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Kwl chart block 2


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Kwl chart block 2

  1. 1. Posgrado en CLIL e innovación en el aula de inglés de Educación Primaria What I KNOW about CLIL as an approach What I WANT to Know What I LEARNED after this Block What I know about CLIL is not too much and it is just about the theory, I have no experience working with it. CLIL is an approach in which some of the subjects are taught through a foreign language (English in our case). The main goal in this approach is that learners learn the contents of a subject at the same time they learn a language. I would like to learn more about this approach and bilingualism; to know its theoretical bases and how it is working in Aragon. I would also like to know what the characteristics of a good CLIL teacher are and how to achieve an effective learning in CLIL classrooms. Theoretical bases of CLIL (BICS, CALP and 4C’s). Identifying content-obligatory and content-compatible vocabulary. Cognitive Skills (Bloom’s taxonomy) LOTS and HOTS