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2018 SNAP ET info PowerPpoint


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Power Point presentation used in outreach public information sessions to potential students

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2018 SNAP ET info PowerPpoint

  2. 2. Career readiness … Hand out in back  This is a first step  Think about future career plans  Career resources, speakers, advice – Russell Library Job Group Thursdays  Basic computer classes  Must have :  General career skills not covered in classes -  Basic computer skills (MS Office, web search etc.)
  3. 3. What is SNAP E & T ?  “Scholarship” program with $$ from US FDA to CT DSS  DSS to MxCC for career training courses  SNAP clients take classes = jobs making good $$  Gain career skills, raise overall well being and quality of life for family  DSS expects you to get a job after the course.  They check employment status with Dept. of Labor by SSN (decisions on benefits)
  4. 4. Why the SNAP program ?  Demonstrate responsibility & good work habits  Practice time/work management  Improve communication skills  Grow problem solving skills  Understand personal strengths and weaknesses  Never hurts to develop a career reference !  Supportive environment
  5. 5. Basic requirements  Have active email address & check daily  College communicates by email – not phone or text  So do all workplaces  Invest in a tablet at least if needed  US Citizen (picture ID & Soc. Sec No.)  SNAP recipient now and during course  Can perform physical requirements of the training (lifting, standing)
  6. 6. Requirements #2  Not receive TANF (cash) DSS benefits  GED/high school diploma or higher  Pass placement tests Math and English levels (HS senior) – info sheet on back table to schedule   Exempt from testing if passed college level Math/English courses (show transcript)
  7. 7. Requirements #3  Not enroll you in training programs if cannot be legally employed in that profession. We check CT Judicial database for criminal background  Health care classes do urine drug screening before clinical  Employers do not usually want to see convictions (esp. healthcare)  Commitment 10 - 12 weeks – transportation & childcare. Juggle tests, classes, clinical sites for health care classes.
  8. 8. Courses – Continuing Ed website for details on dates and times  SECURITY GUARD  One day class 8 hrs.  Written exam at the end of the day  No placement testing but literacy needed  Over $150 in fees after course to be certified at your cost  HUMAN SERVICES ASST  Great way to try a college level course  Traditional semester long with tests, essays, project, field placement  Sections in Meriden & Middletown
  9. 9. Health Care  Phlebotomy (competitive)  Mornings Middletown Tues/Thursdays  Lab placements on Saturday mornings  All semesters ➢ PCT – have valid CT CNA license ➢ Day course in Middletown ➢ Spring and Fall semesters ➢ Clinical rotation at hospital ***All health care placements require up to date proof of immunizations on health form
  10. 10. Pharmacy Tech & CNA Pharmacy tech  Evenings Tues/Thursday  Spring and Fall semesters  MUST pass Math placement  Memorize drugs  Math calculation  watch?v=mbs_Nd_bI60. Certified Nurse Assistant  Certified Nurse Assistant 3 locations & different dates – all semesters  Meriden (evenings)  Middletown & Old Saybrook (Days )  Plus clinical at SNFs
  11. 11. Veterinary Assistant  Long six month course starts Feb. and August  Classes on campus MW eves  Clinical at Peiper Olsen animal hospital Saturday (transportation important)  Very enjoyable course – do large & small animals 
  12. 12. Application  Please give correct & complete information  Current SNAP client ID#  Need picture ID for testing also  Writing sample 8-10 lines in essay  Signature on application  Read carefully last page – commit to terms of the program  Certify we may check the info you give to us  Will ask and report to DSS about your student progress
  13. 13. So….If interested  Fill out application & the course you want  Sign up for testing time (12/12 or 12/13)  Decisions about 2 weeks after complete info –  Placement testing info sheet on back table  Follow the directions on the sheet  Will put you in a class or on wait list
  14. 14. Not ready or successful on testing Resources  Middletown & Wallingford Adult Ed have skill packages with MxCC (no charge)  Take Fast Track Math and English to improve (evenings) at Adult Ed (Middletown) with Take College Success class Tues. evening on MxCC campus  Retake placement tests and reapply to a course(or college) !  Info on back table  Special Fast Track Math Dec/Jan and then retest
  15. 15. Protecting your personal information -  If accepted or not – keep applications for period of time  In locked drawers according to federal law for records that contain personal ID info (SSN, etc.)  Only 2 people have access at MxCC
  16. 16.  Email me at  MxCC Continuing Education web site for class details  Ask people who took classes here  Consider carefully the commitment you will make