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Special Report 10 Keys


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Special Report 10 Keys

  1. 1. The 10 Keys ofRemarkability 866-609-2333 | |
  2. 2. The 10 Keys of Remarkability R E M A R K A B L E REALIZE THE POWER OF CHOICE R “Each of us has been given a spirit of power, of love and self- discipline, not of timidity.” Not making a choice is a choice. Choose to choose. Choose yourself. Sometimes we feel like we don’t have any choice. There is always achoice. Choose your value, choose to believe in yourself. Choose to exercise the poweryou have been given. EMBRACE YOUR TRUE SELF E “The truth will set you free”; to thy own self be true. Who you are is a beautiful and great thing. Accept yourself for who you are. This is truly one of life’s hardest lessons. You are unique! Do not compare yourself to others. Seek to know who you are. Beyourself. Learn to describe yourself for who you are not for what you do.IMAGINE THE UNIMAGINABLE SPEAK THE UNSPEAKABLE COO RECEIVE THE IMPOSSIBLE CEO 866-609-2333 page 2 of 5
  3. 3. The 10 Keys of Remarkability MASTER THE OBSTACLES M “Set aside the things that easily entangle us and run the race that is set before you.” Every single person has obstacles to overcome. Some of them we carry with us or drag behind us. Some of the things we have gotten so comfortable with, it seems easier to keep it than get rid of it. Some of the obstacles are road blocks, bumps in the road,things we can’t control. What we can control is how we react to them. We have a choice.We have the power to overcome them. Make a list of the things that hold you back.Begin to put them behind you one at a time. Take a small step. You can do this! ACCEPT AND ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GIFTS AND YOUR VISION A “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.” Everything that has happened to you in your life up to this very moment can be used to help someone else. What you have experienced is what someone else is going through. These pains orpainful experiences now become your gift to others. If you don’t share what you havelearned the world will loose. Share what you have learned and show how much you care.This is your goal. Strive for it. The impact will be incredible! REALIZE YOUR VOICE R “Power of the spoken word….words do not come back void.” First speak the words to your self. Don’t listen to the voice in your head. Turn that voice off! Share you vision with those around you. Realize you have a voice, you have a message, and you have a gift. Realize you have something valuable to share. Realize your voice is unique.Realize there is a unique group of people who must hear your voice. Your words will notgo out in vain. Realize your words will not come back void. Your voice will make adifference! Let your life shine!!! KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS K “Purity of intentions—give with the intent of getting nothing in return.” I promise you it is harder to give it away than sell it. Share you gifts with a pure heart and intentions. People may question you, they may wonder about your intentions. They may doubt you! They will eventually see your acts come with no strings attached. Therewards are 100 fold. Do your best to not let one hand know what the other hand isdoing. Question yourself!Be honest! Be truthful! 866-609-2333 page 3 of 5
  4. 4. The 10 Keys of Remarkability ACT A “Act with conviction—prepare, plan and act.” If you do will get nothing! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Fear lives here. When you act fear leaves. When you act with conviction, fear runs. Lay out your plans, have a backup plan, have a backup to the backup. Keep moving forward. The secrets to actionare small steps and persistence.Persistence wins every time!!! Remember failure is just a learning opportunity. Stay inprocess, stay focused, and don’t listen to the voice in your head. Listen to the power ofyour heart. Everyone must cross the dessert. The only question is how many steps it willtake. Take baby steps, then leaps, now run! What kind of action are you taking? Are yousitting? Walking? Running? Stand up, move…………….I dare you! BELIEVE B “If you believe, if you have faith, nothing will be impossible for you.” This has been proven thousands of times…….they said no one could run a mile in under 4 minutes, now that record had been done many times…… JFK said we will walk on the moon; we have been to the moon and beyond. Believe as if it has already happened. See it!! Thisis the hardest of keys, keeping your vision and eyes focused on the goal. Never take youreyes off of what you are trying to achieve. The universe will respond………It has nochoice but to respond. It is law! If you couldn’t fail, how would you act, how would youlook, how would you speak, how would you feel? ACT JUST LIKE THAT!!!!BELIEVE……….watch what happens……….remember a person becomes what they thinkabout most!!!! What do you think about most? You can move mountains! LEVERAGE YOUR TRUTH, YOUR VOICE, YOUR MESSAGE L “Share your gift in a spirit of collaboration not competition.” Archimedes a Greek hero created the lever. He said give me a place to stand and I can move the world. He believed in his lever. To him he could move people, ideas and change thru the lever. You too can be an Archimedes. You can leverage your voice to make a difference.You too can take a stand and move the world. It is not enough to find your voice. It isnot enough to speak your voice to yourself. You must share your voice with those inneed. They are waiting with open ears to hear. The world waits, a city waits, a groupwaits, and one person waits. WHY WAIT? If not you …….then who, if not now …thenwhen? Why wait? Find a place to stand! Take a stand! Leverage your voice! You willmove the world! I DARE YOU………. 866-609-2333 page 4 of 5
  5. 5. The 10 Keys of Remarkability EMPOWER OTHERS E “Great leaders don’t do great things………..great leaders help others do great things.” Be a leader of personhood—people will follow! This is living a life of intentional legacy. Making a conscious choice to help others. Making a conscious choice to help others help others. Empower others to pay it forward. If we are going to empowerothers………..first we must go, second we must act and third we must share and teach.All the other remarkability keys lead to this final key. This is the key that sets us apart asremarkability experts. The rest means nothing if we are not empowering others. All wehave to do is empower one person. Let the word go forth from this moment, that thetorch has been passed to each one of us, to a new generation of people that we can makea difference....that we can change the world. We may never finish our tasks………………but let us begin! GO ………………… LET YOUR LIFE SPEAK! The founders of Speak America 866-609-2333 page 5 of 5