Patent early-warning


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How much do you know about the patent early-warning? More and more enterprises are paying attention to patent early-warning nowadays; please take minutes to have a look and you'll have a better understanding of it.

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Patent early-warning

  1. 1. Patent Early-warning
  2. 2. Overview>> How much do you know about patent early-warning?
  3. 3. What is Patent Early-Warning?• Pre-empting possible major disputes related to patentinfringements and their consequences by collecting, sorting,analyzing and judging patent information.• Essential for enterprises amidst their daily operations to achieveactive precaution by actively averting patent infringement.• Patent early-warning is not just needed by inventors, labs anduniversities, but also for enterprises and government institutions.
  4. 4. Participants of Patent Early-warning law office; patent agency; industry government enterprise research association institution; etc.
  5. 5. Methods of Patent Early-warning 1. Market monitoring 2. Internal patent business >> existence of corporate >> patent layout patent infringement >> patent training >> monitoring of competitors >> building of corporate >> pass of the patent patent strategy 3. Utilization of 4. Contrast between patent information patents >> building of corporate >> provide patent risk patent database assessment >> search of patent >> provide suggestions for information patent improvement >> patent analysis of R&D >> avert patent disputes projects
  6. 6. Is Patent Early-warning Necessary? 2003 2009 2010 2011 Cisco vs. Huawei Nokia vs. Apple Sony vs. LG Samsung vs. Apple Cisco filed a Nokia sued Sony filed a patent Samsung sued lawsuit against Apple for infringement Apple for patent Huawei for violation of 10 complain against infringement in infringing its patents it held LG Electronics on Seoul, Tokyo and intellectual on several over 10 phones Mannheim. properties. wireless including the technologies. Encore, LG Accolade, Neon, Quantum, etc.
  7. 7. Is Patent Early-warning Necessary?>> Cases of patent infringement are on the rise around the world.>> The disputes related to patent infringement shows a tendency of slowly expanding.>> Disputes regarding intellectual rights tend to be the indispensible theme in this ever-competitive business world nowadays. Patent early-warning has been a necessary “weapon” for enterprises to compete in this knowledge-based society…
  8. 8. Patent Early-warning Mechanism>> Powerful “shield” for modern enterprises
  9. 9. Why Build Patent Early-warning Mechanism? 1. Win the initiative in market competition 2. Brace for challenges in the field of patent technology 3. Avert the occurrence of possible patent disputes or infringement 4. Protect corporate-owned patent rights
  10. 10. Patent Early-warning Mechanism Includes… •Information Collection >>Information on patent application, authorization, disputes, trade, hi-tech, investment, etc. 1 •Data Analysis >>Establish patent index system and provide analysis reports of patent early-warning. 2 •Early-warning Information Publication >>Make enterprises well-informed of the IP protection situation. 3 •Feedback on Patent Early-warning >>Provide follow-up of early-warning information and aid in the the further modifications of patent early-warning suggestion. 4
  11. 11. Case One When Who What Result 1.Polaroid filed a patent 1. Kodak lost over infringement lawsuit against $3 billions! Kodak Kodak on its 1986 & instant camera 2. 10 years of R&D Polaroid patent. and marketing 2. Kodak didn’t efforts of Kodak utilize patent were in vain!! early-warning analysis to avert the dispute.
  12. 12. Case Two When Who What Result Microsoft Microsoft announced the found that signing of a Microsoft definitive WebTV Network & agreement to 1997 Inc. owned WebTV acquire Web Network Inc. 35 core patents Network Inc. for via its patent nearly $425 million early-warning in stock and cash! analysis.
  13. 13. Patent Analysis>> Significant foundation of patent early-warning
  14. 14. Patent Analysis Methods 1. Quantitative Analysis 2. Qualitative Analysis • based on a large number • collect patent literatures of patent information on a large scale • perform scientific • study patent literatures measurements on certain to classify, compare and features covered by patent analyze them literatures • focus on representative, • transform scattered key and typical patent information into systematic literatures, and find out and valued intelligence internal or potential relationship to form an intelligence chain
  15. 15. Patent Analysis Tools Unstructured Structured Mixed Analysis Analysis Analysis • ClearForest • Thomson Data • Aureka • Goldfire Analyzer • PatSnap Innovator • VantagePoint • M-CAM Doors • OminiViz • Quosa • Wisdomain • TEMIS • RefViz • PatAnalyst • STN AnaVist • Vxinsight
  16. 16. Roles of Patent Analysis Market Share R&D Cost and Time Avert Avert Patent Infringement
  17. 17. About IP guide and more patent knowledgeVisit for your weekly dose of Intellectual Property guide for early ventures,written by PatSnap’s patent minutes’ team.Rev up your patent knowledge in just 10 minutes.