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  1. 1. AFFAIRS  There is life after an affair  Both partners are responsible for the affair  An affair is a symptom of a greater problem  Intuition is not enough. If you think your spouse is having an affair, you need to get facts or proof  Affairs can be a blessing in disguise. Many of my clients have gotten their marriages back on track by doing the tough work of facing their problems  Women are much more complicated than men in a relationship  Men just need affection, good food, attention and sex  Affairs are embarrassing and shameful for both parties  The pain of an affair is something we never get over, however, if there is growth and progress in the marriage through therapy, an affair can be a catalyst to improve yourself and your relationship  Patricia Lovelace LaPage, LCSW, CGP  900 Jorie Blvd., Suite 234  Oak Brook, IL 60523  630-368-0607