Social Media in Health Care


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Social Media in Health Care Panel with Beth Deines and Betsy Woods. From SummitUp 2010

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Social Media in Health Care

  1. 1. Betsy Woods Public relations and marketing manager Bethany Deines Annual giving director Dayton Children’s Social Media in Health Care
  2. 2. The Social Network Marylin Delphy: The site got 2200 hits within 2 hours? Mark Zuckerberg: Thousand. Maryiln: I'm sorry? Mark: Twenty-two *thousand*. Marylin: Wow. Erica Albright: The internet's written in ink, Mark. It's not written in pencil.
  3. 3. Have you ever talked about a health care experience on Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc? 1 2 50%50% 1. Yes 2. No
  4. 4. Our Story: @daytonchildrens
  5. 5. Background Connect with moms, tell story, create advocates Enhance customer service Position as pediatric expert Listened first Researched what others were doing Made a commitment (3 people) Created a plan
  6. 6. Content Patient stories (parental consent, complying with HIPAA) Fundraising events Health and safety tips Videos/pictures Service lines News stories Recall alerts Ask questions, respond to comments Crisis communication
  7. 7. Nevin’s Snowman
  8. 8. Nevin’s Story Goes Viral YouTube video generated over 300 views in 24 hours WDTN ran story Story ran nationally on The Weather Channel Numerous comments on Facebook and Twitter Asked fans/followers to write letters for Valentine’s Day
  9. 9. Goals Build relationships (target audience: moms 18-55) Create advocates Create conversations – ask questions, respond to comments Build an online community Increase participation/conversation Enhance customer service Position as pediatric expert Drive traffic to website Increase revenue and donations Build referrals
  10. 10. Are you a fan/follower of a health care organization on social media? 1 2 50%50%1. Yes 2. No
  11. 11. What Are People Saying?
  12. 12. What Are People Saying?
  13. 13. What social media channel do you use the most? 1 2 3 4 5 20% 20% 20%20%20%1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. MySpace 4. Blog 5. YouTube
  14. 14. Recommendations Listen first Have a plan Make a commitment Be authentic/sincere Be transparent – who is behind the message? Participate offline – attend events Share your story internally/get buy-in and support Follow back
  15. 15. Recommendations Participate in the conversation, be active Pass along messages (good and bad) Use social media to improve customer service, the experience Share content (give credit to author) Know what your competition is doing Create a social media policy Expect negative feedback Use to pitch media stories
  16. 16. What Not to Do Only push content (selling mode) Not participate in the convo Not respond Post content all at once Automated messages Not make a commitment, leave page(s) idle Participate in every social network channel and not manage it well Ghost writing
  17. 17. Questions? Join the conversation:    