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Basic Writing MOOC



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Basic Writing MOOC

  1. 1. Mt. San Jacinto College Crafting an Effective Writer: Location of Slides: Handout: handout Patricia James
  2. 2.  There’s always a story…..
  3. 3.  Great partners! Coursera and Gates  Development time: 8 QUICK months!  Cost: $65,000! $50k from Gates, $15k in- kind  Additional help: 7 peer writing tutors  Total: 14 people in the discussions! (session 1)  Session 2: 5 faculty/staff, 2 peer writing tutors, 10 Community TA’s
  4. 4.  45, 089 enrolled  29, 195 actively participated  11,147 students completed the surveys  10,214 attempted the first quiz  8,091 accessed final week of content  3,774 attempted the final quiz  2,749 earned a certificate of completion • These numbers were from the first class offered May 2013, • numbers are similar for 2nd session offered October 2013
  5. 5. Item N % Partic. % Regist. Standard Course Participation Measures Registered Student 48,174 Participating Students 34,952 73% Completed Course (>80%) 3,753 11% 8% Completed w/Distinction (>95%) 1,101 3% 2% Patterns of Participation Disengaged 29,817 62% Declining 6,919 20% 14% Lurking 5,919 17% 12% Persisting 5,519 16% 11% Information from the second session.
  6. 6.  As a pre-Assessment activity  As a petition for English placement  As a brush-up for students while in writing classes  As a brush-up for students who don’t/can’t enroll in an English class  As a resource for flipped/blended classrooms  To become a better writer
  7. 7. 3% 2% 2% 4% 22% 50% 17% Reason for Enrolling Get a jumpstart on college while I’m still in high school. Prepare to take the community college assessment test (you have not taken it yet). Improve my score on the community college assessment test (you took it and want to improve your score). Number=15, 457 2nd session
  8. 8. 50% 20% 17% 5% 6% 2% Entry Survey Participants by Ed Status Not a student-- goal: to learn and personal growth Not a student- goal: career enhancement Student in BA or university institution CC student High school 2nd session
  9. 9.  166 Countries Represented  70% Students from outside U.S.  33% had never taken an online class, 51% had taken 1-3 online classes  Female 65% Male 32% (some chose not to answer)  Among Californians (927 respondents), the participation rate of community college students was much higher than among the general population of survey respondents (25% in California compared to 5% overall).
  10. 10.  30% between 25 and 34 years old  20% between 18 and 24 years old  18% between 35 and 44 years old  11% were 50 or older  5% were 18 or younger “Learning knows no age”
  11. 11. End of week 1 “pop” video: Week 2 lecture Video: Our farewell video: Approved by Quality Matters (score: 95)
  12. 12. To enroll in the course, please visit ting TedBlake Pat James:

Editor's Notes

  • Before we show you the class, we’d like to share a little information with you.
  • This was the development team (introduce them)
  • we came home from a meeting with the chancellor’s office and the governors officemeeting with an idea that we called “The Perfect Storm.”We were experiencing a state-wide economic crisis that left students waiting at the registration door without enough classes to go around.  Cuts were being made at every college.  At ours, the entry level courses that meet the needs of students needing to remediate into college level courses were cut in favor of the transfer level courses.  Our big concern was what do people who don’t assess into college level classes do now?we sat down with two of our English faculty members and we decided to try to put together an open course designed to help students assess into freshman composition or at least, into the next level down instead of three levels below the transfer level comp course!we was put in touch with Daphne Koller at Coursera through the people at our state chancellor’s office and had a series of conversations with her about “educating the world” and serving students such as ours in the process.  She agreed to have Coursera host our course, if we could build it. We started planning.Within weeks, there was a request for proposals from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that addressed just what we were trying to do, build entry level classes.  We applied and were funded for $50,000 to develop and implement a basic writing MOOC in partnership with Coursera.
  • Say a little about each.
  • But our marketing was poor or non existant!
  • Cant say that these were students, except in this class. Life long learning? Session one had 60% not students elsewhere.
  • In discussions students from 11-75
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