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Harvey Burnett Endorses Dan Sullivan For Peoria Township Supv.


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My campaign for Peoria Township Supervisor may have ended, but I was able to find a candidate to endorse in my stead. The Burnett New VISION New DAY Campaign endorses Dan Sullivan for Peoria Township Supervisor.

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  • I am more than happy to endorse Dan or this position. His vision for this office is compatible with the vision I set forth (VISION 5/90) which was totally unique in this race. Dan will reform the office and bring about needed change in the way it operates and how it is positioned within the community. No other remaining candidate comes close, nor is willing to serve the public and fellow citizens the way is prepared to do so. Please join me and my family as we vote SULLIVAN for Peoria Township Supervisor. I am confident that we will not be sorry. Thank you.
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Harvey Burnett Endorses Dan Sullivan For Peoria Township Supv.

  1. 1. March 2017 Dear Fellow Peorians, I was one of the Democratic candidates for Peoria Township Supervisor in this election. As such, I appeared numerous times with the other candidates at candidate forums and debates. I got to know each of them well. With that insight and with a good conscience, I am compelled to step forward, cross the aisle and enthusiastically endorse Dan Sullivan for Peoria Township Supervisor. Yes, I am a lifelong Democrat and Dan Sullivan is the Republican nominee, but Dan is hands down the best candidate for the job and that’s who we should support. This election is about doing the right thing by both people in need who rely on the Township Supervisor’s office, and to the taxpayers by spending their money honestly and efficiently. At our candidate forums and debates before the recent primary election, it happened that Dan often went first and let me tell you—I know many of the other candidates were happy with that because it was Dan who had the answers and the firmest grasp on what the office of Township Supervisor does and how it can best go forward. While Dan was speaking at the candidate forums, I often had the feeling it was a tutoring lesson for the other candidates who seemed to learn much of what they know about the office from Dan Sullivan. Time and again, I was mightily impressed with Dan’s comprehensive understanding of the office and his passion to serve in ways that serve people who happen to be going through a valley in life, and at the same time give taxpayers the best value for their tax dollars. Frank Abdnour and Dan Sullivan are both good people. Dan Sullivan just happens to tower over Frank in qualifications for this particular job. We the people deserve no less than the very best candidate to serve us. In this time of tight budgets and an uncertain local economy we cannot afford on-the-job training for someone with little understanding of the office, and someone who didn’t seem to even know what the office did before he became a candidate. One important thing I’ve learned about Dan Sullivan is that his family faced tough times while he was a child. His parent’s home was foreclosed upon because his dad’s business failed. Soon after things got worse when his dad had a heart attack and his mother, who was a telephone operator, was the sole breadwinner for a couple years. PASTOR HARVEY BURNETT FORMER DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR PEORIA TOWNSHIP SUPERVISOR
  2. 2. Dan remembers going to food pantries and the Christmas food baskets his family received. Thankfully, his dad got back on his feet went back to school and was successful again but it was a trying few years in the middle of Dan’s childhood. That is what I mean when I say Dan Sullivan understands people who are going through a valley in life. That empathy is one more key reason Dan will excel as our next Peoria Township Supervisor of General Assistance. Dan’s admirable integrity is readily apparent to all who get to know him. I know Dan means it when he says he absolutely will “provide an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” That is so important because whomever is elected to this position is their own boss in between elections. Technically they can come and go as they please. But it would be plain wrong to take the job and hire others to do all the work while collecting the big check. One of the current employees will be leaving on April 30. Dan Sullivan has pledged not to replace that employee and save the taxpayers that salary. Do you know why he can make that pledge? Because Dan himself is deeply experienced as Peoria’s Deputy City Clerk and Dan knows he intends to work himself at least 8 hours a day and can do many of the things that employee was doing. How can we taxpayers and people who care about helping people in need, not avail ourselves of such an outstanding candidate for this particular job? Political party affiliation should not mean blindly supporting a nominee who is less qualified than his or her opponent. Knowing what I know about both candidates in this election I just cannot sit back and keep quiet. Instead I am calling on my fellow Democrats to cross over and vote for Dan Sullivan for Peoria Township Supervisor and asking all other voters to vote for Dan Sullivan as well. On the merits, Dan Sullivan is simply the best candidate in this election. Respectfully, Harvey Burnett Former Democratic Candidate for Peoria Township Supervisor and supporter of Dan Sullivan P.S. The election is Tuesday, April 4. Please join me in voting for Dan Sullivan for Supervisor. Paid for by Friends to Elect Dan Sullivan