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Care charmer sleep


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poem analysis

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Care charmer sleep

  1. 1. Care- Charmer Sleep Tin Reynal, Sofia Montoya, Josefina Tasca & Alina Claps by Samuel Daniel
  2. 2. Glossary care – worries/problems; sable – black clothing/colour associated with mourning and funerals; languish – stuck in a weak or feeble position; suffice – be enough; scorn – look down upon someone as despicable or worthless; aggravate – make something worse; in vain – without results/empty; disdain – complete contempt or lack of respect.
  3. 3. Info: Daniel was born in Somerset, England in 1562 and was the son of a music-master. Unusually for a poet, Samuel David doesn’t seem to have led a very interesting life. He came from a respectable family, did well for himself throughout and didn’t end up killing himself, losing out in love or wasting all his money. He was one of the most successful and respected writers in the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I. This poem comes from a sequence of sonnets called Delia where, as usual, a guy is chasing a girl and moping about the fact that she isn’t interested. This was Daniel’s first published work and came out in 1592. It reads like it is following poetic tradition rather than mirroring any great event or pain of the poet’s life.
  4. 4. Themes & Tones Tones: Misery, despair, desolation, anguish and depression. Themes: dark side of love, Unrequited love. Sleep and death are seen as something that end with suffering and troubles.
  5. 5. Literary Devices & Language Techniques The association between Sleep, night and Death is established early on in the poem. The fact that the poet longs for their embrace suggests the deeply dark nature of his mood. Although the poem doesn’t relate his suffering in relation to a death, the link serves to exaggerate his lover’s melancholy into a form of hyperbolic bereavement. This is further achieved with the use of the funereal ‘mourn’ and ‘grief’ in the second and third four- line made up stanzas. I’d also comment on the oxymoronic plea for Sleep and its darkness to ‘restore the light; With dark forgetting’. We have the contrast of the physical darkness and the light mentality that the poetic voice wants restored through a purging of his misery in the emptiness of sleep.
  6. 6. Literary Devices & Language Techniques Returning to the idea of this poem expressing hyperbolic level of despair, he uses imagery of his ‘waking eyes’ being abused and cruelly mistreated as they ‘wail their scorn’, which represents his self-loathing and recognition of his worthlessness as a result of his feelings being unrequited. By the final couplet he now wants to be ’embraced by clouds in vain’, implying sleep void of dreams, but takes this even further to suggest he should ‘never wake’ . The clear implication of a sleep that never ends is that he really wants to be embraced by Death.
  7. 7. Intertextuality “I Dream of You” Christina Rossetti This poem by Rossetti is all around the story of her and her loved one that is broken apart by the war. Rossetti deals with the delicate pain of having suffered loss after being with the one that she loved. What is more grieving is the fact that she considers it all to be a big dream because all her happiness seems to have Been Lost or disappeared.
  8. 8. Essay Question: Explore the ways in which the voice deals with unrequited love. Explore the ways in which the voice wants to escape from the dark side of love.