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Second CE GEC Bhavnagar

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  1. 1. CONTRIBUTOR PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT Guided by : Dr. Chetan Sir & Dr. Himanshu Sir
  2. 2. My Introduction Name:-Darshana Patel Enroll no:-150210107048 Branch:-Computer Engineering
  3. 3. My contributor Name :-Dilipbhai Dave Age:-55 Experince:- 20 year primary teacher
  4. 4. Their Quality of personality is based on Performing work activities well Achieving the goal Being ethical Demonstrating human concern
  5. 5. Contributors vision of success Contributors have a deeper and wider definition of success than non-contributor. But for contributor success means not only external rewards but also deep inner fulfillment.
  6. 6. Static identity Non-contributors usually define themselves in terms of. What they have acquired in life. Years of experince. You trapped in history
  7. 7. Thank you