Traditional food from Spain 5


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Spanish omelette

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Traditional food from Spain 5

  1. 1. FIRST PLATE: Spanish omelette
  2. 2. MADE BY Lorena Martínez García Patricia Fuente García Karen Andrea Ángel Tibaquirá
  3. 3. INGREDIENTS: -4 eggs -1/2 kilo of potatoes -Olive oil (a glass, 1/4 of liter) -Salt -1 onion
  4. 4. How to cook it: First of all, peel and cut the onion into slices . Now peel the potatoes and slice them into thin rounds . Next, heat olive oil in the frying pan and, when it´s hot, add the potatoes and onions, then turn the heat right down to its lowest setting, add a generous sprinkling of salt , put a lid on the frying pan and let the onions and potatoes cook gently for 20 minutes, or until tender. Turn them over halfway through and shake the pan from time to time. •
  5. 5. SECOND PLATE: Trout Soup (leonese cuisine)
  6. 6. Ingredients (4 people): - 4 trouts - 3 spoonfulls of paprika - 3 garlics - 1 spoon of flour - 2 bay leaves - A big pepper - A onion - 2 small chillies - 1.5 litres of water - Salt - Bread of the day before
  7. 7. How to cook it : -Put a fire pan with about a quart of water ( for 4 people) and add the onion into wedges and butter to melt or failing a stream of olive oil.When it boils you have to add the trouts cut into three or four slices.When the trout is cooked , you have to crush in the mortar a clove of garlic with salt and add corresponding half teaspoon of paprika.This is added to the broth.In a bowl put the bread into thin slices.The amount of bread has to be about 400 grams. When the trout is cooked we take the pieces and put on top of bread,then pour the broth over.To make the soup taste better we can make a sauce with oil, vinegar and cayenne.
  8. 8. DESSERT: Torrijas
  9. 9. Ingredients: -A loaf of bread -A liter of whole milk -3 tablespoonfuls of sugar -1 stick of cinnamon -3 or 4 eggs -Sunflower oil for frying -Sugar and cinnamon for sprinkling
  10. 10. How to cook it: 1.Firstly cut the bread into slices of one centimetre more or less.Arrange them on a shallow dish that can hold the milk. 2.Put all the milk in a saucepan with the sugar and the cinnamon stick, bring to a boil.Turn off the heat the moment it starts to boil and leave to rest for 5 minutes. 3.Discard the cinnamon, then pour the milk on the bread and let soak for one hour. 4.Beat the eggs in a plate large enough to hold at least one torrija. 5.Heat the oil to medium in a large frying pan . With a large spatula , carefully pass the slices one by one into the beaten egg . Then fry the slices into the hot oil for 3-4 of minutes on each side, until brown. 6.Take out to a dish lined with a paper towel and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon above .