Networking in a 2.0 world


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Networking within your own company is a great way to create valuable connections with people who can help you in your career. Networking outside your company creates relationships among your peers and with experts who can mentor you. Networking has never been easier with the advent of the Internet. Discover how you can network to advance your career, showcase your expertise and meet people you need to succeed.

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Networking in a 2.0 world

  1. 1. Networking in a 2.0 World Patricia Haddock © 2012. Patricia Haddock. All rights reserved. 1
  2. 2. Who I am… Patricia Haddock Author of five business books  Developing as a Professional  Leadership Skills for Women  Office Management  The Time Management Workshop  The Guide to Starting Your Own Business
  3. 3. Objectives Understand the benefits of networking Diversify network activities Make the most of networking
  4. 4. What Is Networking? Establishing mutually beneficial connections with others to help each of you:  Meet professional and personal goals.  Obtain leads and contacts.  Create sounding boards for new ideas.  Share information and best practices.
  5. 5. Are You a Savvy Networker?
  6. 6. Diversify Networking Activities Professional/trade organizations Affinity/social organizations Virtual organizations
  7. 7. Professional and Trade Organizations  Establish your expertise.  Gain access to more senior colleagues.  Create visibility for yourself.  Get acknowledged as a leader in your field.  Make friends and find mentors.  Other:
  8. 8. Make the Most of Professional/TradeOrganizations • Gain visibility • Join • Volunteer • Get involved • Speak your mind • Other
  9. 9. How to Find Professional/TradeOrganizations Google the industry or profession Read business section of newspapers Ask colleagues
  10. 10. Affinity/Social Organizations • Leisure • Social • Cultural • Political • Other
  11. 11. Benefits of Virtual Networks  Stay connected over long distances and across time zones.  Invest less time and commitment.  Connect with more people more often.  Other:
  12. 12. Network on the Web  Blogs  Facebook  MySpace  LinkedIn  Twitter  Pinterist  Other:
  13. 13. Make the Most of Virtual Networks Complete online profiles and showcase your expertise. Build the right connections. Provide regular updates. Join groups. Leave comments. Add links to yourself.
  14. 14. Make the Most of NetworkingOpportunities • Become a resource for others – What and who do you know? – How can you share contacts?
  15. 15. Make the Most of NetworkingOpportunities Regularly meet with people who can share information and best practices.  Who does your job in other areas?  With whom do you interact in other areas?
  16. 16. Network at Every Meeting Arrive 5 – 10 minutes early. Talk to someone you don’t know or don’t know very well. • Exchange contact information with everyone at the meeting. • Follow up with an e-mail or phone call.
  17. 17. Create a Networking Plan Set goals. Attend at least one networking meeting a month. Devote a couple hours a week to virtual networking. Schedule regular contact with people in your network. Other:
  18. 18. Tools for Staying in Touch Participate and volunteer Call people Update profiles Send e-mails Read and contribute to newsletters Use message boards Other
  19. 19. Networking No-Nos Not sharing information or contacts. Sharing too much personal information or company information. Dissing the company. Flaming others. Using profanity or being sexist.
  20. 20. Resources -- Online The Time to Network: http://career- Time-to-Network/home.aspx Toastmasters: Blogs: or LinkedIn: MySpace: Facebook:
  21. 21. Resources -- Print Professional Networking for Dummies by Donna FisherLets Connect!: A Practical Guide for Highly EffectiveProfessional Networking by Jan Vermeiren Networking for Career Success (Mcgraw-Hill Professional Education) by Diane Darling
  22. 22. Patricia HaddockCommunications and Trainingwww.patriciahaddock.cominfo@patriciahaddock.com415-863-3917Training Programs and Coaching for: Action Management and Organization Business Writing Professional Development Interpersonal Relationships