Stockage avec Net app & COMPUTERLAND Belgium


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2014 avr 24 : présentation storage avec NetApp chez COMPUTERLAND, partenaire NetApp privilégié et certifié.

Plus d'infos : #AskComputerland ou

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Stockage avec Net app & COMPUTERLAND Belgium

  1. 1. Marc Hinderickx System Engineer Stockage avec NetApp Nouveautés 2014 pour IT managers Unbound Cloud 1
  2. 2. Agenda  Unbound Cloud Vos données libérées des contraintes et disponibles à 100%  Clustered Data ONTAP Réduisez les risques et gagnez en agilité  E-series Un nouveau standard en termes de productivité dans les environnements applicatifs  Bonus FAS8000 2
  3. 3. Vos données libérées des contraintes et disponibles à 100% Unbound Cloud est la nouvelle approche de NetApp en matière de cloud. Découvrez comment Unbound Cloud vous aide à obtenir une gestion des données parfaite, quel que soit votre environnement cloud : privé, public, hyper-évolutif ou une combinaison des trois. 3 Unbound Cloud
  4. 4. CIO Challenges 4
  5. 5. CIO Challenges 5 CIOs strive to remain efficient and look for new IT service delivery models like cloud to:  Keep up with technology and innovation changes  Reduce overhead costs, while growing capacity  Lower risk with new mission-critical applications deployments  Manage complexity across the data center
  6. 6. Common Inhibitors for Moving to the Cloud 6
  7. 7. Inhibitors for Transitioning to the Cloud 7 Perceived inhibitors for transitioning to the cloud include:  Lack of agility to move resources where and when you need them  Security risks of exposing confidential data  Viruses CIOs are tasked with managing complexity and controlling data across multiple users, services, and cloud resources.
  8. 8. The Changing Role of IT Everyone has to think like a service provider 8
  9. 9. How NetApp Enables Cloud Solutions 9
  10. 10. Connect the Clouds with NetApp Seamless connectivity among clouds Universal Data Platform Dynamic Data Portability Extensive Customer Choice 10
  11. 11. A Foundation Designed for Cloud Key cloud features:  Standard data containers  Secure multi-tenancy  Pooled virtual resources  Efficient data transport  Rich data management Clustered Data ONTAP® SVM SVM SVM  Nondisruptive operations  Seamless scalability  Proven efficiency 11
  12. 12. Universal Data Platform  Works across NetApp, third-party array, commodity disk, next to the cloud, and in the cloud  Pervasive: World’s #1 storage OS  Standardized data services – Data protection, provisioning, efficiency, replication, QoS Clustered Data ONTAP® SVM SVM SVM SVM SVMSVM 12
  13. 13. Dynamic Data Portability  Efficiently move data between clouds  #1 storage replication software  Multiprotocol: Connect with any environment Clustered Data ONTAP® SVM SVM SVM SVM VMVM 13
  14. 14. Extensive Customer Choice  Choose from hundreds of cloud providers  Supports all major virtualization and cloud management platforms Choose where, how, and with whom to deploy Clustered Data ONTAP® SVM SVM SVM 14 Multi-OS and Multihypervisor
  15. 15. Create a Cloud Data Fabric with NetApp Seamless connectivity among clouds 15
  16. 16. NetApp Cloud Solutions 16
  17. 17. Private Clouds Built on NetApp 17
  18. 18. Building Private Cloud Solutions  Validated with leading virtualization platforms  Prebuilt and validated data center platform  Turnkey cloud automation Converged Infrastructure 18
  19. 19. Enabling the Path to Private Cloud Service Requirements  Define your services  Optimize your service delivery  Rapidly deploy your services  Empower IT and your end users 19 Self-Service Automation Service Analytics Service Catalog Fundamental Elements Clustered Data ONTAP® SVM SVM SVM
  20. 20. Enabling Storage Cloud Services 20 Service Analytics Service Catalog Automation Self-Service  Thin provisioning  Deduplication  Back up daily  Off-site DR  Secure isolation  High availability Gold Silver Bronze Service Request Storage Admin End-User Portal End User Request Capacity planning Metered usage Service assurance Performance optimization NetApp® OnCommand® • Workflow Automation • Insight and Balance • Workflow Automation • Workflow Automation • APIs (SDK)
  21. 21. Connecting to Cloud Service Providers 21
  22. 22. Cloud Service Providers Built on NetApp  Native Data ONTAP® data services  Seamlessly extend private environment  Wide variety of workloads and specialized services  Local services available worldwide  Providers with global coverage 22
  23. 23. Other as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Data Protection as a Service Messaging and Collaboration as a Service Desktop as a Service SAP as a Service Cloud Services Built on NetApp 175+ Partners, 300+ Services Worldwide 2323
  24. 24. Connecting to Hyperscale Cloud Providers 24
  25. 25. Customers Embracing Hyperscale Customer with a public cloud mandate  Could not scale to peaks  Data security was essential NetApp Private Storage for AWS  Agility of cloud, with control of on-premises storage  Moving 90% of VMs to Amazon EC2, saving 70% of cost  Secure replication to meet compliance requirements  Provision Oracle® RDS instances in <10 minutes 25 “NetApp private storage for AWS gives us 90% of the benefits of cloud, with only 10% of the risk.” - Infrastructure ArchitectEC2: Elastic Compute Cloud RDS: Relational Database Service
  26. 26. Seamlessly Connect Clouds with NetApp Extending Data Stewardship to the Public Cloud 26
  27. 27. Continue on Your Journey to the Cloud Only NetApp delivers:  Universal data platform  Dynamic data portability  Extensive customer choice Your data, any cloud, endless possibilities 27
  28. 28. Réduisez les risques et gagnez en agilité. Data ONTAP 8 offre une architecture en cluster unifiée qui évolue et s'adapte à vos besoins, réduisant ainsi les coûts et les risques. Clustered data ONTAP a été conçu pour éliminer les temps d'indisponibilité. 28 Clustered Data ONTAP
  29. 29. 29 Clustered Data ONTAP Data ONTAP® Storage Efficiency Storage Infrastructure Virtualization Integrated Data Protection Multiprotocol Clustered Data ONTAP
  30. 30. Cluster Overview Nodes are paired for high availability Consists of one to 24 nodes Up to 68PB in a single system Is connected with a dedicated, dual-fabric 10GbE interconnect 30
  31. 31. Cluster Overview  Set of connected storage nodes that work together as a single system  System can change while users access data 31
  32. 32. Storage Infrastructure Virtualization  Storage Virtual Machine (SVM)  Required for data access  Serves SAN, NAS, or both  Includes FlexVol® volumes and LUNs  Can use physical storage on any cluster node  Includes logical interfaces (LIFs); a LIF may have an IP address or a WWPN  Can have LIFs on any cluster node 32 LIF SVM 1 LIF LUN LIF SVM 2 LIF LUN LIF SVM 3 Cluster
  33. 33. Storage Virtual Machine NAS Access  Flexible volumes can move to other nodes nondisruptively  LIFs can move to other nodes nondisruptively  A LIF keeps its IP address wherever it goes  LIFs and volumes can exist on any or all the nodes in a cluster  A SVM has a single NAS namespace  pNFS and CIFS Auto-locate send I/O directly to the node that hosts a volume (not shown) 33 HA interconnects and disk shelf connections omitted for clarity LIF LIF
  34. 34. Storage Virtual Machine SAN Access  Flexible volumes containing LUNs can move to other nodes nondisruptively  SAN LIFs do not move  The host will prefer a LIF on the node that hosts the LUN  SVM SAN access requires an ALUA/MPIO stack on the host 34 LIF Data access with SAN LIF LUNLUN HA interconnects and disk shelf connections omitted for clarity SAN host with ALUA/MPIO stack
  35. 35. Nondisruptive Operations  Upgrade or repair hardware while serving data  Move flexible volumes and LIFs off the node to be serviced  Add new nodes and shelves  Move flexible volumes and LIFs to the vacant node 35 HA interconnects and disk shelf connections omitted for clarity LIF LIF
  36. 36. Nondisruptive Operations  Online hardware upgrade of an HA pair using aggregate relocate (ARL)  Upgrade nodes while flexible volumes and physical storage stay in place  Node takes full ownership of partner’s disks during upgrade.  New in clustered Data ONTAP® 8.2 36 LIFLIF HA interconnect and cluster network omitted for clarity LUN
  37. 37. Proven Efficiency  Deduplication  Compression  FlexVol® cloning  LUN cloning  Thin provisioning  Virtual storage tiering  Use individually or in combination 37 LUNLUNLUNLUNLUN
  38. 38. Proven Efficiency  Provision new SVMs on demand  Different SVMs may share the same physical hardware  Secure logical boundaries between SVMs  Tenants may be unaware of each other  SVM administration can be delegated 38 LIF LIFLIF LIF LIF LIF LIF
  39. 39. Proven Efficiency  Quality of service (QoS) new in 8.2  Control operations or raw throughput used by tenants  Limit I/O to SVMs, flexible volumes, files, or LUNs  Control bully workloads  Manage tenant expectations 39 LIFLIF
  40. 40. Seamless Scalability  Start small, grow large  Buy additional performance and capacity as you need it  Single-node clusters supported starting with clustered Data ONTAP® 8.2  Expand existing SVMs and create new ones 40 HA
  41. 41. Why Clustered Data ONTAP?  Nondisruptive operations  Proven efficiency  Seamless scalability  All in a single system 41
  42. 42. Un nouveau standard en termes de productivité dans les environnements applicatifs. L'efficacité de la baie de stockage NetApp E-series combine une performance à forte bande passante, des IOPS élevés, et une densité extrême pour créer un système parfaitement adapté aux solutions qui exploitent les données de manière intensive. 42 E-series
  43. 43. Industry-Leading Storage Innovation 43 Flash Arrays for ultrahigh performance E-Series for price/performance at scale Clustered Data ONTAP® for shared infrastructure Corporate Data Centers Cloud Data Centers
  44. 44. E-Series By The Numbers Innovative Dynamic Disk Pool technology More than 30 years of Industry knowledge and leadership Impressive 99.999% availability 44 Technology embedded into worlds largest data warehouses & databases Attached to the worlds largest supercomputers NetApp Confidential - Limited Use
  45. 45. E-Series Customer Value  Performance Efficiency – Storage cost savings based on performance and density reducing power, cooling, and space – Investment protection through easy to upgrade modular architecture, storage that grows with your business – Enterprise features in base product provide operational flexibility and growth  Enterprise Reliability & Availability – 99.999% availability, nearly zero downtime – NetApp AutoSupport  Effortless Management – “Set it and Forget it” management – Elimination of complex RAID concepts through DDP – Enterprise application integration: VMware, Exchange, SQL 45
  46. 46. 46 Environments & Workloads for E-Series 46 • SAN-based business apps for SMB • Heterogeneous backup/archive target • High-density storage repositories • Business intelligence, data warehouse • Latency-sensitive applications • SMB mixed workloads • HPC clustered/parallel file systems • Simple, low-touch administration • Flexible, reliable SAN storage • Seamless application-driven management • Extreme capacity and density • High-performance GB/s or IOPS • Power and space efficiency • Mixed SSD and HDD Typical WorkloadsKey Storage Requirements • Storage area networks (SANs) • Server-attached storage • Application-specific Infrastructure StreamlinedSimple Seamless
  47. 47. 47 When to Deploy FAS E-Series EF-Series Protocol • Unified and file • Block • Block Data Management • Needed in the storage layer • Provided up-stack (app or OS)1 • Provided up-stack (app or OS)1 Workload Characteristics • Shared, concurrent • Transactional • Application-driven • Data-intensive • Latency-driven Performance Requirements • Mixed I/O • Scale-out IOPS • Bandwidth • Scale-up IOPS • Consistent ultralow latency Capacity • Scale-out to 65PB • Scale-up to 1.5PB • Up to 96TB raw Data Protection • Integrated • Application-driven • Application-driven Efficiencies • Dedupe • Compression • Capacity/U • Performance/U • Performance/U Flash • Hybrid cache tier (read or read/write) • Persistent storage • Hybrid cache tier (read only) • Persistent storage • Persistent storage 1 SANtricity® provides basic on-box management features that are secondary, with minimal impact on performance.
  48. 48. FAS 8000 family 48 Bonus
  49. 49. Introducing The FAS8000 Next Generation Enterprise System  Sandy Bridge chipset  PCIe Gen 3 architecture  NVRAM9 with persistent write cache – Embedded NVRAM9, no slot impact  More memory, uses DDR3 technology  Onboard ports include: – 10GbE and 16Gb FC / 10GbE Unified Target Adapters (UTA2) – 6Gb SAS and GbE management interface  V-Series becomes software option – FlexArray Virtualization Software 49
  50. 50. Introducing FAS8000 Three New Models  FAS8020 replaces FAS3220  FAS8040 replaces FAS3250  FAS8060 replaces FAS6220  Single chassis configurations – Standalone with controller / blank – HA with two controllers  Dual chassis configurations – Dual-chassis HA requires MetroCluster™  Ships on Data ONTAP® 8.2.1 RC2 50
  51. 51. 51