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Office 365 Saturday Europe - Yammer, Office 365, SharePoint (yOS) : hybrid architectures yes but to do what?

Yammer, Office 365, SharePoint : hybrid architectures yes but to do what?

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Office 365 Saturday Europe - Yammer, Office 365, SharePoint (yOS) : hybrid architectures yes but to do what?

  1. 1. Hybrid architecturesYes ! But to do what ? Speaker: Patrick Guimonet 15thNovember 2014 Host: Matthew Hughes
  2. 2. O365EU Sponsors
  3. 3. Agenda
  4. 4. Why hybrid now ? It is all about transitioningbetween : On –premises infrastructures already in place in the enterprises New potentialities provided by Cloud offerings With hybrid deployments, you may get the best of both world.
  5. 5. Where are we ? SPC243 IT’s losing battle against Cloud adoption
  6. 6. Elasticity On-premises Cloud Pro and cons of each side SP Infra can be complex Security can be a concern Hardly predictable load Identities management Need several env. : Dev, Tests, Pre-Prod, Prod Scalable multi-servers Progressive migration SP S2013 SP1 support natively hybrids archi. Data transfers and nationality Reversibility Spaces to deploy custom code Availability and DR Small or no investments Evolution at your own pace Automation is a premium Facts about the product Cloud Solutions Cloud Challenges
  7. 7. Office 365 The SaaS offering for Sharepoint and Yammer. + + Rich feature set is always up to date. Includes a Windows Azure Active Directory tenant Directory integration includes synchronizing account names and passwords between the on-premises AD environment and the Windows Azure AD tenant. Client communication over the Internet through encrypted and authenticated access (port 443). A lot of storage for SharePoint Now the de facto first choice ! @mkashman
  8. 8. Third choice Microsoft Azure D12 D3,D4 A4, A6 Since 2013  Allow all the features of on- Microsoft Azure premises solutions  Fully scripted deployment  Behind the scene with Office 365  A good choice The Microsoft IaaS (and PaaS) offering for SharePoint.
  9. 9. Hybrid solutions in the yOS worldYammer, Office 365, SharePoint
  10. 10. DMS / ECM Documents Management System Entreprise Content Management
  11. 11. SharePoint Extranet scenario local SP and Extranet in Office 365 SharePoint 2013 Intranet Sites Internal documents Search 1 Personal Sites Personal documents SharePoint Online Extranet Sites Documents to share Search 2  A simple scenario  No tool to synchronize or transfer from on side to the other  Identities federation is not mandatory but is plus.  Pros :  Simplified infrastructure  Sensitive data kept internally
  12. 12. Social
  13. 13. SharePoint 2013 Yammer Third party Products On-premises Oui Not available Yes (Sitrion, Beezy…) Cloud Office 365 Oui Possible Hybrid Possible What choice do we have for Social in yOS ?
  14. 14. Scenario #1 : all Office 365 SharePoint Online Intranet & Extranet Sites SharePoint Documents Search 1 Personal sites OneDrive for Business Personal storage Yammer Conversations Documents in Yammer Search 2  Pros :  Native integration  Simplified deployment  Cons  Governance is needed  Identities management is needed
  15. 15. In Office 365, native integration with Yammer (1)
  16. 16. In Office 365, native integration with Yammer (2)  Start Yammer discussions on Office documents For example, in Excel Online In Yammer Not yet fully deployed
  17. 17. Scenario #2 : Site data on-prem, Personal Data and conversations in the Cloud SharePoint 2013 on-prem Intranet Sites Team Documents Search 1 Personal Sites OneDrive for Business Personal documents Yammer Conversations Documents in Yammer Search 2  SharePoint on prem + Yammer et personal data in the Cloud  Pros :  Best of both world  Benefit the great functionalities of Yammer  Benefit storage space available on OneDrive  Cons  Extra configuration needed Redirect users to Office 365 with OneDrive for Business: scenario overview
  18. 18. Scenario #3: All data local, conversation in the Cloud SharePoint 2013 on-prem Intranet Sites Team Documents Search 1 Personal Sites OneDrive for Business on-prem Personal documents Yammer Conversations Documents in Yammer Search 2 Pros : All documents remain locally stored Benefit the great functionalities of Yammer Cons Extra configuration needed : Integrate Yammer with web parts in Intranet sites Deactivate file storage in Yammer Indexing conversations is not available yet in the standard offering.
  19. 19. Business Intelligence
  20. 20. Power BI Architecture Power Query Power Pivot Power View Power Map Power BI sites Power BI Q&A Power BI Admin Center Power BI For iOS Data Catalog Internal DBs Data Management Gateway Search and Queries sharing Analyst End-users Publishing External DBs OData feeds Power BI For Windows 8
  21. 21. Search
  22. 22. « Classical » hybrid scenarios (according to Technet) TechNet provides guidance for deploying 3 SP hybrid solutions :  Search  BCS  Duet (SAP) Details on Overview of hybrid SharePoint 2013 for technical decision makers
  23. 23. One-way topologies
  24. 24. User experience A sub optimal experience Hybrid Search Federation Common search navigation From Richard DiZerega SharePoint Online Implementation Roadmap
  25. 25. BCS Hybride Allows you to securely publish on-premises data to an external list or app for SharePoint in SharePoint Online Pre-requisite : Two way topology or On-way inbound
  26. 26. Internet sites
  27. 27. Public Internet Site Avec Windows Azure AD pour l’authentification des utilisateurs Internet Sites in Windows Azure using SharePoint Server 2013
  28. 28. Development and Testing
  29. 29. Development and tests environments in Microsoft Azure  Create SharePoint 2013 development environments quickly on Azure ◦ 2013-development-environments-quickly-on-azure.aspx  15 to 30 minutes
  30. 30. Development options for SharePoint Declar. App & Workflow Events CSOM _vti_bin _vti_bin _api _api
  31. 31. Disaster recovery
  32. 32. Disaster/recovery farm in Azure Design principles Network Office Web Applications Farm SharePoint Farm Directory Network Content & SA Data SPC206
  33. 33. Type of recovery environment Type of recovery environment Description Hot A fully sized farm is provisioned, updated, and running on standby. Warm The farm is built and virtual machines are running and updated. Recovery includes attaching content databases, provisioning service applications, and crawling content. The farm can be a smaller version of the production farm and then scaled out to serve the full user base. Cold The farm is fully built, but the virtual machines are stopped. Maintaining the environment includes starting the virtual machines from time to time, patching, updating, and verifying the environment. Start the full environment in the event of a disaster.  Pros :  Totally scriptable configuration  Very cost effective solution  Several level of recovery are possible  Cons  None !
  34. 34. Identities management
  35. 35. Azure is there, everywhere ! Microsoft Azure Active Directory is the underlying identity platform for Office 365  Pros : ◦ Simplicity ◦ Faster deployment  Directory synchronization server only Instead of deploying the 64-bit directory synchronization server in your on-premises environment, provision a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure instead New option : Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync Services  Directory synchronization + Active Directory Federation Services This option allows you to support Office 365 federated identities (single sign-on) without adding hardware to your on-premises infrastructure. It also provides resiliency if the on-premises Active Directory environment is unavailable. · Directory integration components reside in Microsoft Azure.· AD FS is published to the Internet through AD FS proxies in Microsoft Azure.· Client authentication traffic, for users that are connecting from any location, is handled by AD FS servers and proxies that are deployed on Microsoft Azure.
  36. 36. Governance and beyond
  37. 37. Hybrid to do what ? Usage Matrix This isevenmore truefor Office 365 ! Usages Matrix (fromSPC264) This is a starting point, but help to create this for your technology landscape. SPC264
  38. 38. A step beyond, SharePoint workloads candidate for the Cloud  Cloud solutions are more and more mature for all workloads. Usages SharePoint On premises SharePoint Online (Office 365) IaaS Platform (Microsoft Azure) SharePoint hosted (outside Europe) SharePoint hosted (in Europe) 1. Intranet Social & Collab + +++ + + + 2. Intranet Documents ++ +++ ++ ++ ++ 3. Intranet Sensitive Data +++ + + - +++ 4. Intranet My Sites ++ +++ ++ ++ ++ 4. Intranet OneDrive ++ +++ ++ ++ ++ 5. Intranet Publishing site +++ ++ +++ ++ ++ 6. Intranet Search +++ ++ ++ ++ ++ 7. Intranet BI ++ +++ ++ ++ ++ 8. Intranet LOB applications +++ ++ ++ ++ ++ 9. Intranet Video Portal + +++ 10. Extranet + +++ ++ ++ ++ 11. Internet Publishing site ++ - +++ +++ +++ As of November 1st, 2014. Environments SharePoint On-premises SharePoint Online (Office 365) IaaS (Microsoft Azure) SharePoint hosted (outside Europe) SharePoint hosted (in Europe) 1. Production +++ +++ +++ ++ ++ 2. Performance tests ++ (costs) - Not replicable on-prem +++ ++ ++ 3. User acceptance tests ++ + (if standard features) +++ ++ ++ 4. Development ++ ++ (apps only) +++ ++ ++ 5. Disaster Recovery ++ (costs) ++ +++ ++ ++ NB : it’s only it is a relative rating of the solutions with respect to each other.
  39. 39. On-premises Total control Intensive code deployment Less functionalities in the futureConclusiona pragmatic approach is needed Traditional ASP Allow externalization of servers, network and infrastructure Less interesting than Cloud VM in the Cloud Good candidate for environnements offloading : DR, Dev, Tests… SharePoint Internet Sites IaaS Service in the Cloud The first choice solution today The full set of functionnalities An almost turnkey solution Very cheap storage SaaS