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Senior 3 esquema de contenidos nodales - dic 2018


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Published in: Education
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Senior 3 esquema de contenidos nodales - dic 2018

  1. 1. Colegio Las Cumbres Nivel Medio - ASIGNATURA: Literature CURSO: Senior 3 PROFESOR/A: Patricia Chujman Contenido Nodal Sub-temas inlcuidos en el contenido nodal Literary Devices applied to Poetry and Prose. (theme, tone, anaphora, metaphor,silmile, oxymoron, point of view, alliteration, irony, satire, epiphany, stting, dramatic irony, hyperbole, imageries, plot, stanza, rhyme, allusion) Poetry: Because I could not Stop for Death and My Parents Prose: The Bath Essay Writing on poetry and prose and drama (300-350 words) Poetry: Friend Review: A View from the Bridge Unseen Paper: review for IGCSE Writing essays comparing and contrasting texts (300-350 words) Poetry: Tears, Idle Tears Prose: Complete review Unseen Paper: review for IGCSE Essay Writing on poetry, prose and drama on any topic seen this year (Writing longer essays: 300-350 words) 3�Trimestre Essay Writing Prose, Poetry, Drama and writing essays Esquema de Contenidos para el Per�odo de Orientaci�n, evaluaci�n y promoci�n - cierre Diciembre 2019 Going through poetry and prose in detail 1�Trimestre2�Trimestre