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Success story

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  1. 1. Softwcare, with accredited assessors, as a certification body (in process) and as an integral part of the ISO/IEC 29110 working group for small software development organizations, provides the following services: Certifications of ISO/IEC 29110 profiles (Certification Body under ENAC accreditation – in progress), ISO/IEC 29110 on-site or on-line ISO/IEC 29110 assessments, Training for improvement and certification preparation of the small companies, Assessors training courses (INTRsa accreditation). To promote best practices and their recognition, Softwcare has launched the upto25 website in 2017 ( upto25 helps VSEs to improve and become certified. upto25 also helps assessors and certification bodies to be accredited to evaluate and certify VSEs. Thanks to a complete support material available, based on international standards and with access to a modern social network, VSEs can grow rapidly and their customers, from all over the world, can find the best ones. upto25 is the first and best site available worldwide to improve the productivity and competitiveness of VSEs (”Very Small Entities“) of software, systems, and IT services. Success story Customer: Small businesses, assessors and certification organizations Preventive care and clinical treatment to software for: Software developers | Intensive software organizations | Critical system users Softwcare, is playing a significant role in the definition and implementation of the SO/IEC 29110 standard and has become an important ally in projects of software processes improvement for small companies worldwide