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  1. 1. RICHARD P. 912-649-7503Block 14 Okra Street Tumana Marikina CityWORK EXPERIENCE • Production Coordinator (April 16, 2010 – September 18, 2010) RS Concepts Incorporated – (Non Traditional Media Ads) 1806B East Tower PSE Center, Exchange Road Ortigas Center Pasig City RS Concepts is provider of Non-Traditional advertising media. The company expertise is in providing creative solutions for the clients to reach their specific target market through the use of innovative advertising media. Products: o Booths o Kiosks o Gondolas o Media Prints (using Tarpaulins) Job Scope, Specification and Description a. Production: 1. Production Coordinator in manufacturing the company’s products. 2. The function: Planning and Scheduling. Materials and design estimate, including labor cost. Improved the production process in terms of quality and leadtime. 3. Bridge to the Design and Estimate Department. 4. Coordinate and suggest what materials to be used. Study each projects materials and labor cost. 5. During Managers meeting - reporting the production update and status. b. Miscellaneous: 1. Check the quantity of finished products. 2. Performs TMS for each project. 3. Directly reporting to the Owner, report and discussed strategies to improved the fast production, since the most of the project are rush.
  2. 2. RICHARD P. 912-649-7503Block 14 Okra Street Tumana Marikina City • Production Coordinator (Wallet) (April 21, 2010 – March 31, 2010) Perfidia Industries Incorporated, McJim Leather 47 3rd Street, New Manila Quezon City Job Scope, Specification and Description c. Production: 1. Production Coordinator in wallet serves as head of Wallet Department. 2. The function: Planning and Scheduling the monthly target of the Wallet Production. Review and replaces old processes to improved the production and lead to the main objective, hitting the target output every month. 3. Produces and Monitoring of Production reports; - Checking if Production Schedule target meets. - Production Raw material usage vs. warehouse inventory report - Production rejects – causes and solutions. 4. Monthly Production report accomplishment, submission and discussion with the Consultant and Bigboss; 5. Responsible for the computation of Commission/Salary of each of the wallet personnel. Evaluate the personnel’s performance and decide whether to replace them or not. 6. Directly reporting to the Bigboss of the company. (I started to Mcjim with their sales performance as -35% due to low production output and I’m leaving with +25% growth! Plus I make it sure that SM and non-SM store are on enough stock with buffer.) 7. Responsible for the negotiation to our Leather supplier upon the way/step by step delivery to avoid zero balance in our warehouse. 8. Responsible for the arrangement on Sub-Contractor Projects. d. Miscellaneous: 1. Coordinates and make plans with the Marketing product head (Local/Export) for the demand on the monthly basis to be our production target. 2. Brainstorm for the newest trend of wallet designs and make sample of it for our bigboss approval. e. Administrative: 1. Recruited, hired, trained and supervised more than 50 employees in production department and warehouse department. 2. Salary Computation for my Regular and Agency employees. 3. Evaluate achievements every month and recommend necessary actions for continuous improvement for the agency employees.
  3. 3. RICHARD P. 912-649-7503Block 14 Okra Street Tumana Marikina City • Production and Project Management Group Department Head (July 5, 2007 – March 31, 2009) Suncrest Foods Incorporated, SFI (REBISCO GROUP OF FOOD COMPANY) 270 Hulo St. Bignay Valenzuela City Philippines Job Scope, Specification and Description f. Production: 1. Serves as Manufacturing’s link to Marketing and Sales Department of REBISCO for concerns regarding existing and new products. 2. Converts Marketing Forecasts into workable Production Schedules, complete with man count requirement, production hours, and expected finished goods output. 3. Monitoring of Production reports with Plant Manager; - Checking if Production Schedule target meets. - Production material usage vs. warehouse inventory report - Production rejects – causes and solutions. 4. Weekly/Monthly Production report accomplishment, submission and discussion with the Operations Manager; - Finished Goods inventory and control - Meeting production schedule and targets (Man/Machine/Output) g. Project: 1. Verifies and screens all submitted project proposals. 2. Create time plans, resource requirements and budget for all screened, approved projects, (Sched/Man/Materials/Consumables) 3. Monitor project progress up to completion which also includes meeting target dates and project budgets. h. Miscellaneous: 1. Assists SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT in process and method development and improvement especially with regards to production. 2. Predicts and projects future resource requirements based on forecasts which includes Space/Facility planning, machine and manpower requirements. i. Administrative: 1. Maintains Staff effectiveness and efficiency through evaluation of annual performance and individual development plan. 2. Plans overall operational targets, budget and projects for the whole year. 3. Implement and monitor operational targets and projects to all department members. (officers and workers) 4. Evaluate achievements every month and recommend necessary actions for continuous improvement.
  4. 4. RICHARD P. 912-649-7503Block 14 Okra Street Tumana Marikina City • Management Trainee (July 26, 2005 – July 5, 2007) Suncrest Foods Incorporated, SFI (RGFC) 270 Hulo St. Bignay Valenzuela City Philippines Job Scope, Specification and Description a. Production Trainee - Forecasting. - Planning, scheduling and forecasting of what to happen in the production. Material to use and update of stock balance in Warehouse – Raw materials, Packaging and Finished Goods. - Knowing the concept of manufacturing set-up - Machine usage and capacities. - Manpower set-up b. Project and Planning Management Group - Responsible in checking and monitoring whether the production is ready for production. - Provide the update and latest schedule and plans for the production to operate. - Conduct weekly Logistics meeting to ensure and give solutions to the materials and other issues such as project, new product launching and problems that will hinder the production - Company’s bridge through our other companies for product, machine, raw materials clarification/verification. - Managing Export request, Requisition Slip and other transaction regarding of the withdrawal of the Finish Products. • Desktop/Equipment Operator (January 2005 – July 20, 2005) Floro Blue Printing (Makati) Incorporated Malugay St. Corner Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City PhilippinesJob Specification: - Operates and repair the following machines: Xerox Big Plastic laminator Blue Print Colored Plan lay-out Print Risograph CAD Operator (* Occasional) - Accept/Issuance of Delivery Receipts, including organizing post dated checks from our clients. - Computer Troubleshooting (E.g. LAN/Internet connection etc.) - Managing cash out/in.
  5. 5. RICHARD P. 912-649-7503Block 14 Okra Street Tumana Marikina City • Property Manager Staff (January 30, 2003 – December 30, 2004) Extraordinary Development Corporation (EDC) 6th Floor Westar Building 611 Shaw Boulevard Pasig City PhilippinesJob Description: Responsible for the evaluation, validation and double checking of encoded data andaccount of the company’s housing loan projects. Update clients’ current account via HDMF orBank Financing to provide most updated records on clients’ monthly amortization and otherpayments when they seek for it.Job Specification: - Loan Computation Validation and Balancing. Data comes from HDMF and the current payment of the client to the company will be verified and updated in the database of the company. Upon validation, data must be observed correctively to avoid dissatisfied clients. Breakdown of payments such as past due, mortgage and other payment should be precise. - Bank Financing or In house Financing. Accounting computation and approach; though formula is already programmed, thorough analysis is still required, PM Staff will decide whether to include and or exclude the discounts, special discounts, move-in fees, past dues and many more. - Client Information Validation. Encodes the clients personal profiles, verifies if that character exists or not. - Buyers Request Section. Customer Service, hear all problems in payments, move-in for occupancy, transfer of loans, transfer of location and other demands of our clients. - Desktop Maintenance and Monitoring. Fixes basic computer troubles and connections; via local area network and or internet connections. • Automotive Mechanics (January 1995 – July 1995) Nissan Motor Philippines Incorporated (NMPI) Sta. Rosa Laguna PhilippinesJob Description: Assemble body parts of vehicles. Install some accessories such as; fenders, bumpers,hood and mudguards.Job Specification: - As Paint Shop Section member. Manipulates the proper flow of car frame, sealing the leakage and installing its accessories. - As Accessories Section Assignee. Double check the proper wiring connections, and clearances of the vehicles door and hood.
  6. 6. RICHARD P. 912-649-7503Block 14 Okra Street Tumana Marikina CityFIELD OF EXPERTISE • ERIC (Enterprise Resources Information and Control) operation, application and usage to manufacturing. • Basic Computer Troubleshooting/Maintenance E.g. LAN Network, Software installations and hardware connections. • Programming Languages E.g. Turbo C/C++, Pascal Ver. 7, Assembly • Filemaker Ver 6 Application; Internet Surfing/Research • MS Office Applications E.g. MS word Mail Merge, MS Excel Programming, and MS Power Point slide show presentation and Visio primary applications • Red Hat Linux and Windows NT/2000 Basic Applications • Software Installation, (All Types)SEMINAR ATTENDED • Advance Supervisory Training Rebisco Training Center – March 24 & 25, 2007 • Culture Transformation Through Values Advocacy Rebisco Training Center – May 17 & 18, 2006 • Supervisory Skills Training Rebisco Training Center – July 21 & 22, 2006 • Effective Oral Communication Rebisco Training Center – August 11 & 12, 2006 • Pacific Rim Leadership Training Century Park Hotel – 2003 • Computer Network Thru LAN Technological Institute of the Philippines – 2002 • Computer Troubleshooting Technological Institute of the Philippines – 2002 • Unix and Linux Basic Application as a server Technological Institute of the Philippines – 2001EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BS CoE) – Graduate Technological Institute of the Philippines (1996 – 2002) 938 Aurora Boulevard Cubao Quezon City • Automotive Mechanic/Ref & Aircon/Electronic Technology
  7. 7. RICHARD P. 912-649-7503Block 14 Okra Street Tumana Marikina City The Sisters of Mary Vocational School (1991 – 1995) Bo. Biga Silang Cavite PhilippinesSPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT • Game KnB? Grand Winner o of worth Php1,150,000.00 – Episode June 4, 5, 6 2005 (Hosted by: Ms. Kris Aquino @ ABS-CBN Ch2)PERSONAL PROFILE Nickname: RB Mobile: (63) 918 804 0510 Religion: Christian Civil Status: Married Birthday: 5th of MarchCHARACTER REFERENCES 1. Mr. Oliver la Peña (Teacher/Preacher – Libis Quezon City) (63) 918-532-1466 Brgy. Krus na Ligas, Diliman Quezon City 2. Engr. Benjie Arguelles (Project Engineer – Sykes Asia) (63) 920-914-3492 Felix St. Taytay Rizal 3. Engr. Arnel C. Peñano (Sales Engineer – Quezon City) (63) 923-901-3495 St. Claire III Subdivision, Concepcion Marikina City 4. Ms. Rowena S. Retardo (63) 919-283-9259 Alecon Subd. Kabatuhan, Caloocan City 5. Engr. Reymon Lumabas (Technical Support Engineer – ABS-CBN Interactive) (63) 929-289-4651 Malolos, Bulacan