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From Pumpkin Carving to Apple Picking -


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From Pumpkin Carving to Apple Picking -

  1. 1. From Pumpkin-Carving to Apple-Picking Fall Fun on a Budget: Tips from Passport to Fun
  2. 2. Fall Fun  After a few weeks of fall, the summer is forgotten, and everyone looks forward to having some real fun in the autumn season  And not everyone can afford to plan a lavish trip to Paris  Here are some great fall fun tips that Passport to Fun has put together  Tips that won’t burn a hole in your pocket this season
  3. 3. Passport to Fun’s Tips to Have Fun in the Fall
  4. 4. Apple Orchards  Apple-picking is a fun activity for the entire family  Picking the sumptuous, juicy fruits on your own and biting into them instantaneously (if you like) can be exciting  Taking them home and baking a warm apple pie can be gratifying as well  There are also other interesting things to do on apple-picking farms, including hayrides, animal feeding, and more  And you get to socialize with other families as well
  5. 5. Pumpkin Patches  Fall and pumpkin patches go hand-in-hand  Halloween is just around the corner, and the joy of creating pumpkin lamps and masks multiplies  Find a nice orange pumpkin, and carve your very own jack-o’-lantern to display on Halloween
  6. 6. Leafy Fun  Autumn is called “fall” for a reason  You can see leaves all over the place, especially in parks that have many trees  Many parks pile these leaves and leave them in a nice pile  Jumping on these leaves is a lot of fun and can beat any ride or swing that may exist in the park  Adult supervision, however, is necessary to ensure that the kids are safe  Various insects can hide in these leaves and cause bites
  7. 7. Leafy Fun Activity  Since there are so many leaves lying around, collecting them and taking them home for some activity is a good idea  You can paint the leaves and make a collage out of them  If your child is older, you can help in finding the scientific names of each leaf and label it
  8. 8. Fairs  Autumn fairs are fun to attend, even if you just walk along with a beverage in hand and look at the goods on sale  You don’t have to purchase anything if you don’t want to  Kids rides, craft offerings, and various new food cuisines add to the fun  Parents can relax and socialize as the kids have fun on the rides and in the stalls
  9. 9. Fill Your Autumn with Fun Activities …..with Passport to Fun’s tips that allow you to do so without burning a hole in your pocket!