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Teaching approaches and methods a foreign language


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Teaching approaches, methodology

Published in: Education
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Teaching approaches and methods a foreign language

  1. 1. TEACHING APPROACHES FOR A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Fourth “A” Plaza Patricia Robalino Cinthya Yacelga Edgar
  2. 2. TEACHER-CENTERED APPROACH Order Quiet Control Learn by himself No sense collaboration Communication skills Boring Lack of creativity
  3. 3. COLLABORATIVE APPROACH Language skills Share understanding Teamwork Partners Group discussions
  5. 5. LEARNER-CENTERED APPROACH It engages students in the hard, messy work of learning. More practice Reflect on how students are learning To make students aware of themselves as learners It motivates students by giving them some control over learning processes Assessment criteria. It encourages collaboration Teachers – students
  6. 6. An exciting alternative Examine and try out what you know Discover what you need to learn State and defend positions PROBLEM BASED APPROACH
  7. 7. Task may be planning a programme or a project. A single multi- disciplinary and multi- departmental team to take on a task. INTEGRATED APPROACH
  8. 8. The term banking education describes a form of education as a fundamentally narrative character with the teacher as the Subject. The teacher communiques and makes deposits which the students patiently receive, memorize, and repeat.
  9. 9. Berlitz founded a chain of language schools, prepared teaching materials, and had the native-speaker instructors in the schools use a direct-method approach in teaching the students. based on the idea that learners can learn what is “natural” to them and that an oral system of teaching them was appropriate for this purpose.
  10. 10. Through research on teacher education we gain results, evidence, which can be used as guidelines for further development of teacher education. Practicing teaching in most teacher education programmes, the student have the possibility to practice their theoretical knowledge in practical situations in real classroom settings.