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Office 365 Saturday Europe - How to become a Yammer power user in less than 1 hour


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This session, based on experience feedbacks from deployment and use of Yammer in companies of various sizes (10 users to large and multinational companies), will showcase all you have to know on Yammer use.

At the end of this session, you will be able to use Yammer's basic and advanced features (including enterprise features).

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Office 365 Saturday Europe - How to become a Yammer power user in less than 1 hour

  1. 1. How to becomea Yammer Power user, in less than 1 hour Speaker: Benoît Jester & Patrick Guimonet 15thNovember 2014 Host: Matthew Hughes
  2. 2. Who are we? Benoît Jester SharePoint MVP TechNet Wiki, Forums, Translator @spasipe Patrick Guimonet Office 365 MVP Abalon @patricg yOS addicts ! 
  3. 3. O365EU Sponsors
  4. 4. Enterprise Social: Work like a network
  5. 5. Agenda, first version 1 Connect or join 3 Networks and groups Publish 5 New content 4 Interact with Content and People Go further 8 Expand usage by scenarios 9 Master your profile 2 Choose the interface language Go Yammer Enterprise 7 Master Search 10 6 Engage
  6. 6. 50% of work requires network contribution 4 out of 5 employees are ineffective at collaboration 20-25% Potential improvement possible in knowledge worker productivityAgenda, 2ndversion  Connect Content People Engage
  7. 7. Connect Connect
  8. 8. The veryfirst time
  9. 9. Connect on Supported browsers : IE 8 and above For others, latest version
  10. 10. or Join
  11. 11. Or Joina knownnetwork
  12. 12. Supported browsers
  13. 13. Go mobile https:/
  14. 14. Change Interface Language 30 languages available Bottom, right
  15. 15. Live translation of content
  16. 16. Know how to go back to your Home network Bottom, left or Top, right Then choose the first one What is your home network ? ◦This is the privateand securecollaboration spaceof yourcompany. ◦Only employees with verified corporate email addresses can join the Home Network and access its content and users. ◦But Admins can invite external users as guests to the Internal Network
  17. 17. External network #3 External network #2 External network #1How Yammer spaces are organized ? Create a new network Create Group Create Group Create Group Create Group
  18. 18. Create groups Top, left or right
  19. 19. Create external networks If created from your home network
  20. 20. View groups How to find groups Search! Groups” under your profile (1) “Browse Groups” in the left navigation bar (2) “… > Groups” on the top menu bar Actions Create a group Filter group by type Search Join a group
  21. 21. Content Content
  22. 22. View conversations ALL Yammer content (files, notes, …) is contained in a group Public or private Default “All Company” or “All Network” group Choose which content you want to see Top : Relevant (based on an algorithm) All : All conversations Following : People, groups or topics you’re following The number of unread items is displayed (1) Don’t forget to save your feed selections! (2)
  23. 23. Tip -Hide a conversation You can easily hide a conversation The message with reappear if ◦You’re mentioned ◦Someone replies
  24. 24. Inbox Contains Announcements Mentions (@) Private messages Conversations (Joined or followed) Categorized(Unread/Read messages) Features Search a message Createmessage Mark as unread Stop following in Inbox
  25. 25. Publish new content You can ◦Publishan update ◦Publisha poll ◦Praisesomeone ◦Makean annoucement(if youcreatedthe group) Goes to Inboxof everygroup member
  26. 26. Publish new content (2) Search before posting! Select the appropriate group Homepage = “All Network / group” Add properties #hashtag People to notify Topics Files Add attachment (from your computer / from Yammer) You can share with someone not belonging to a private group
  27. 27. Tip : View group type easily The submit button depends on the group type Public Private Private with coworker Hover the “in reply to” link to see the parent reply
  28. 28. Four type of contents
  29. 29. Modify content Default features (1) Like Reply Share (group or PM) (Translate) “More” features (2) Follow in Inbox View conversation (Full page) Add or editTopics Bookmark (accessible via your profile) Email Me DeleteThis can cause orphan replies
  30. 30. Search feature Best Practices Search before posting Search before creating a group Features Search on title/name, not on content! Search on profile properties Results categorized by type (2) Access to full results list (1)
  31. 31. Search –Full results list Access to full results list “See more search results” link “Enter” key Features Search on content! Results categorized by type (1) Search term highlighted (2) Advanced search (3)
  32. 32. Search –Topics Features Results categorized by type (1) Follow the topic (2) Rename the topic (3)
  33. 33. Engage
  34. 34. Engage your colleagues Quick Launch ◦Guide to Creating a Yammer Help Group ◦New User Checklist ◦Ready, Set, Go!Guide ◦Create another group, called the Yammer Ideas Group ◦This can be as simple as emailing your coworkers ◦a YamJam? It’s a 30-60 minute, live Q&A session hosted on Yammer about any topic Comprehensive Launch ◦Strategic Plan Template ◦Guide to Network Roles
  35. 35. Network roles A launch team typically has the following important roles: Project Manager.Oversees launch execution. Community Manager.Helps with launch execution and manages day- to-day network activity after launch. Executive Sponsor.Communicates the high-level vision and values of Yammer to the company. Power Users.Help train users and manage objection handling. IT Specialist.Oversees all technical aspects of the rollout, including integrations content/uploads/sites/13/Guide-to-Network- Roles_en_US.pdf
  36. 36. Organize a YamJam Aka a live event on Yammer 1.Determine the audience 2.Select a #Topic 3.Ask a leader to participate 4.Pick a date and time that works for the audience 5.Market it to a wide audience 6.Rehearse with key people involved 7.Make it happen
  37. 37. Expand usage by exploring enterprise social scenarios Explore enterprise social scenarios with Yammer and other Microsoft products
  38. 38. Expand Usage (2)
  39. 39. Typical use cases Yammer for Onboarding Yammer for project management
  40. 40. The Official Yammer Use Case Catalog General ◦Competitive Intelligence ◦Events ◦Identifying expertise ◦Partner Engagement ◦Project Management Corporate Communications ◦Strategic Communication Human Resources ◦Onboarding new employees ◦Employee engagement ◦Learning and Development Information Technology ◦IT Support Marketing ◦Manage Internal & External PR Efforts Operations ◦Communicate in Time of Crisis ◦Mergers & Acquisitions Sales & Customer Service ◦ImproveCustomer Service ◦Manage Sales & Customer Relationships
  41. 41. Grow Your Network Guide to Measuring Business Value ◦Measure Success Qualitative Approach Quantitative Approach Guide to Showcasing Your Network Guide to Events
  42. 42. From Mailboxto Yammer and back
  43. 43. Follow updates in your mailbox To update you email settings, go to «Edit profile» and then «notifications» :
  44. 44. Publish to Yammer by e-mail Each Yammer group has its own email The email is posted as a message in the group Email chain is included as PDF attachment (1) Stored in the group files
  45. 45. Publish to Yammer by e-mail (external users) Include an email address in a reply, even for a user not on Yammer! The external user can reply by email (without signing on Yammer) The user mail address must match the network
  46. 46. Tip : Hide email signature Add “--” before your signature to prevent it from posting Doesn’t work for images Choose the white color to prevent it from appearing on the conversation
  47. 47. Go Yammer Enterprise 
  48. 48. Dashboard (1)
  49. 49. Dashboard (2)
  50. 50. People
  51. 51. Interact with People Praise people One or more person Choosean icon Addtopics Access to people list Top bar “… >People” Search! Actions Follow / Unfollow Viewprofile (Infos, activities, following, …) Send Message Org Chart
  52. 52. Organizational chart Feature enabled by a network administrator Add Manager / Colleague / … Available via your profile
  53. 53. Edit your profile All fields are searchable! Click on your name then on “Edit profile” Or “…” then “Edit profile”
  54. 54. Edit your profile (2) Add more information about yourself Contact Work and education TIP : Use #yamin Twitter to post your tweet to Yammer
  55. 55. Edit your profile (3) Use the left navigation bar to access more options •Password •Networks •Account Activity •My Applications •Notifications •Preferences
  56. 56. Edit your profile (4) 2 settings you have to know! •Notifications •Preferences
  57. 57. Instant messaging in Yammer Start online conversation immediately Search for people (1) Add people (with access to full conversation history) (2) Use emoticons (Reference) Options Enable / Disablesounds Display / Hide messages (Messages redirected in user’s Inbox)
  58. 58. Instant messaging in Yammer (2) “Like” any paragraph The conversation becomes a private message, synchronized with the chat window
  59. 59. Notes Use notes tocollaborate! Notes are created inside groups Co-authoring Invite peopleto work on your note Changes are highlighted in real-time Related content (File / Note / Link) Automatic if linked inside the note No lost content (drafts are auto-saved!) Mark this note as official to avoid changes Network admin Group admin
  60. 60. Notes –Start conversation Start a conversation / poll or Praise someone on a note The note will be automaticallyattached Add tags, notify people … Remember, the note has been created inside a group!
  61. 61. PDF Files Text in PDFs uploaded to Yammer is searchable Comments on a PDF are saved as annotations in the downloaded file
  62. 62. Go further with Yammer
  63. 63. Yammer shortcuts Type “?” to open the shortcuts popup
  64. 64. Tips Display an “Out of Office” message by adding (OOO mm/dd/yyyy) in your last name iPhoneimages need to be taken vertically w/ home button on bottom or horizontally w/ home button on the right Type “?” to see all available shortcuts Mention people with a “@” or by typing the first letter in upper case You can bookmark and hide conversations Hide your email signature by adding “--” before your signature Change the behavior of the “enter” key in your profile settings Use #yamin Twitter to post your tweet to Yammer (if linked in your profile) Reply with a hashtagto add a topic Text in PDFs uploaded to Yammer is searchable When coworkers leave comments on a PDF in Yammer, they are saved as annotations in the downloaded file There's a "Top" button to avoid you to scroll to the top
  65. 65. Group Admin : ◦When you create a group ◦You can configure options for the group ◦Group Admin can delete messages posted into a groupBecome Group Admin…
  66. 66. Become Network or Verified Admin… Demystifying Yammer Permissions and Roles Admin Access Privilegesin Yammer Admin Guide
  67. 67. Understand users and Security in Yammer At the heart of Yammer : the user Always connected to its internal network (ex. Member of external networks 4 states User Read an publish messages Group Admin Can delete items in group Network Admin A few more capabilities Give all administration capabilities Data export Give access to private groups Verified Admin Yammer enterprise required
  68. 68. Yammer Site Status 
  69. 69. Great Yammer networks
  70. 70. Keep up to date on upcoming new features … by viewing Yammer External Release Schedule. network/release-schedule/
  71. 71. Synchronize your users from on-premises AD to Yammer
  72. 72. You have multiple business units with different email domains By default, your Yammer network can only be accessed by employees whose email addresses match the domain used to name the network But you can invite external users to all your networks (home and external) With help of Yammer support, you can merge networks
  73. 73. Yammer Enterprise activation process Official documentation Why Activate? Admin Tools. Network Level Apps and Integrations. Services & Support. More details:
  74. 74. Cheat Sheet
  75. 75. Thank You! Questions ? Continue the discussion on twitter : @patricg and @spasipe Or on Yammer, of course !  