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Barak regev


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Barak regev

  1. 1. Big DataTurning your data problem into a competitive advantageBarak RegevHead of Cloud Platform - EMEA
  2. 2. 20 min in 1 minute Managing big data is hard There is a better way Put your data to work for you.
  3. 3. How we do it - Google Infrastructure 4 billion hours of video per month 425 million Gmail users 100,000,000 GB web Index 0.25 secs to search results
  4. 4. Defining Big DataPractical problems & opportunities
  5. 5. “ How are hotel reservations for Spain from New York compared with this time last year? ”“ Do we need to adjust our marketing campaign? Where? ” CenterParcs - European hospitality
  6. 6. “ Which users who signed up last quarter, have also advanced at least 3 levels, and purchased an item worth more than $5? ” Claritics - mobile & social user analytics
  7. 7. Business & IT trends driving Big Data Opportunities Challenges Data is a core business asset Information is growing faster than ability to leverage it Increasingly data is out in the Cloud (e.g. social, CRM) Tough for Enterprise to capture all the data they generate New things are possible in the Cloud Scaling traditional BI for Big Data can be (unique algorithms, scale) hard Greatly increased speed of sharing and Skills: requires IT, analytics, software iteration development
  8. 8. What does Big Data look like? Some common characteristics Diverse industries Structured, semi-structured, unstructured Retail point of sales transactions Millions if not billions of rows User activity logs (mobile & social) Too large to process on a single machine Mobile telemetry & smart devices Too large to store on a single machine Industrial & manufacturing High rate of growth Financial trading More daily Medical research (e.g. genomics) Movie rendering & production
  9. 9. Put the Data to workGoogle cloud services for Big Data
  10. 10. Use the cloud Composable cloud services Focus on the solution rather than on the infrastructure Do new things that werent possible before Pay for what you use.
  11. 11. BIG DATA LOG ANALYSIS GooglePOS, SpreadsheetsClickstreamRFIDCustomer Loyalty Other BI ToolsAdd clickthroughs.. BigQuery Data sets for further Analysis App Engine Scalable Storage App SQL API Marketing Corporate data Merchandising 3rd party data Local Stores Partners Store all your data Analyze interactively Securely Share/ in the cloud Product Affinity, Market Basket etc distribute the results
  12. 12. Scaling large ads reporting Latency Customer load test: On-prem MySQL vs BigQuery(seconds) # days of data Business: ads authoring tools and reporting Data: ad serving logs for 500 websites, ~300M rows/day Problem solved: interactively finding new trends and patterns
  13. 13. A New Hadoop Terasort World Record
  14. 14. What did we learn? Store data with reliability, redundancy and consistency Go from Data to Meaning At Scale Google white papers Google File System (2003) MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters (2004) BigTable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data (2006) Dremel: Interactive Analysis of Web-Scale Datasets (2010) Machine Translation (2004-2011)
  15. 15. The virtuous cycle of data Collect Data (Cloud Storage, Datastore, Logstore) Build application Process Data (GAE / GCE) (App Engine, GCE) (improve) Analyze Data, (BigQuery)
  16. 16. BuildThe Next Generation of Data-Centric Applications
  17. 17. BigQuery use cases in industryAd Spend Attribution Mash up Adwords + Google Analytics data + customer reservations for high(online travel reservations) volume attribution analysisMedia consulting Analyze 20GB/day of DoubleClick display ads performance metrics for F500(global top-5 media agency) clientsAd authoring tools Deliver x-platform performance analytics dashboards to 100s of ads authoring(online ads authoring) customersSocial gaming Cohort analysis on million+ gamers to monetize massive online social gaming(data analytics vendor)Revenue optimization Measure x-media campaign effectiveness to maximize occupancy rates(holiday/travel properties) Business Requirements A single place to capture growing data Combine data from different sources Ad hoc detection of patterns and correlations Easily share data insights with org Distribute data-based decision making
  18. 18. BIME + BigQueryInteractively analyze 450M rows of sales data
  19. 19. Mobile & social gaming user analysis Notice trend change Slice user data, identify segments Compare segments vs general population
  20. 20. Revenue optimization - hospitality industry New solution for real-time decision making Saves more than $150,00 a year AppEngine BigQuery Cloud Storage Regional Sales Analysts Execs BI team Oracle DB Netezza appliance
  21. 21. Thank you