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Alternative Pain Management Techniques that Heal the Pain - Without Addiction.


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Dr. Stuart Weg, Alternative Pain Management Specialist at Patients Medical, gives information about why Cortisone is literally a "dead end" and

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Alternative Pain Management Techniques that Heal the Pain - Without Addiction.

  1. 1. Stuart L. Weg, MDAlternative Pain Management SpecialistPatients Medical
  2. 2.  A holistic medical center Full-service
  3. 3.  Discover health, rediscover vitality Focus on the root cause Integrate modern medicine, holistic practices, and natural supplements
  4. 4.  Our goal  Promote healing and prevent disease
  5. 5. Physicians collaborate to approach each patient holistically.
  6. 6. Result:Gain health and nutritional wisdom that can be applied for years to come.
  7. 7. Founder, Dr. Warren Levinbegan practicing his ground-breaking holistic protocols in 1974.
  8. 8.  Conditions Treated  Chronic Pain  Neurologic Disorders  Arthritis  Chronic Fatigue  Hepatitis C  Herpes  Lyme disease  Chronic Conditions  Those waiting for liver and other organ transplants  Candida  Fibromyalgia
  9. 9.  Staff  Medical Doctors ▪ Internal Medicine ▪ Family Practice ▪ Gynecology ▪ Osteopathy ▪ Oncology ▪ Alternative Pain Management ▪ Pediatrics ▪ Plastic Surgery  Nutrition  Kinesiology  Cranio-Sacral Therapy  Reflexology  Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture  Homeopathy
  10. 10. Integrative Medicine
  11. 11. Introducing our speaker: Stuart L. Weg, MDAlternative Pain Management Specialist
  12. 12.  Internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Residency at Beth Israel Hospital Medical Center with NY Mt. Sinai Medical School Preceptorship in Invasive Pain Management at Texas Tech U 1982 - Began treating chronic pain patients 1993 – Certificate #423 in Pain Management issued on the first examination ever offered 2005 – Recertified in Pain Medicine Holder of various US and foreign patents on pain management innovations and discoveries Conducted frequent lectures and online events with AOL
  13. 13.  Specialties include  Detecting the “root cause” of pain  Using alternative pain protocols to treat, instead of merely covering up the symptom  Oxidative therapies  And many more!
  14. 14.  Chronic Pain versus  Acute pain  Expected pain  Normal pain Conventional or Mainstream approach Alternative approach or paradigm Alternative treatment protocol used at Patients Medical
  15. 15. Traditional, Natural and Homeopathy curesabandoned after the Flexner Report of 1910
  16. 16. Early recognition of infection as a source ofarthritis  Dental and bowel sources suspected  Antibiotics were used and abandoned with the discovery of Cortisone
  17. 17. Surgical and chemical techniques to destroynerves and brain tissue to control pain are still being attempted
  18. 18.  Wider use of local anesthetic injections and blocks for pain Discovery of the steroid drug/hormone Cortisone, hailed as wonder drug for arthritis Treatment of President John F. Kennedy with Cortisone and local anesthetics became today’s Gold Standard
  19. 19. Inflammation reduces blood flow, leading to damage and pain treated with steroids.InjuryInflammation cortisone blocks hereSwellingReduced blood flowTissue asphyxiationNerve damage Chronic Pain
  20. 20. 1. Local anesthetic and steroids for any form of pain2. When that treatment failed, destruction of nerves with surgery, chemicals, microwaves or freezing3. Long term drug (narcotic) maintenance as the FINAL SOLUTION
  21. 21. What is widely accepted now The use of steroid medications is not supported by any long term studies; it provides short term help on occasion only Local anesthesia injections have only benefited a small percentage of patients Destruction of nerve tissue only gives temporary relief at best An increasing number of patients fail and are now maintained on long term narcotic management Insurance companies are aware of the poor prognosis and have been denying payment for these treatments
  22. 22. • Why can’t we control inflammation?• Why don’t steroids help?• Why does inflammation always return?• Why does nerve destruction only give temporary relief?• Why does chronic pain travel and grow?• Why do chronic pain patients need more and stronger pain medications?• Why don’t chronic pain patients just get better?• Why don’t they JUST HEAL instead of getting worse?
  23. 23.  Why are these mainstream treatments useless for so many patients? Could these treatments be preventing healing? Could Steroids be making things worse? Could the need for stronger pain drugs be addiction? Or could that be because the pain is GETTING WORSE!?
  24. 24. There was something missing from thepicture, but I didn’t know what it was.
  25. 25. In 1993 my NJ chronic pain patient went to an alternative doctorin NYC and got treated with intravenous hydrogen peroxide.She had pain relief! I investigated, and asked WHY?How could a 1920 vintage infection treatment for influenzapneumonia make the chronic pain in her bladder go away?The word got around. Soon my whole chronic pain practicewanted this treatment. I treated them.
  26. 26. Here is what happened next:
  27. 27.  57 patients received a total of 503 (mean 9) IV drips of 250mls of .03% H2O2 for non- malignant intractable pain 66% had significant + improvement 86% reduced their pain medication 96% wanted another infusion (Presented at a doctors conference in 1999)
  28. 28. Classic Infection Signs! Cultivable discharges from old surgical scars and elsewhere Fever and chills – Herxheimer Rx (detox) Sinus and pulmonary drainage Purulent urine Overall clinical improvement (Presented at a doctors conference in 1999)
  29. 29. Alternative Doctors treating Chronic Pain with Minocycline Doxycycline and other antibiotics Ozone Ultraviolet Therapy all reported similar clinical patient reactions!
  30. 30. Infection causes achronic inflammationand thereby sustains chronic painful conditions. (Presented at a doctors conference in 1999)
  31. 31. Recognizes that Mainstream/conventional treatments are not effective for many patients Chronic Pain is caused by an injury or lesion that cannot heal usually because of infection in the tissues
  32. 32. InjuryInflammation cortisone blocks (allows infection)SwellingReduced blood flow Infections attack!Tissue asphyxiationNerve damage Chronic Pain
  33. 33.
  34. 34.  Chronic pain is generated by damaged tissue that is not recovering and/or healing Restoring the tissues to health will make them heal and stop hurting Healthy tissue cannot exist in the presence of infections Anything that reduces infection will reduce inflammation, allow healing, treat and eventually eliminate pain The opposite is also true: Favoring infection will increase pain.
  35. 35.  Is my chronic pain that simple? What kinds of germs would do this? Where did they come from? Why didn’t my body get rid of them? Isn’t the inside of my body sterile? How did these germs get into my painful areas? Am I doing something that caused this infection? Why didn’t my antibiotics prevent or clear infections? Are there exceptions to this concept?
  36. 36.  Common germs exist in varied forms  Example: Spores Your body has reservoirs of germs  Where? Teeth, bowel, vagina, prostate These germs can travel through your body  Through blood, lymphatics, meridians Why do these germs stay in inflamed areas?  Because they don’t like oxygen Could my immune system be suppressed or overwhelmed?  Yes and Yes.
  37. 37.  I was given an epidural for back pain. Will that make me worse? My brother had no problems. Are steroids (Cortisone) always a bad idea? How could chronic pain from my herniated disc be from infection? Could smoking make my pain worse? Could pain medication make the infection worse?
  38. 38.  First developed 20 years ago  Continuously refined and expanded  No size fits all
  39. 39. 1. Clear the Body of Infections  Natural and pharmaceutical anti-infectives  Oxidative therapies ▪ Peroxide ▪ Ozone ▪ Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation ▪ Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ▪ Antibiotics and Antifungals ▪ Supplements – Oral and IV
  40. 40. 2. Eliminate Reservoirs Where Infections Hide  Dental Sources: all root canals are a source  Bowel Sources  Sinus Areas  Fungal Locations  Others
  41. 41. 3. Support the Body’s Own Immune System  Avoid suppressing drugs and activities ▪ Stop smoking ▪ Reduce or eliminate pain medications ▪ Stop all anti-inflammatory hormone drugs ▪ Cortisone ▪ DMARDs (Embril) ▪ Improve Lifestyle and Nutrition
  42. 42. 4. Patient Management  Patient education of expectations  Detoxification reactions  Patient-specific clinical protocol navigation  Consultations and education of other required medical consultants  Coping with hostile social environment for healing  Weaning the patient to home self care
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  47. 47. Patients Medical’s Team of Holistic Doctors
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