Interoperability DCMI/RDA task group SKOS
  6. 6. New Worlds 3D is just a start SL maybe not the product Trying out new concepts