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Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts


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Knowing and Understanding God\'s purpose for you life is essential. Hence understanding your spiritual gifts is a great step in fulfilling God\'s mandate for your life.

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

  1. 1. Discovering YourSpiritual Gifts Seminar “When God Calls, God Equips” Prepared by Pastor Leonardo Rahming
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION1. Most Christians do not understand that God has called them to ministry in the local church and so they conceive of themselves as spectators rather than participants.2. Many church members are actively involved in the ministry of the local church, but who are not functioning in a ministry which corresponds to their spiritual gifts. This leads to boredom, burnout, and eventually drop-out.
  3. 3. BIBLE CHAPTERS ABOUT SPIRITUAL GIFTS• 1 Corinthians chapters 12-14• Romans chapter 12• Ephesians chapter 4• 1 Peter chapter 4
  4. 4. Background of 1 Corinthians• 1 Corinthians was written by the apostle Paul to a church in the city of Corinth• 1 Corinthians was written to address issues within the church.• This church faced a variety of problems. It was a problem church.
  5. 5. “Many of the people were creating anatmosphere of chaos rather thanorder.”•Immorality and Litigation – 5:1-6:20•Marriage – 7:1-40•Meat Offered to idols – 8:1-11:1•Women in Worship – 11:2-16•Lord’s Supper Abused – 11:17-34•Spiritual Gift Problems – 12:1-14:40•Disbelief in the Resurrection – 15:1-58
  6. 6. Strength and Weakness Strength Weakness• Many of the people • The church allowed in the church of itself to be divided Corinth were over its strengths, operating freely in over personalities, the power and gifts over theologies, and of the Holy Spirit over issues it felt particularly important.
  7. 7. The Spiritual Gift Problem1. The Apostle Paul tried to correct the Corinthians who were using the gifts as signs of how spiritual they are because they were able to prophecy, speak in tongues, and perform miracles.2. Every individual seemed to be more concerned about their own personal edification rather than the edification, or the ‘building up,’ of the entire congregation.
  8. 8. Apostle Paul & Spiritual Gifts1 Corinthians chapter 12:1 “Nowconcerning spiritual gifts, brethren, Iwould not have you ignorant.”c.Spiritual fr. Gk. Means – “thingscharacterized or controlled by theSpirit.”d.Gifts – Gk “charisma” (charismatic)root-(charis) means “grace” whichteaches us that they are gifts of grace– “God’s grace.”
  9. 9. Apostle Paul Main Pointsc. “The Gifts are given by God’s grace,not by man’s inherent spirituality.”e. “The Gifts are actually amanifestation of the Spirit, not amanifestation of their own spirituality.”
  10. 10. Ephesians chapter 4:7-8, “But unto everyone of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ. Wherefore he saith, WHEN HE ASCENDED UP ON HIGH, HE LED CAPTIVITY CAPTIVE, AND GAVE GIFTS UNTO MEN.”Gift – stresses virtually the same; it is gift not reward. They are gifts of grace , not merit.a. The emphasis in our text is not on the Holy Spirit, but rather on the Lord Christ.b. It is as a result of our Lord’s victory over death, the grave climaxing in His ascension that spiritual gifts are freely give upon men.
  11. 11. What Is Spiritual Gift?• “It is a • “It is a channel supernatural ability through which God given by God to ministers everyone at the effectively to His moment of his or church.” her salvation according to God’s grace.”
  12. 12. The Purpose of Spiritual Gift• To enable its • To help the possessor to church fulfill its witness. divine mission. • Matthew 28:18-20. • Go ; Teach; Baptize; Teach
  13. 13. Talents vs. Gifts Natural Talents Spiritual Gifts• From God through • From God independent parents of parents• From birth • From rebirth• To benefit mankind on • To benefit mankind on the natural level the spiritual level• Must be recognized, • Must be recognized, developed, exercised. developed, exercised.• Ought to be dedicated by • Ought to be used for believers God’s glory to God for His use and glory.
  14. 14. Natural Talents and Spiritual Giftsb.Natural talents, or natural abilities may bedeveloped through the years, such asplaying a musical instrument.c.Natural talents may be useful orentertaining but they deal primarily with thesurfaces of life.d.A talent can be possessed by anyone,Christian or non-Christian.e.But a spiritual gift is only possessed byChristians.
  15. 15. Spiritual Gifts• Spiritual Gifts are not rewards for a job well done, they are the tools to do the job well.• They are operational tools designed to accomplish assigned tasks for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.• It takes the new birth to energize a person with the Spirit.
  16. 16. Session TwoWhat Kinds of Gifts Have Been Given?
  17. 17. 1 Corinthians 12:4-6“Now there are diversities of gifts, butthe same Spirit.”“And there are differences ofadministrations, but the same Lord.”“And there are diversities of operations,but it is the same God which worketh allin all.”•Contrast in vss. 4-6.•This diversity is by God’s design.
  18. 18. The Unity Of Diversity• One God, one Christ, and one Spirit means God has one will.• Unity is not in being alike nor thinking alike. Unity is in having the same purpose.• God has built unity into His church, but it will only be maintained when there is a diversity of ministry.• Diversity is God’s design to maintain unity in His church.
  19. 19. List of Spiritual Gifts in the BibleRomans 12:4-8 (7) 1 Cor. 12:29-30 (7)• Prophecy • Apostles• Ministry • Prophecy• Teaching • Teaching• Exhortation • Miracles• Giving • Healing• Ruling • Tongues• Showing Mercy • Interpreting tongues
  20. 20. List of Spiritual Gifts1 Cor. 12:8-10 (9) Ephesians 4:11(4)• Word of Wisdom • Apostles• Word of knowledge • Prophets• Faith • Evangelists• Healing • Pastors• Miracles• Prophecy• Discerning of spirits• Kinds of tongues• Interpreting tongues
  21. 21. List of Spiritual GiftsThis is not a completed 1 Corinthians 12:28list. (8) • ApostlesThere are other spiritual • Prophetsgifts not named in the • TeachersNew Testament: e.g. • Miracles • HealingHospitality, Preaching,Prayer, Music and • HelpingCounseling, etc. • Governing • Diverse Tongues
  22. 22. Knowing Your Gifts1. Support Gifts2. Teaching Gifts3. Leadership & Administrative Gifts4. Outreach Gifts5. Specific Gifts “Power”
  23. 23. Session Three
  24. 24. SUPPORT GIFTS• The Holy Spirit has placed a number of spiritual gifts in the church that are unspectacular and quiet.• Members with these gifts are those who do the everyday work of the church.• They are often unseen heroes who receive little or no recognition for the vital part they play.
  25. 25. Gift of Service (Helps)• This gift enables a believer to work gladly behind the scenes in order that God’s work is fulfilled.• Persons with this gift usually have unselfish natures and like to do small things, even menial tasks, with no thought of receiving credit.• Would rather do a job than find someone else to do it.• They enjoy relationships more than recognition.• Mark 15:40-41; Acts 9:36; Romans 16:1-2; 1 Corinthians 12:28).
  26. 26. Gift of GivingPeople with this gift do not ask, “How muchmoney do I need to give to God?” but “How much money do I need to live on?”• Manage their finances and limit their lifestyle in order to give as much of their resources as possible.• Support the work of ministry with sacrificial gifts to advance the Kingdom.• Meet tangible needs that enable spiritual growth to occur.• Provide resources, generously and cheerfully, trusting God for His provision.
  27. 27. Gift of Mercy/Compassion People with this gift feel exceptionalempathy and compassion for those who are suffering (physically, mentally, or emotionally).• Tears come easily when they see or hear things that sadden them.• They express love, grace, and dignity to those facing hardships and crisis.• They want to help out and help people in misery.• People in need like to have them around, because they cheer them up.• They are not easily repulsed by the sight of miserable people but usually think, “How can I help?”• Luke 7:12-15; 10:30-37; Matthew 25:34-36
  28. 28. Gift of Exhortation This gift helps others reach their full potential bymeans of encouraging, challenging, comforting, and guiding.• People with this gift challenge or confront others to trust and hope in the promises of God.• People take their counsel and advice seriously because they feel helped.• People like to be around them because they urge others to action by applying Biblical truth.• They enjoy sharing their personal testimony with people because they know God will use it to encourage and help others.• People with this gift truly help strengthen weak, faltering, and fainthearted Christians.• John 14:1; II Timothy 1:16-18; III John 5-8
  29. 29. Gift of Encouragement• God gives some this gift to offer comforting words of hope and reassurance to discouraged, weak, or troubled Christians in such a way that they are consoled.• People with this gift emphasize God’s promises and confidence in His will.• Rom 12:6-8; Titus 1:9; Acts 11:23-24; I Thess. 2:11-12
  30. 30. Gift of Hospitality• People with this gift provide an open home and warm welcome to those in need of food, lodging, and fellowship.• They love to entertain and create a safe and comfortable setting where relationships can develop.• They meet new people and help them feel welcome.• People with this gift ought to make up the core of greeters or receptionists at the door of the church on Sabbath morning• Romans 12:13; 16:23a; Luke 10:38
  31. 31. Gift of Craftsmanship/Artist• Make things which increase the effectiveness of other’s ministries.• Design and build tangible items and resources for ministry use.• Work with different kinds of tools and are skilled with their hands.• Develop and use artistic skills such as drama, writing, art, music, etc.• Use variety and creativity to captivate people and cause them to consider Christ’s message.• (Exodus 30:22-25; Exodus 31:3-11; 2 Chronicles 34:9-13; Acts 18:2-3).
  32. 32. SUPPORT GIFTS1. Service (Helps)2. Giving3. Mercy/Compassion4. Exhortation5. Encouragement6. Hospitality7. Craftsman / Artist
  33. 33. Session Four
  34. 34. TEACHING GIFTS• The spiritual gifts that fall under the category of teaching are profoundly valuable in the life of the church.• They are also some of the most underutilized.• The gifts of wisdom, knowledge, pastoring or shepherding are related to the specific spiritual gift of teaching.
  35. 35. Gift of TeachingI Cor. 12:28; Matt. 5:1-12; Acts 18:24-48• People will constantly understand truth as a result of their teaching.• The Teacher will have an intense desire to understand truth and will excel in the ability to explain it to others.• People with this gift are not satisfied with unclear or obscure meanings. They will work at it until the truth is clear and easily understood.• People progress in knowledge and understanding as a result of the work of these gifted teachers.
  36. 36. Gift of Knowledge• The gift that drives a person to learn, analyze and uncover new insights with regard to the Bible and Faith.• Some people have been given the ability to dig deep and accumulate a reservoir of knowledge about the Scriptures and the way of salvation that is invaluable to the work of the church.• The gifts of teaching and knowledge are combined so that the recipient becomes a scholar-teacher.• I Cor. 12:8; I Cor. 14:6; Romans 12:2
  37. 37. Gift of Knowledge• These people know • They know how to how to connect use Bible bits and pieces of dictionaries, information so that encyclopedias, they make a logical commentaries, and whole. handbooks.• They read • They know how to extensively. accurate exegete a biblical passage and dig out its historical backgrounds etc.
  38. 38. Gift of Wisdom• The gift that allows the believers to sort through opinions, facts and thoughts in order to determine what solution would be best for the individual believer or the community of believers• The ability to apply spiritual truth to a specific issue in a specifically relevant fashion, and to make proper choices in difficult situations, based on listening and sufficient information.• (Acts 6:3,10; 1 Corinthians 2:1-13; 12:8; James 1:5; 2 Peter 3:15).
  39. 39. Gift of Pastoring or Shepherding• The ability to assume a long-term personal responsibility for the spiritual welfare of a group of Believers with love, care, discipleship, and counseling, moving them to a deeper spiritual connection and maturity with Christ.• Those with this gift open doors, prepare the way, provide materials, and prepare minds to receive the teaching of the church.• John 10:1-18; Ephesians 4:11-14; 1 Timothy 3:1-7; 1 Peter 5:1-3).
  40. 40. There is a distinction between the office ofpastor and the gift of pastor.• The office of pastor is a position held by aperson who may have spiritual gifts otherthan that of pastoring.•The gift of pastoring is personal care formembers of the church and others serves asa catalysts for a teaching ministry.• The gift of pastoring is almost alwayscombined with other spiritual gifts such asevangelism, teaching etc.
  41. 41. TEACHING GIFTS1. Teaching2. Knowledge3. Wisdom4. Pastoring or Shepherding
  42. 42. Session Five
  43. 43. Leadership and Administrative Gifts• Leadership and administrative gifts are those that deal with the overall management and supervision of the church . A person with one or more of these gifts will be in the forefront of church administration and activity.
  44. 44. Gift of Leadership• This gift gives a believer the confidence to step forward, give direction and provide motivation to fulfill a dream or complete a task.• This gift involves inspiring people with a vision of what can be done – and setting the objectives and goals necessary to fulfill that vision.• Leadership implies responsibility, a high degree of discipleship, and emotional stability. A leader’s stress level can be very high at times. John 21:15-17; II Tim.4:1-5
  45. 45. The Gift of FaithThis kind of Gift gives a believer the eyes tosee the Spirit at work and the ability to trust the Spirit’s leading without indication of where it all might lead.• People with this gift looks to the future rather than the past.• See what God will do, even when it seems impossible.• They are the inventors and promoters of plans, programs, and projects.• They take risks to accomplish things for the Kingdom of God, but they also use common sense and rational judgment
  46. 46. Gift of Administration I Cor. 12:28; Acts 14:23• Have the abilities to organize things.• Think in terms of helping others reach goals.• Have a concern for the good of the entire group when in charge of group.• Don’t mind managing or carrying out the details involved in initial planning done by others.• They are planners and goal setters.• They are the ones who can organize a program or project and make it work.• Leaders set the vision and inspire people to attain it. Administrators organize things so the vision can be attained.
  47. 47. Gift of Apostleship Matt. 10:1-8; 1 Cor. 12:28-31; Acts 2:42-44• A strong sense of a call by God for establishing new work.• A forceful personality that trusts God to do what is necessary in unusual situations in order to establish authority for God’s work.• A person who can sense what God wants to do and is not afraid to try.
  48. 48. Leadership & Administrative Gifts1. Leadership2. Faith3. Administration4. Apostleship
  49. 49. Session Six
  50. 50. Outreach Gifts• A number of spiritual gifts fall under the classification of outreach gifts.• They apply directly to the winning of converts.• These gifts are often high-profile, and the people who have them tend to function in highly visible roles.
  51. 51. Gift of Evangelism• The ability to speak before large groups of people and converse easily with strangers and people of short acquaintance.• The ability to persuade or influence people to accept the Lord.• An intense spirit of unease at the thought of all the unsaved people in the world.• The ability to insert spiritual truths into normal conversation with unsaved people and the ability to sense the timing.• Unsaved people with whom you come in contact often end up making commitments to the Lord.
  52. 52. Gift of Evangelism• One of the difficulties we Seventh- day Adventists have with the gift of evangelism is our use of the word ‘evangelism’ itself. To a Seventh-day Adventist, evangelism almost inevitably means ‘public meetings.’• But there are, however, many kinds of evangelism.
  53. 53. Gift of Evangelism• Prayer Evangelism • Low – Key• Friendship Evangelism• Confrontation Evangelism • High – Key• Teaching Evangelism• Public Evangelism • Decision• Follow-up Evangelism
  54. 54. Gift of Evangelism• If only 10% of a congregation have the gift of evangelism, what do the other 90% do?• Are they then free of soul-winning responsibility?
  55. 55. Gift of Evangelism• Not at all!• Not all Christians are evangelists, but all Christians are witnesses.• Witnessing is a skill all Christians must acquire. Anyone can tell what the Lord has done for him or her.
  56. 56. Gift of Tongues1 Cor. 12:7-11, 28-31; Acts 2:1-12; 10:44-46; Rom 8:26-27 • This gift is more than translation from one language to another. • It is the ability to pass on a divinely inspired message in the dialect so that people understand and get the point of the message. • It is closer to a functional equivalent of the gift of prophecy. • The person with this gift may receive a spontaneous message from God which is made known to the church through the gift of interpretation. • When this gift is used in the church, an interpretation must take place, or else the one speaking the tongue should remain silent.
  57. 57. The Gift of Discernment This is not a common gift and must be used judiciously. It also takes courage, and many people who have it are fearful of using it, because the consequences can be turbulent.Some characteristics of those who have this gift are:• A keen ability to recognize inconsistencies.• The tendency to spot what is wrong with an idea or teaching and to suggest how to fix it.• A deep conviction not easily put to rest when those with the gift know that people are being given half-truths, misapplied truth, or false teachings – and are being asked to act on these teachings. John 16:6-15; Rom. 9:1; 1 Cor. 2:9-16
  58. 58. The Missionary GiftNot everyone can work in a second culture, nor called to do so• This gift refers to the ability to work cross-culturally.• People with this gift serve outside their country of origin.• Paul is an example of someone with this gift. Rom 1:5; Rom 15:16; Gal 2:7-8; 1 Tim 2:7
  59. 59. The Gift of Music Music – Vocal Music - Instrumental• The gift that gives a • The gift that inspires believer the a believer to express capability and personal faith and opportunity to provide inspiration present personal and comfort through witness and the playing of a inspiration to others musical instrument. through singing. Psalm 33:1-5; 150; 1 Psalm 96:1-9; Samuel 16:14-23 100:1-2; 149:1-2
  60. 60. The Gift of Writing• The gift that gives a believer the ability to express truth in a written form.• A form that can edify, instruct and strengthen the community of believers• 1 John 2:1-6, 12-14; I Timothy 3:14-15
  61. 61. Outreach Gifts1. Evangelism2. Tongues3. Discernment4. Missionary5. Music6. Writing
  62. 62. Session Seven
  63. 63. Specific Gifts “Power”• Power and Sign Gifts: These gifts are often sensational and highly publicized that it frighten people, especially in the scientifically oriented Western world.• These gifts come into play when it is necessary to convince someone that the God of heaven is superior to any other proposed god, or to the powers of evil and to give specific instruction to God’s people.• They are evidences to unbelievers and skeptical believers that God is indeed working in a certain circumstance or occasion.• 1 Kings 18; Acts 13: 6-12; Daniel 4:2-3
  64. 64. Gift of Miracles• People with this gift perform acts of supernatural power that are recognized by others to have altered the ordinary course of nature and bring power to the ministry and message of Jesus Christ.• Eg. Children born to barren parents; a huge fish swallows a reluctant prophet; the blind see; people with incurable disease are healed and even the dead live again.• These miracles are to awaken and strengthen faith in God.
  65. 65. Gift of Healing• This gift usually comes as a direct answer to prayer.• This gift does not give a person supernatural power over diseases.• It doesn’t make doctors and nurses obsolete, nor are healings always permanent.• The gift of healing is simply instruments in God’s hands to be used in the time and place He sees fit.• People pray, touch, or speak words that miraculously bring healing to someone.
  66. 66. Gift of Prophecy• People with this gift receives and communicates an immediate message from God to His people through a divinely appointed utterance.• The primary problem with this gift is the matter of authority.• No prophetic utterance can supersede the authority of the Bible.• Therefore, any prophetic utterance must first be tested by the Word of God.• 1 Thess. 5:19-21
  67. 67. Gift of Intercession• This special ability that God gives to certain members of the body of Christ to pray for extended periods of time on a regular basis and see frequent answers to their prayers to a degree much greater than that expected of the average Christian.• Intercessory prayer is a type of prayer focused on a particular issue.• It is one of the most powerful gifts a church can have.• This gift transforms ministries and growth in the church.• Experience demonstrates that every church has someone with this gift. James 5:14-16; 1 Tim. 2:1-2; Col. 4:12-13
  68. 68. Gift of Martyrdom• This special gift God gives to some members of the body to undergo suffering for the faith, even to death, while consistently displaying a joyous and victorious attitude that brings glory to God.• These people face death for the cause of God with a unique attitude.• They go down singing, praising God, and giving highly visible testimony to their dedication.
  69. 69. Voluntary Poverty 1 Cor. 13:1-3; 8:9; Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-35• This special gift God gives to some members of the body to renounce material comfort and luxury and adopt a personal lifestyle equivalent to those living at the poverty level in a given society, in order to serve God more effectively.• This is a sign to believers that the Lord is truly working through these disciples.• Mother Teresa is a modern day example.
  70. 70. Gift of CelibacyThis gift of celibacy is not the same as being single• This spiritual gift given to some members of the body of Christ to remain single without regret and enjoy it.• This gift gives you the ability to maintain control over sexual impulses so as to serve the Lord without distraction.• A person with this gift consciously decides to remain single in order to dedicate time and energy to the Lord’s work that might otherwise go into family affairs. 1 Cor. 7:1-9; 7:32-35; Matt. 19:10-12
  71. 71. Specific Gifts1. Power2. Miracles3. Healing4. Prophecy5. Intercession6. Martyrdom7. Poverty8. Celibacy
  72. 72. Session Eight Workshop