What’s Your Hand In It? Promoting Hand Hygiene by Hôpital Montfort


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What’s Your Hand In It? is a Dragon’s Den-style competition where healthcare organizations submit their brilliant idea for evidenced-based hand hygiene improvement. We selected five entries who will be invited to pitch their ideas via WebEx to our panel of judges. The pitch to our panel of judges will take place virtually on STOP! Clean Your Hands Day - May 5, 2014. The panel of judges will provide instant feedback on your pitch and the winner will be announced live after all three pitches have been made.

Watch all the hand hygiene idea pitches to our judges: http://bit.ly/10cZ7SZ

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What’s Your Hand In It? Promoting Hand Hygiene by Hôpital Montfort

  1. 1. What’s Your Hand In It? Presented by Brigitte Legare, President, Volunteer Association Marielle Beauchesne, Manager Volunteer Services Josée Shymanski, Manager, Infection Control
  2. 2. Importance of Hand Hygiene • Safety of patients …a high priority at Montfort • Hand hygiene is a simple and effective way to prevent infections • Hand hygiene is a corporate objective and a performance measure
  3. 3. Hospital needs help? Volunteers to the rescue!
  4. 4. Our Volunteers • 320 generous volunteers • Enhance quality of care and healthy working environment • Support the hospital in their numerous initiatives • Training – All received hand hygiene training at orientation session – On-going training
  5. 5. How do Volunteers Contribute? Main Entrances… • Invite visitors to wash hands and wear mask if needed • Ensure that ABHR dispensers are filled and working and that masks are available
  6. 6. Throughout the hospital… • Put up posters promoting hand hygiene • Report on broken or empty ABHR dispensers • Participate in activities promoting hand hygiene How do Volunteers Contribute?
  7. 7. On patient care units… • Volunteers set example by following best hand hygiene practice • Remind patients it’s OK to ask visitors and staff to wash their hands • Encourage patients to wash their hands before and after leaving their room • Facilitate patient access to ABHR How do Volunteers Contribute?
  8. 8. On patient care units… • Volunteers help patients to wash their hands before meals …a service much appreciated! How do Volunteers Contribute?
  9. 9. Impact of Volunteer’s Involvement • Families and Visitors – Better understanding of the importance of hand washing – Improved participation on their part – Improved patient safety • Help fill a gap identified by patients • Support clinical staff Contribute to a safe environment for all!