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Project planning forms

  1. 1. DAY 1 case studies, buffalo NY university national center for case study center PROJECT OVERVIEW Name of Project: VIAJANDO POR EL MUNDO HISPANOPARLANTE Duration: 1 SEMANA Subject/Course: ESPANOL Teacher(s): CAMPUZANO Grade Level: 12 Other subject areas to be include, if any: GEOGRAFIA, TURISMO, Project Idea Tomaremos por ejemplo la idea de que una empresa quiere encontrar un país en el cual desarrollar un curso de Summary of the issue, aprendizaje estilo Rosseta Stone. challenge, also investigation, We will be inviting people to see the presentations and decide by vote which country they would consider to go learn scenario, Spanish. or problem: Students need to promote a country of they like, including information about tourism, vaccinations needed, geography, resources, life styles, economy, government…. etc Driving Question ¿Qué país te parece es el mas apropidado para recomendarle a la gente que quiere ir a aprender español? Which country do you think is the most appropriate for a person to travel to if he/she wants to learn Spanish? Content and skills standards to be addressed T+A E T+A E st 21 Century Skills Collaboration Other: to be explicitly taught and A assessed (T+A) or that will be encouraged (E) by Presentation A Technical appeal project work, but not taught or assessed: Critical Thinking: A Ejemplos: Prezi, Power Points,,,, A video in youtube, Presentation Audience: © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 1
  2. 2. Group: Idealmente cada grupo de trabajo debería mantenerse entre 4-6 estudiantes XCulminating Class: El grupo se encargaría de delegar secciones especificas del proyectoProductsand/or Por ejemplo: el estudiante que aportaría las fotografías, el que llamaría a la embajada, X el que entrevistaría a gente de ese país, el que investigaría documentales, el que School: Spanish classesPerformances buscaría artistas, gente famosa, el que se encargaría de la parte tecnológica. Community: Cada estudiante sebe hacerse responsable por su sección y por hacerlo Experts: Individual: de una calidad aceptable para aportar al grupo Web: Cada estudiante debe tener una oportunidad de hablar y de apoyar su idea o su estilo de trabajo (blooms taxonomy, 7 inteligencias) Other: PROJECT OVERVIEWEntry event tolaunch inquiry, The hook. Lets see examples of other project by other students. Take a Google earth trip.engage students: Add the link of New jersey assessment standards for ideasAssessments Quizzes/Tests Practice Presentations X Formative Assessments Journal/Learning Log X Notes X (During Project) Preliminary Plans/Outlines/Prototypes X Checklists Rough Drafts Concept Maps Online Tests/Exams Other: Written Product(s), with rubric: Other Product(s) or Performance(s), with rubric: Summative __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Assessments (End of Project) Oral Presentation, with rubric X Peer Evaluation X Multiple Choice/Short Answer Test Self-Evaluation Essay Test X Other: . © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 2
  3. 3. Resources On-site people, facilities: Utilizar el auditorio para las presentacionesNeeded Equipment: Proyector, micrófono, dvd player Materials: Note taking material Community resources: Biblioteca, access to paper books, visitor from different countries.Reflection Journal/Learning Log X Focus GroupMethods (Individual, Group, and/or Whole-Class Discussion Fishbowl Discussion: Socratic Seminar Whole Class) Survey X Other: © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 3
  4. 4. PROJECT TEACHING AND LEARNING GUIDEProject: Course/Semester: Knowledge and Skills Needed By Students Scaffolding / Materials/ Lessons To Be Provided to successfully complete culminating products and by the project teacher, other teachers, experts, performances, and do well on summative assessments mentors, or community membersSee students’ previous scores ea. English, SAT, AP, CAHSEE Reviewing activitiesWhat skills do I need to reinforce?  Crossword puzzles to remember old vocabularyMy data + Also corek12 + previous students in my class Assess students diverse levels Strategies for researchresearch  Organization and categorization of material Sources for research Library: books and internetCollaborate, delegate sections of “expertise” how would you Meetingstry to interest: Students could meet at homeA tourist? las fotografías,A native?An agency?  el que llamaría a la embajada,A national Geographic photographer? el que entrevistaría a gente de ese país,The government of that country?, etc. el que investigaría documentales, el que buscaría artistas, gente famosa, el que se encargaría de la parte tecnológica.Compile, Brochure/postershare and organize Video: interview peoplePrepare presentation  Documentary: tourism Power Point: Prezi © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 4
  5. 5. PROJECT CALENDARProject: Start Date: MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY Project Week One Project Week Two Project Week Three Project Week Four © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 5