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Dover beach

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Dover beach

  1. 1. Dover Beach Matthew Arnold
  2. 2. •Summarise the poem in one sentence•What is the tone of the poem?subject & tone
  3. 3. imagery•Annotate images that appeal to thesenses.•How does the sound of the poemcontribute to tone in the firststanza?•How does the atmosphere changein the 2nd stanza?•How does the sound of the secondstanza contribute to this change?
  4. 4. ‘When a house has once been shaken by thegods, no form of ruin is lacking, but itspreads over the bulk of the race, just as,when the surge is driven over the darknessof the deep by the fierce breath of Thraciansea-winds, it rolls up the black sand fromthe depths, and the wind-beaten headlandsthat front the blows of the storm give out amournful roar.’ ANTIGONE: Sophocles
  5. 5. imagery What is the effect of the following phrases: •‘The eternal note of sadness in’ •‘…the turbid ebb and flow of human misery’ •‘I only hear its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar’ •‘…the world which seems to lie before us like a land of dreams.’
  6. 6. What do you think Arnold means bythe phrase: The Sea of FaithIt is generally understood that Arnold isbewailing the lack of certainty in life.He was writing in the nineteenth century.WHAT DO YOU THINK? imagery
  7. 7. imageryConsider the final stanza:•What does Arnold say about the natureof dreams?•Is he realistic or pessimistic?•How does the final image of the poemconvey the message of the poem?
  8. 8. form & feeling•Can you detect a metre or a rhymescheme?•How does this contribute to thefeeling of the poem?•To whom is the poem addressed?•How does the poem communicatethe pain and anxiety of the poet?
  9. 9. comparisons.Make some notes on how this poemcould be compared to other poems inthe anthology.Think about tone, theme and style.