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Beyonce Case Study: Hitting Replay on Success


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A look at what made Beyonce's self-titled album "Beyonce" successful, which Columbia artists can replicate it, and the risks involved in releasing an album on social media without any marketing.

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Beyonce Case Study: Hitting Replay on Success

  1. 1. Hitting  Replay  on  Success @PATRICKCINES
  2. 2. Let’s  take  a  look  at  Beyoncé’s  success An  Overview  of  the  Case Background A  brief  overview  of  Beyoncé’s  2013   album  release   and  its  success Celebrity  Analysis We’ll  dive  into  Beyoncé’s  as  an  artist   and  what  makes  her  successful @PATRICKCINES
  3. 3. Social  Media  Influence We’ll  break  down  the  impact  of  social   media  on  the  album  release  and  look   at  Beyoncé’s  influence. Less is  More   Dive  into  a  brief  history  of  music   artists  that  have  attempted  a  “less  is   more”  album  release Hit  Replay An  overview   of  Columbia  music  artists   that  could  replicate  Beyoncé’s  album   release   strategy SWOT  Analysis An  strengths,  weaknesses,   opportunities,  and  threats,  of   implementing  Beyoncé’s  strategy @PATRICKCINES
  4. 4. Feel  free  to  ask  us  anything at  the  end! Questions Conclusion A  complete  summary  of  our  findings   and  future  recommendations @PATRICKCINES
  5. 5. Unexpected  Release Without  any  prior  announcement,   Beyoncé  was  released   on  Dec.  13,  2013 Social  Media  Exclusive The  surprise  announcement  was   made  on  Instagram  and  Facebook No  Traditional   Marketing Team  Beyoncé  didn’t  use  any   traditional  ramp  up  marketing No  Pre-­‐Release Until  the  day  of  the  release,   Team   Beyoncé  didn’t  release  any  singles Single  Distribution Team  Beyoncé  released  “Beyoncé”  on   iTunes  avoiding  any  other  music  channels Bundled   Sale iTunes  distribution  forced  customers   to  purchase  the  entire  album A look  at  the  album  release  and  its  success Releasing  “Beyoncé” Background @PATRICKCINES
  6. 6. A look  at  the  album  release  and  its  success 3  Week  “Beyoncé”  Sales 0 200000 400000 600000 800000 1000000 1200000 1400000 12/20/13 12/27/13 1/3/14 Albums  Sold Weekly  Album  Sales Total  Sales In the first 3 weeks of the “Beyoncé” release, the album sold over 1.2 million copies with617, 000 inthe first 3 days Breaking  Records 1.2  MILLION Background @PATRICKCINES
  7. 7. Celebrity  Analysis Breaking  Down Beyoncé  Stats @PATRICKCINES
  8. 8. A timeline  of  Beyoncé's  record  shattering  music  releases Time  Between  Album  Releases Celebrity  Analysis 2003                2004                2005                2006                2007                2008                2009                2010                2011                2012                2013   2014                2015                2016 Dangerously   in  Love June  24,  2003 B’Day September  4,  2006 I  Am… Sasha  Fierce November  15,  2008 4 June  24,  2011 BEYONCÉ December  13,  2013 Average  2  Years  7  Months Between  Album  Releases @PATRICKCINES
  9. 9. Beyoncé's  record  shattering  album  releases Album  Sales Celebrity  Analysis 10 6.5 7.5 3.2 4 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 DANGEROUSLY   IN  LOVE B'DAY I  AM…SASHA   FIERCE 4 BEYONCÉ Album  Sales  (Millions) Over Beyoncé's five studio albums, she’s racked over 31 million album downloads and total record sales of over 150 million. Total  Album  Sales 31  MILLION+ @PATRICKCINES
  10. 10. Tracking  Beyoncé's  dominanceacross  Spotify  listens   Spotify  Listens Celebrity  Analysis 1 42 3 12.8  MILLION Global  Dominance monthly listeners on Spotify with 4.1 million Spotify followers. Her most popular cities are London (320k), LA (235k), Mexico City (195k), and NYC (173k) putting her 40th in the world. 100  Million  Global  Monthly  Users  (January  2016) @PATRICKCINES
  11. 11. A  look  at  Beyoncé's  touring  success Tours Celebrity  Analysis 2003                2004                2005                2006                2007                2008                2009                2010                2011                2012                2013   2014                2015                2016 Dangerously  in   Love  Tour November,  2003 The  Verizon   Ladies  First  Tour March  -­‐ April,  2004 The  Beyoncé   Experience April  -­‐ December,  2007 I  Am…  World  Tour March  2009  -­‐ February,  2010 The  Mrs.  Carter  World   Show  Tour April  2013  -­‐ March,  2014 $22  Million $880K/Performance $90  Million $927K/Performance $119.5  Million $1.1M/Performance $229.7  Million $1.74M/Performance On  the  Run  Tour June  – September,   2014 $109.7  Million $5.2M/Performance @PATRICKCINES
  12. 12. A  look  at  Beyoncé's  touring  success Album  Sales  vs.  Performance  Revenue Celebrity  Analysis 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Sep-­‐02 Jan-­‐04 May-­‐05 Oct-­‐06 Feb-­‐08 Jul-­‐09 Nov-­‐10 Apr-­‐12 Aug-­‐13 Dec-­‐14 May-­‐16 Revenue  Per  Performance  (Millions  $) Unit  Album  Sales  (Millions) Album  Sales Revenue  per  Performance Linear    (Album  Sales) Linear    (Revenue  per  Performance) @PATRICKCINES
  13. 13. Women’s   Empowerment A  common  theme  throughout   much  of  Beyoncé's  music  is   women’s  empowerment In  April,  2008,  Beyoncé  married   artist  Jay  Z Beyoncé  had  an  early  start  and   platform  to  launch    from  with   Destiny’s  Child Beyoncé  takes  a  very  personal   approach  to  social  media  by  sharing   intimate  moments  with  her  fans Celebrity  Analysis Who  is  Beyoncé  and  what  makes  her  successful? Beyoncé  Profile High  Profile Marriage Early  Start Personal Social  Media @PATRICKCINES
  14. 14. An  overview  of  Beyoncé's  social  media  presence Social  Media  Analysis 69  Million   Followers  – Avg.  126k  Follow/Day  – Avg.  759k  likes/post    – 4th Most  Followed 64  Million   Likes  – Avg.  225k  likes/post  – 26  Most  Liked 14  Million   Followers 9  Million   Subscribers Social  Media   Influence @PATRICKCINES
  15. 15. Artists  who  have  attempted  a  similar  “no  marketing”  campaigns A  Look  at  Similar  Attempts Less  is  More Skrillex:  Recess 48,000  ALBUMS  SOLDin the first week that the album was for sale. Debuting on the Billboard Top 200 at the #4 spot, the album was released through an app called “Alien Ride” with a countdown. When the clock hit zero, every 30 minutes a song would be released. @PATRICKCINES
  16. 16. Artists  who  have  attempted  a  similar  “no  marketing”  campaigns A  Look  at  Similar  Attempts Less  is  More KiD  CuDi:  Satellite  Flight 87,000  ALBUMS  SOLDin the first week that the album was for sale. With only a few hours notice, he tweeted out “Time to make the world stand still.” The album debuted on the BillboardTop 200 at the #4 spot. @PATRICKCINES
  17. 17. Artists  who  have  attempted  a  similar  “no  marketing”  campaigns A  Look  at  Similar  Attempts Less  is  More Drake:  If  You’re  Reading  This  It’s  Too  Late 495,000  ALBUMS  SOLDin the first 3 days after it was released. The album debuted on the Billboard Top 200 at the number one position. Without any pre release marketing or announcement, the album featured collaborations with:PARTYNEXTDOOR, Lil Wayne and Travi$ Scott. @PATRICKCINES
  18. 18. Relatability Length  of   Time   Between   Albums Spotify  Market Share The  artist  should  have  a   relatable  message  and  theme   throughout  their  music  career The  artist  should  have  at  least   one  active  social  media   channel  greater  than  or  equal   to  their  monthly  Spotify   listeners The  artist  should  have  at  least   2-­‐3  years  between  the  most   recent  album  release The  artist  should  have  at  least   5%  monthly  market  share  of   all  Spotify  listeners Hit  Replay What  it  takes  to  pull  of  a  zero-­‐marketing campaign  album  release The  Necessary  Factors Active  Social Media  Presence @PATRICKCINES
  19. 19. Long  Time  Between  Releases The  average  time  between  Adele’s  album   releases  is  3  years  and  332  days 18.2%  Spotify  Market  Share Adele  dominates  the  Spotify  streaming  space.  With   18.2  million  monthly  listeners,  she’s  21st in  the  world “Love  Your  Self” Adele  has  an  inspiring  and  consistent  message   around  loving  yourself  and  just  being  you Active  Facebook  Account Adele’s  Facebook  serves  as  her  marketing   platform  to  her  fans  and  has  65  million  likes Hit  Replay A  quick  look  at  which  artists  can  release  an  album  without marketing Artists  Who  Can  Pull  it  Off Adele @PATRICKCINES
  20. 20. Long  Time  Between  Releases The  average  time  between  John  Legend’s   album  releases  is  2  years  and  327  days 7%  Spotify  Market  Share John  Legend  dominates  the  Spotify  streaming  space.   With  7  million  monthly  listeners,  he’s  101st in  the  world Love  &  Relationships John  Legend  has  a  consistent  message  around  love   and  the  challenges  that  relationships  can  have   Active  Facebook  Account John  Legend’s  Facebook  serves  as  his  marketing   platform  to  his  fans  and  has  8.8  million  likes Hit  Replay A  quick  look  at  which  artists  can  release  an  album  without marketing Artists  Who  Can  Pull  it  Off John  Legend @PATRICKCINES
  21. 21. • Great  organic  marketing  which  translates  into  PR. • Buzz  marketing  boosts  record  sales  in  a  down  market. • Less  time  wasted  in  marketing  album  to  the  public. • Customer  point  of  purchase  decisions  shortened Strengths • Forces customer to trust the artist • Less uncertain salesprojections • Perceived copying of Beyoncé's strategy Weaknesses • Strategy  is  easily  modifiable. • Single  channel  distribution  can  boost  album  sales. • Easily  replicated  across  various  media  platforms Opportunities • Unexpected  artists  can  release  an  album  and  take   away  market  share  with  an  earlier  release  date. • Strategy  can  become  saturated  by  other  artists. Threats SWOT   Analysis A  critical  overview  and  analysis  of  this  marketing  strategy “No  Marketing”  Analysis @PATRICKCINES
  22. 22. Conclusion A  last  overview  of  what  it  takes  to  successfully pull  off  a  “no-­‐marketing”  campaign How  to  Successfully  Repeat LIMITED  TO  ARTISTS 5%  SPOTIFY  MARKET ACTIVE  SOCIAL  MEDIA 2-­‐3  YEARS  SINCE  LAST  RELEASERELATABLE  MESSAGERISKS  INVOLVED Only artists and not products can successfully complete the “no-­‐ marketing” marketing campaign. With a 100 million global monthly users, an artist needs to have at least 5% of themonthly listeners The artist should have at least one active social media account that at least equals their Spotify listeners An  artist  needs  to  have  at  least  2-­‐3   years  since  the  least  album  release   to  keep  fans  wanting  a  new  album. The artist should have a clear and relatable message that speaks to the fans and the entireaudience There are a number of risks involved in this strategy. These all need to be taken into account @PATRICKCINES
  23. 23. We’re  at  the  end!  Feel  free  to  ask  us  anything! Questions @PATRICKCINES