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Senior 1 esquema de contenidos nodales - dic 2019


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Senior 1 esquema de contenidos nodales - dic 2019

  1. 1. Colegio Las Cumbres Nivel Medio - ASIGNATURA: Literature CURSO: Senior 1 PROFESOR/A: Patricia Chujman Contenido Nodal Sub-temas inlcuidos en el contenido nodal Literary Devices applied to Poetry and Prose. (theme, tone, anaphora, metaphor,silmile, oxymoron, point of view, alliteration, irony, satire, epiphany, stting, dramatic irony, hyperbole, imageries, plot, stanza, rhyme, allusion) Determinism. Man vs Nature Prose: "The Open Boat" Poetry: Watching for Dolphins and In Praise of Creation Learning to writie essays (200-250 words) Writing essays on poetry and prose (around 200- 250 words) Revision literary devices applied to poems and stories read. Sci-Fi characteristics Prose: "There Will Come Soft Rains" Theory of Determinism. Darwin and his theory Poetry: Cetacean. Romantic features in Literature Poetry: Ode on Melancholy and Coming Prose: The Lemon Orchard and Apartheid Essay Writing on poetry and prose from the first and second term (250- 300 words) 3�Trimestre Using context to analyse Literature Introduction to Literature: Poetry and Prose Esquema de Contenidos para el Per�odo de Orientaci�n, evaluaci�n y promoci�n - cierre Diciembre 2019 Comapring and contrasting poetry and prose 1�Trimestre2�Trimestre