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Add this onesheet

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Add this onesheet

  1. 1. Bigger, Better Data + The Best Technology= Social+ AudiencesBig Data – 34,000 Events a SecondAddThis maps up to 25B connections between 1.3B users,creating a deep well of proprietary, aggregated data. For the14M domains using our platform across the web, we analyzethree types of data – site, search and social – to create adeeper understanding of user behavior.Big Technology – XGraph PlatformXGraph, our proprietary multi-graph technology, allows AddThisto unlock the power of your data and insights – uniquelyidentifying your ideal customer. XGraph uncovers patterns ofaffiliation, interest and intent simultaneously and in real-time,then plots all three on a single, multi-layered map.Social+ AudiencesXGraph’s multi-graph approach provides insights that Intent+: Ready-to-gooutperform basic social targeting, and are the basis of ourSocial+ audience products. They include: Category 30-day UUs Automotive 12M+• Lookalike+ – Match a data model of your customer against our Financial 19M+ Food 34M+ 253M US users to build your audience Gamers 14M+• Intent+ – Provide 650 ready-to-go audiences in popular segments Health 8M+ to quickly add scale to your campaign through your DSP or Hispanics 6M+ trading desk Movies 17M+ Political 16M+• Social ad units – Turn paid media into earned media by driving Retail 53M+ shares straight from banner and video creative Technology 15M+• Customer insights – Outline the interests and online behavior Telecom 9M+ of those engaging with the campaign Television 17M+ Travel 15M+Why Work with AddThis? Women 38M+Still not sure? Consider the following: Influencers 6M+We know socialWe process up to 10TB of data a day, 15.7B US pageviews a month, Contact Usthat enable us to see 70% of the web’s behavior in real-time. If you want more informationWe unlock the value of social data on how we can help you takeAddThis uses the industry’s best technology to find your customers your audiences to the next level,in the largest pool of users. please shoot us a note:And we make it easy Email: sales@addthis.comEvery product we build is designed to be easy-to-use, whether Site: addthis.comyou get it directly from us or from one of our trusted partners. Twitter: @addthisSo look behind the buttons, and consider adding the web’s mostpowerful sharing and analytics platform to your brand’s toolkit.Source: AddThis internal data
  2. 2. 25B social connections 14M domains 1.3B usersIt All Adds Up Share 847 FacebookWhat you share and who you share it with can tell you a lot Twitterabout a person. And when you look at what millions of webusers are sharing every day, you can learn an awful lot about LinkedInyour customers. GoogleAt AddThis, that’s precisely what we do. By applying our Emailproprietary XGraph technology to the online habits of 253MAmericans, we’re able to see which audience is sharing what, Pinterestwith whom to help businesses like yours make valuableconnections with consumers. More...(323)Want to know more? We’d be happy to share. Settings... PrivacySource: AddThis internal data