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Revolutionart issue 29


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REVOLUTIONART International Magazine is a publication delivered in pdf format as a collective sample of the best of graphic arts, videos, music, modeling, and world trends

It's a revolutionary platform, a massive propaganda to communicate global messages and make people think. REVOLUTIONART delivers pure talent to more than 70,000 subscribers and readers per edition around the world.

The objective of REVOLUTIONART is to serve as a inspirational source to artists, models, advertisers, photographers, designers and communicators in general who wish to explore new alternatives of expression through graphical samples of design, photo, illustration, ads, fashion, music, and general visual arts.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Revolutionart issue 29

  1. 1. NUCLEARpr es ent s : INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE ISSUE # 29 April - May 2011 EDITORIAL ISSN 2220-444X Two formonths theago, w hwas we selected theme en NUCLEAR this edition, there nothing to indicate that the world would soon be facing the current crisis affecting the Fukushima reactors. But we were aware that Published by: NUCLEAR energy would have a Publicistas.Org great impact on our lives in one way or another. Contact Revolutionart: Japan, one of the world’s most fully prepared countries when it comes to earthquakes, with one Created by: of the world’s most advanced For some years now, Revolutionart Nelson Medina nuclear energy industries, has been inviting talented people found itself taken by surprise by to share their visions, without unpredictable events. Much to censorship. Our philosophy is Thanks to: the concern of the entire world, revolutionary, and we seek to . Paul Allender at the time of going to press with communicate patterns of current . Shawn “Clown” Crahan this edition, a radioactive leak has thought regarding issues that already been confirmed. concern all humanity. At the same time, we seek to color our We had hoped that those who approach with positive ideas. have contributed to this edition would perhaps provide views both For that reason, in our next for and against the use of nuclear edition we will seek to express the energy. However, particularly most splendid longing of human in the light of current events, imagination, that perfect and the majority seem to associate sublime place which is different All the contributor’s nuclear energy with destructive for everyone. The next subject of artworks are property of their respective owners and forces. Without a doubt, this has Revolutionart is PARADISE. can’t be reproduced without emerged as a rather dark edition permission. of Revolutionart, but nevertheless Enjoy this edition... it deals with an important aspect All the editorial designs of what humanity does. by Nelson Medina & Revolutionart Studios. And that is why we have invited two members of the most All the creative ideas by destructive heavy metal bands in the world: Slipknot and Cradle of Filth. They will speak to us of their artistic work, their new projects Nelson Medina and their vision of a possible Creative Director © 2011 Publicistas.Org nuclear future. REVOLUTIONART
  3. 3. REVOLUTIONARTCONTRIBUTORSIssue 29 - Nuclear4Dragons Dejan JovicUnited States Diego Garcia GanglAlexis Osorio Gallo ArgentinaColombia www.sinestesia.coAlvaro Martin Díaz Gutiérrez Dušan StankovMéxico Elias DaccacheAndjelovic Milos LebanonSerbia Arif Saeed Pakistan Eugene MangiaAndrés Tuberquia EcuadorColombia Christopher Northern United States Batya F. Kuncman United States Felipe De la HozAngie Valencia Hidrobo Danna Julieth Castellanos Pinilla ColombiaColombia Colombia Carol Méndez Felipe SolanoAnn Morgan Guatemala David Arriola Vega SpainUnited States Costa Rica
  4. 4. REVOLUTIONARTCONTRIBUTORSIssue 29 - Nuclear Lee Henstock United Kingdom Fernández Martín Argentina Ligia Berg Argentina Gata Roñosa Chile Macarena Ailin Pappalardo Argentina Giovanni Tagliavini Italy Marco Svara Italy Hugh C Fathers Jan Seidler Jonathan Rodriguez Australia Germany Costa Rica Marianna Mendozza Italy Javier Bustos Cardona Ingrid Paola Espinel Diaz México Dr. Larry G. French www.mariannamendozza.blogspot. Colombia United States com Jonathan Felipe Nieto Marika Santoni James Poku-Kessie Colombia Leah Coghlan Italy Ghana Canada
  5. 5. REVOLUTIONARTCONTRIBUTORSIssue 29 - Nuclear Mark Anthony Francisco Philippines Sankalp Agarwal Marlon Cummings India YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE NEXT ISSUE ! United States Scott McAlpine Sampaio Maurinomangiapanino United States Italy Srecko Radivojcevich Mehdi Eslamian Rinat Shingareev Serbia Iran Prelandra Russia United States Niteesh Yadav Tito Monsante India Rodrigo Tapia Peru Quebrantahuesos Chile Uruguay Norelpref Sam Van Olffen Winston Gabriel Olivero Peña United States Ricardo Molina G. France Santo Domingo Ecuador
  6. 6. Your World1979, Three Mile IslandThis accident was a partial core nuclear meltdown in Unit 2 of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.It was the most significant accident in the history of the USA commercial nuclear power generating industry, resulting in the release of up to 481PBq (13 million curies) of radioactive gases, and less than 740 GBq (20 curies) of the particularly dangerous iodine-131.
  7. 7. Your World1986, ChernobylOn April 26, 1986, Reactor #4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant near the town of Pripyat, Ukraine, exploded. The explosion took placeat 1:23am while the neighboring town of Pripyat slept. Two workers were killed instantly. 40 hours later, the residents of Pripyat were ordered toevacuate, and most never returned; by that time, many of the residents had suffered varying degrees of radiation poisoning.
  8. 8. Your World2011, FukushimaEquipment failures and releases of radioactive materials at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, following the 2011 To-hoku earthquake andtsunami.The reactors were shut down automatically after the earthquake, but the subsequent tsunami flooded the plant, knocking out emergencygenerators needed to run pumps which cool and control the reactors. The flooding and earthquake damage prevented assistance being brought fromelsewhere. On 20 March, the Japanese government spokesman Yukio Edano announced that the plant would be closed once the crisis was over.
  9. 9. IN THIS EDITION YOU WILL DECIDEADVANTAGES OF NUCLEAR ENERGY DISADVANTAGES OF NUCLEAR ENERGY - The Earth has limited supplies of coal and oil. Nuclear The nations of the world now have more than enough nuclear bombs topower plants could still produce electricity after coal and oil become kill every person on Earth. What if there were to be a nuclear war?scarce. What if terrorists got their hands on nuclear weapons? Or what if - Nuclear power plants need less fuel than ones which burn nuclear weapons were launched by accident?fossil fuels. One ton of uranium produces more energy than is produced - Nuclear explosions produce radiation. The nuclearby several million tons of coal or several million barrels of oil. radiation harms the cells of the body which can make people sick or - Coal and oil burning plants pollute the air. Well-operated even kill them. Illness can strike people years after their exposurenuclear power plants do not release contaminants into the environment. to nuclear radiation. - One possible type of reactor disaster is known as a meltdown. In such an accident, the fission reaction goes out of control, leading to a nuclear explosion and the emission of great amounts of radiation. - Nuclear reactors also have waste disposal problems. Reactors produce nuclear waste products which emit dangerous radiation. Because they could kill people who touch them, they cannot be thrown away like ordinary garbage. Currently, many nuclear wastes are stored in special cooling pools at the nuclear reactors. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Use our wall to share your opinion:
  11. 11. clown by Alexandria CrahanINTERVIEW WITHM. SHAWN “CLOWN” CRAHAN percussionist of Slipknot INTERVIEW WITH SHOWN CRAHAN United States March 2011 By Nelson Medina © Artworks M. Shawn Crahan
  12. 12. M. Shawn, also knownas “Clown”, or byhis number #6, is anAmerican musician,music producer, andartist. He is best knownas one of the twocustom percussionistsof the Grammy winningheavy metal bandSlipknot, and thedrummer of To MySurprise, Dirty LittleRabbits and The BlackDots of Death. Clown by Bobby Tongs
  13. 13. From what I understand, you are one of the principal founding members of the band Slipknot. What satisfactions or disappointments has the band brought you during all this time? Do you have any anecdotes you would like to share? The largest satisfaction that I have achieved from being in Slipknot is that I achieved a dream that I believed would always come true, which was to be involved in music. Being surrounded by thousands of people that needed the same outlet that drew me to music in the first place, salvation and the release of the pressure of being alive in this thought process known as life. There are too many disappointments to write down, but one that I can shed light on is the important fact of those that have been through it before and for all those that are ready to embark on the journey, isCannon by M Shawn Crahan
  14. 14. this concept of isolation, which guarantee in life is death. Ascan lead to racing thoughts, it far as the difference betweencan put you into situations that the sound of Slipknot and Themay be unhealthy. There needs Black Dots of Death, Slipknotto be more education that goes is its own anomaly and whenhand in hand with being a you hear it you know itsprofessional musician, mainly Slipknot. The Black Dots ofon the touring side of things. Death is a second coming, a rebirth for Clown. Soon enough when you hear it youTell us a little about will know it’s The Black Dotsyour new project of Death. Both are differentThe Black Dots of and both cannot be comparedDeath. What is the to one another.source of the maininspiration behindthe project, and What are we goinghow is the sound to find on the newdifferent from that album “Ever Sinceof Slipknot? We Were Children” and what are itsThe main source of inspiration tracks about?for myself, because I cannotspeak for anyone else in the Each and every track is basedband, is the concept of death. on situations or stories thatIt surrounds each and every have actually taken place inone of us each and every day one way or another betweenthat we are alive. There needs my partner and I. These areto be more time spent on the experiences that are sharedaspect of how lucky we are for the release of the innerto be alive and we need to be pain of everyday life. Whatmore educated that the only you are going to undeniably Battle Love by M Shawn Crahan
  15. 15. find is aspects of audio that willmake you anxious, stressed out,potentially have a panic attackand may even cause you to needto turn the track off because ofundeniable pressure. This isintended, everyone must feelthe hurt and pain. Enjoy.Who are theindividuals involvedin the production ofthis latest album?This is not so easily answered,there are many elements andhumans involved. All that willbe revealed as needed one stepat a time. This is not a step Iam focusing on right at thismoment. There will be a sourceof information that will more orless answer this question on ourwebsite when the time comes.Right now we are focusing onwhat you do not know, and youdo not know anything. Germany by M Shawn Crahan
  16. 16. You did a beautiful salvation withinpromotion where themselves and let thempeople would know that there are peoplerecount to you who care, especially whenpainful episodes it comes to music and songfrom their lives to writing. These songs arehave custom songs directly specifically writtenwritten for them,do you think you for these people that havewill be able to help been chosen.them by composinga song? Tell me alittle more about In what other waysthis process. do you involve your fans and makeIn my opinion, I believe that them part of your projects?we all love music because webelieve that songs are written Right now we are basicallyfor us, that’s why we relate spending as much time asto them as much as we do we can making our forum,and fall in love with what we our message board, a reallisten to. What better way to community where peopleconnect with an individual can feel safe and speak ofin crisis than to give them the things that they want tosomething that is directly amongst each other. As of rightwritten for them. Our hope now there have been a lot ofis to be able to reinsure the contests and even though thefact to these people that have record comes out on the 29th,experienced unimaginable I think that we will probablyevents in their lives that they continue with the aspect ofare still alive, still breathing the contests for the rest of ourand still moving forward career. I personally contactand bring them some sort of Drop Down Death by M Shawn Crahan
  17. 17. the winners of the contestsand it is very rewarding. So,they win and we win andthat is communication andconnection and that is whatmusic is all about for me. Iplan on involving myself asmuch as humanly possiblewith anyone that is interestedin The Black Dots of Death.You’ve justlaunchedthe, where yourentire artisticuniverse can befound. How longdid it take you toput together allthis collection,and which are yourmost prized pieces?Apocalypticnightmare.comis not only my tombstonebut also a Death Star. If youremember correctly the DeathStar was never completed,the same is true of my new Negative Or Positive by M Shawn Crahan
  18. 18. site. There are many moreaspects still to be added, butas you know all good thingstake time It has taken meapproximately over 5 years tobe able to begin the journeyof starting this venture asartistically and cohesively aspossible. Keep your eyes at alltimes on the tombstone, on theDeath Star because eventuallyboth will be completed. Onewill be peaceful and the otherhas the potential to changethe world. I hope you enjoyit and there is lots more colorand philosophy to come.You are a big fan ofPolaroid. How didyour passion forthese images start,and what is it thatmost attracts youto this format?It all started in the early daysof people taking photos ofSlipknot. They would usemedium format cameraswhich use 120mm film, but Clown by Bobby Tongs
  19. 19. they would put on a Polaroid in the manner that it wasback to test their lighting and created.”their scenery and I was alwaysamazed at how discarded the What are yourPolaroid was. So, I began to artistic goals andshoot only Polaroid because what do you planof the instant gratification. to achieve in the coming years?The satisfaction from thatinstant gratification caused My artistic goals are tome to start manipulating the continuously pursueprocess of development of photography and work mythe medium format Polaroid. way up to 8x10 photographySuch as interfering with the and reach the inner diseasedchemical developing that was mind that is hard to bringtaking place as you pull the out into this reality. I needPolaroid from the Polaroid to be able to start trusting myback of the medium format instincts and to allow myselfcamera. Then I would always to act upon them in order toput my signature on it which bring out visions that havewould be anything from yet to be seen in this thoughtmicrowaving, crumpling process. I also want to perfectthem into a ball, leaving them my painting. Moving my wayoutside overnight in the cold, to oil because I find such ato stomping my foot on it. euphoric feeling standing nextMost of the time the subject to someone who is looking atthat I would be shooting one of my paintings and we’rewould look at me and say, having a conversation about“You ruined the picture.” I two different interpretations Roll Over Death by M Shawn Crahanwould comment back, “Yes, at once. Also, music, but thisexactly, it is now original. goes without saying.It can never be reproduced
  20. 20. Puppet Party by M Shawn Crahan
  21. 21. The theme of the current edition of Revolutionart is “Nuclear”, and we are dealing with the perspectives of different artists regarding weapons, technology and energy. Some are “for”, while others are “against”. What is your vision of the future of humanity and what do you think of the use of nuclear energy? Just hearing the word nuclear scares me. Weapons do what weapons do, predominantly kill. I personally, couldn’t use a weapon, unless it was in self defense, to take away the most precious gift of this world, the gift of life. Technology is absolutely fascinating to me but it brings out an inner fear in me as well. As far as humanity goes we’re fucked and I am embarrassed to be a human. Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers? Read everything by Dr. Seuss.Destroying What Will Be Used For Destroying by M Shawn Crahan
  22. 22. 29 - Nuclear Alvaro Martin Díaz Gutiérrez - México
  23. 23. 29 - Nuclear Marika Santoni - Italy 29 - Nuclear Marika Santoni - Italy
  24. 24. 29 - Nuclear Andjelovic Milos - Serbia
  25. 25. 29 - Nuclear Quebrantahuesos - Uruguay
  26. 26. 29 - Nuclear Ricardo Molina G. - Ecuador
  27. 27. 29 - Nuclear Angie Valencia Hidrobo - Colombia 29 - Nuclear Javier Bustos Cardona - Mexico
  28. 28. 29 - Nuclear Alexis Osorio Gallo - Colombia
  29. 29. 29 - Nuclear 4Dragons - United States
  30. 30. 29 - Nuclear Arif Saeed - Pakistan 29 - Nuclear Batya F. Kuncman - United States
  31. 31. 29 - Nuclear David Arriola Vega - Costa Rica
  32. 32. 29 - Nuclear David Arriola Vega - Costa Rica 29 - Nuclear David Arriola Vega - Costa Rica
  33. 33. 29 - Nuclear Ann Morgan - United States
  34. 34. 29 - Nuclear Carol Méndez - Guatemala
  35. 35. 29 - Nuclear Carol Méndez - Guatemala
  36. 36. 29 - Nuclear Carol Méndez - Guatemala 29 - Nuclear Christopher Northern - United States
  37. 37. 29 - Nuclear Christopher Northern - United States 29 - Nuclear Christopher Northern - United States
  38. 38. 29 - Nuclear Danna Castellanos - Colombia
  39. 39. 29 - Nuclear Dejan Jović - Serbia
  40. 40. 29 - Nuclear Diego Garcia Gangl - Argentina
  41. 41. 29 - Nuclear Dušan Stankov - Serbia
  42. 42. 29 - Nuclear Dušan Stankov - Serbia
  43. 43. 29 - Nuclear Dušan Stankov - Serbia 29 - Nuclear Eugene Mangia - Ecuador
  44. 44. 29 - Nuclear Elias Daccache - Lebanon
  45. 45. 29 - Nuclear Felipe De la Hoz - Colombia 29 - Nuclear Felipe De la Hoz - Colombia
  46. 46. 29 - Nuclear Felipe Solano - Spain 29 - Nuclear Felipe Solano - Spain
  47. 47. 29 - Nuclear Fernández Martín - Argentina
  48. 48. 29 - Nuclear Gata Roñosa - Chile 29 - Nuclear Gata Roñosa - Chile
  49. 49. 29 - Nuclear Giovanni Tagliavini - Italy
  50. 50. 29 - Nuclear Giovanni Tagliavini - Italy
  51. 51. 29 - Nuclear Giovanni Tagliavini - Italy
  52. 52. 29 - Nuclear Giovanni Tagliavini - Italy
  53. 53. 29 - Nuclear Giovanni Tagliavini - Italy
  54. 54. 29 - Nuclear Giovanni Tagliavini - Italy
  55. 55. 29 - Nuclear Giovanni Tagliavini - Italy
  56. 56. 29 - Nuclear Giovanni Tagliavini - Italy
  57. 57. 29 - Nuclear Giovanni Tagliavini - Italy
  58. 58. 29 - Nuclear Giovanni Tagliavini - Italy
  59. 59. 29 - Nuclear Lee Henstock - United Kingdom 29 - Nuclear Ligia Berg - Argentina
  60. 60. 29 - Nuclear Jan Seidler - Germany 29 - Nuclear Jan Seidler - Germany
  61. 61. 29 - Nuclear Jan Seidler - Germany
  62. 62. 29 - Nuclear Jan Seidler - Germany
  63. 63. 29 - Nuclear Ingrid Paola Espinel Diaz - Colombia 29 - Nuclear James Poku-Kessie - Ghana
  64. 64. 29 - Nuclear Hugh C Fathers - Australia
  65. 65. 29 - Nuclear Jonathan Felipe Nieto - Colombia
  66. 66. 29 - Nuclear Jonathan Felipe Nieto - Colombia
  67. 67. 29 - Nuclear Jonathan Felipe Nieto - Colombia
  68. 68. 29 - Nuclear Dr. Larry French - United States
  69. 69. 29 - Nuclear Dr. Larry French - United States
  70. 70. 29 - Nuclear Dr. Larry French - United States
  71. 71. 29 - Nuclear Dr. Larry French - United States
  72. 72. 29 - Nuclear Jonathan Rodriguez - Costa Rica
  73. 73. 29 - Nuclear Leah Coghlan - Canada
  74. 74. 29 - Nuclear Macarena Ailin Pappalardo - Argentina 29 - Nuclear Marianna Mendozza - Italy
  75. 75. 29 - Nuclear Mark Anthony Francisco -Philippines 29 - Nuclear Mark Anthony Francisco -Philippines
  76. 76. 29 - Nuclear Mark Anthony Francisco -Philippines
  77. 77. 29 - Nuclear Mark Anthony Francisco -Philippines
  78. 78. 29 - Nuclear Mark Anthony Francisco -Philippines 29 - Nuclear Marlon Cummings - United States
  79. 79. 29 - Nuclear Maurinomangiapanino - Italy
  80. 80. 29 - Nuclear Mehdi Eslamian - Iran
  81. 81. 29 - Nuclear Mehdi Eslamian - Iran
  82. 82. 29 - Nuclear Mehdi Eslamian - Iran
  83. 83. 29 - Nuclear Marco Svara - Italy
  84. 84. 29 - Nuclear Niteesh Yadav - India
  85. 85. 29 - Nuclear Norelpref - United States
  86. 86. 29 - Nuclear Winston Olivero - Santo Domingo 29 - Nuclear Prelandra - United States
  87. 87. 29 - Nuclear Prelandra - United States 29 - Nuclear Prelandra - United States
  88. 88. 29 - Nuclear Rinat Shingareev - Russia 29 - Nuclear Rodrigo Tapia - Chile
  89. 89. 29 - Nuclear Rodrigo Tapia - Chile
  90. 90. 29 - Nuclear Rodrigo Tapia - Chile
  91. 91. 29 - Nuclear Rodrigo Tapia - Chile
  92. 92. 29 - Nuclear Rodrigo Tapia - Chile 29 - Nuclear Andrés Tuberquia - Colombia
  93. 93. 29 - Nuclear Sam Van Olffen - France
  94. 94. 29 - Nuclear Sam Van Olffen - France
  95. 95. 29 - Nuclear Sam Van Olffen - France 29 - Nuclear Sam Van Olffen - France
  96. 96. 29 - Nuclear Sam Van Olffen - France 29 - Nuclear Sam Van Olffen - France
  97. 97. 29 - Nuclear Sam Van Olffen - France 29 - Nuclear Sam Van Olffen - France
  98. 98. 29 - Nuclear Sam Van Olffen - France 29 - Nuclear Sam Van Olffen - France
  99. 99. 29 - Nuclear Sankalp Agarwal - India
  100. 100. 29 - Nuclear Scott McAlpine Sampaio - United States 29 - Nuclear Scott McAlpine Sampaio - United States
  101. 101. 29 - Nuclear Scott McAlpine Sampaio - United States
  102. 102. 29 - Nuclear Srecko Radivojcevich - Serbia 29 - Nuclear Tito Monsante - Perú
  103. 103. 29 - Nuclear Srecko Radivojcevich - Serbia
  104. 104. 29 - Nuclear Srecko Radivojcevich - Serbia
  105. 105. 29 - Nuclear Srecko Radivojcevich - Serbia
  106. 106. 29 - Nuclear Srecko Radivojcevich - Serbia
  107. 107. 29 - Nuclear Srecko Radivojcevich - Serbia
  108. 108. END OFCONTRIBUTIONSHow to join the next edition?
  109. 109. INTERVIEW WITH PAUL ALLENDER THE LEGENDARY GUITARIST OF cradle of filth INTERVIEW WITH PAUL ALLENDER United Kingdom March 2011 By Nelson Medina © Images provided by Fresno Media
  110. 110. G rammy nominated extreme metal band CRADLE OF FILTH is one of the UK’s most notorious groups. The band’s guitarist, Paul Allender, also owns his own art design company, called Vomitorium, which is the outlet through which he expresses and disseminates his artistic vision,characterized by work that is rather dark, but also exciting and captivating. Paul mastered Photoshop during the mid-90s, and since then he hasalso made incursions into the realm of animation (with After Effects & Cinema 4D) as well as composing with Shake. Photo by Luis Blanco
  111. 111. Tell us, Paul, how didyou get started as agraphic artist and whattypes of inspiration andinfluences have shapedyour work?I started off when I took a break fromCradle back in 1996. I wanted to trydifferent things and started working inthe evenings for a design company forfree, I basically just messed around withPhoto shop and tried different ideas Ihad learnt from when I did air brushing.To be honest I don’t really know wheremy inspirations and influences comefrom because I have no idea what apiece will look like until its finished. I usea ton of different brushes and imagesfrom my library of stock photos.
  112. 112. What is the purpose anddirection of “Vomitorium”?The purpose of Vomitorium is so I have anothercreative outlet other than playing guitar. I likecreating movie type posters and images so Isuppose that’s the direction. Never really thoughtabout it to be honest.Which of your projects invisual media has brought youthe greatest satisfaction?I love Photoshop and After Effects, I’ve used thetwo programs together a lot for my art. SometimesI will load the image I’m working on in After Effectsand mess around with it there, there’s some goodeffects you can come up with that you usually can’tget in Photoshop. I bounce quite a lot betweenthe two programs. If I need anything 3D I use aprogram called Cinema 4D.
  113. 113. Are you involved in some way inthe visual aesthetics of Cradleof Filth?Yes, I am very involved with the visuals of Cradle.Mostly merchandise and stage visuals.What do you think of theaudiovisual work of Dani,the band’s vocalist? Have youworked together on otherartistic projects outside themusic business?He’s good at what he does and no I only work withhim in Cradle.What are the best and worstaspects of being on tour? Doyou enjoy the energy of thefans?The best thing about touring is playing live, andthe energy I get from the fans is amazing. Theworst part of touring is all the waiting around andlack of sleep!!
  114. 114. What episodes in your ownlife have led you to become anartist?My dad taught me how to oil paint when I was akid so I suppose that led me to become an artist.I’ve always been interested in art, as a kid I wasobsessed with colour coordination especially bloodred and green together!!... weird eh!! Haha.In purely visual, rather thanmusical terms, what are yourforthcoming projects andgoals?Well just the other day I decided to do a seriesof images inspired by The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.I love the imagery of this film, it’s amazing andvery twisted, I deal for my images. “ ...the energy I get from the ” fans is amazing
  115. 115. What kinds of emotions doyou tend to like to projectthrough your work?I get a lot of comments like “That’s gross” or“That’s amazing and twisted” plus “What thehell is going on in your head?” Haha. I liketo turn peoples stomachs with my art, somepeople are quite shocked with my images sothat’s cool as hell!! “My dad taught me how to oil paint when I was a kid” Photo by Charlene Tupper
  116. 116. The theme of the current edition ofRevolutionart is “Nuclear”, and weare dealing with the perspectives ofdifferent artists regarding weapons,technology and energy. Some are “for”,while others are “against”. What is yourvision of the future of humanity andwhat do you think of the use of nuclearenergy?To be honest I’m on “the fence” with this one, for and against it. Imean if nuclear fusion can have sufficient progress as in makingit safe to use as a power source then I think it’s the future, butpersonally I think it’s a way off as of yet. We’re going to have tofind a power replacement sooner or later because the coal and oilsupplies are dropping at a very fast rate.My vision for the future is that if a power replacement is foundthen it will be a good one, but when the coal and oil runs out andthere’s no replacement then I really do think we will be thrown intothe dark ages again and because were so use to power (basicallytaking it for granted) it will come as a complete shock and send thefuture of humanity in to chaos!!!!