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Project development for workshop 2


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algunas notas de la clase de drama

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Project development for workshop 2

  1. 1. PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Presentation Friday July 15th, 2011Creative writing across the curriculum LAS NOTICIAS Using a thinking hat!La Opinion:1. Dissect the news paper and find all the possible sections.2. Compare a news paper from weekdays and one from weekends3. Compare La Opinion to an English speaking paper4. Computer lab and explore online papers from South America and Spain4 corners to select a section of the news paper: sports, CA, USA, world.Oral readingSilent readingCurrent eventsMusical reading chairs (short text for them to read at each chair) or the comicsArt: using letter cut outs create signs, postcards, letters, etcUse the newspaper to make a: skirt, coat, dress a Professional in groups (ballerina, doctor)Highlight specific things in an article: example: find verbs!!Find compound wordsFind cognatesFind adjectivesFind syllabus one, two, threeFind professions, places,Find accents and categorize them
  2. 2. Dramatize a story from an articlePictures of the paper given to students for them to try to figure out the eventAdvanced students to record an article or teacher and ply it back to the entire classLower level student listen and follows alongNews cast presentations in class: live in the classroom or record itReal or fake news (remember the storm inside the class: cookie tray spray water flash light) (commercialinterruption) (narrated a recorded game himself) (interacting with the recording of an anchor at a remotelocation)Project base learning: FINALCreate a school news paper (pictures, editorial, news, games,Field trip to La Opinion2 articles in LA Opinion about my students