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  1. 1. ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?Retail innovation is about creating customer experience pre, in and post shopping P. Cámara A Crash Course on Creativity
  2. 2. Papabubble - Customer experience: Observation how they make sweets - Customize your sweets: be unique - Format, design, colour and smell in consistency with the brand
  3. 3. IfilSemantic structure: what do you want to make?> type of product> colourIt includes a 3-axis in its retail formula: Be proud of yourself and share with othersIt plays with difference senses: provides a great customer experience
  4. 4. Roca Gallery:A live magazine: walk through different type of bathroom and find those with is inagreement with your personality: INCREASE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEExplore, check and feel how can fit in your homeStore is a multisensor: expresion of the brand
  5. 5. Sorli DiscouWaiting time can be shopping timePractical, easy, confortablePlace: metro station  high people trafficBack-end and Front-end: Reduce cost: no saleforce, rental space, etc.