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For heidi-with-blue-hair


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For heidi-with-blue-hair

  1. 1. FOR HEIDI WITH BLUE HAIR By Fleur Adcock
  2. 2. IN YOUR POETRY JOURNAL: • Imagine if people had to wear warning labels, the the same as products or places. • What would yours say? • What colour would it be? • What would the icon or image be?
  3. 3. DISCUSSION QUESTION: • Can people really express themselves through their clothing and hair style?
  5. 5. WHAT IS THE POINT OF SCHOOL UNIFORMS? •Is obedience a virtue? • Think-pair-share: What are the benefits of a school uniform? •Is rebellion a virtue?
  6. 6. ON YOUR HANDOUT: •Make a list of the connotations that come to mind from the word punk:
  7. 7. READ THE POEM • Read the poem, ‘For Heidi With Blue Hair’ our loud with a partner switching speakers at each stanza • Answer the comprehension questions
  8. 8. FOR HEIDI WITH BLUE HAIR When you dyed your hair blue (or, at least ultramarine for the clipped sides, with a crest of jet-black spikes on top) you were sent home from school because, as the headmistress put it, although dyed hair was not specifically forbidden, yours was, apart from anything else, not done in the school colours. Tears in the kitchen, telephone-calls to school from your freedom-loving father: ‘She’s not a punk in her behaviour; it’s just a style.’ (You wiped your eyes, also not in a school colour.) ‘She discussed it with me first – we checked the rules.’ ‘And anyway, Dad, it cost twenty-five dollars. Tel them it won’t wash out – not even if I wanted to try. It would have been unfair to mention your mother’s death, but that shimmered behind the arguments. The school had nothing else against you; the teachers twittered and gave in. Next day your black friend had hers done in grey, white and flaxen yellow – the school colours precisely: an act of solidarity, a witty tease. The battle was already won.
  9. 9. POST READING DISCUSSION: What are the main themes in the poem? • death • loss • grief • rebellion • independence • family • obedience • authority • loyalty
  10. 10. LITERARY DEVICES • What literary device(s) did you identify in the poem? • Use the table from your handout to write 3 complete sentences articulating the effects each use of imagery has on the overall poem. • Hint: What do the uses of imagery reveal about Heidi? How do they help the reader develop empathy?
  11. 11. THE POET’S STYLE For Heidi with Blue Hair Individuality versus conformity Friendship and solidarity Relationship between father and daughter Unsympathetic portrayal of school staff Tells a story Uses conversational language/dialogue Underlying sense of grief Conflict over school rule Uses ‘battle’ metaphor to suggest individuality wins over conformity