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Avon Business Opportunity Presentation


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You can choose how you make money. Let Avon help you achieve your financial goals.

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Avon Business Opportunity Presentation

  1. 1. Passetta Phinn AVON Unit Leader & Independent Sales Rep. Cordially invites you to…
  2. 2. Be YOUR Best with the BEST AV O N
  3. 3. Imagine Your Future
  4. 4. Build Your Business Your Schedule Your Way Passetta Phinn- 876-521-8194
  5. 5. Set Your Goals Your Kids’ Education Your Financial Freedom
  6. 6. Improve Your Confidence Your Style Your Outlook
  7. 7. Help Your Family Your Extra Income Your Extra Time
  8. 8. Lead Your Life Your Life in Balance Your Dreams Realized Part time or full time – the choice is yours!
  9. 9. Be Your Best with… The World’s #1 Direct Selling Brand The Products That Deliver as Promised
  10. 10. Be Your Best with… The Tools and Training to Succeed The Opportunity to Earn as Much as You Choose
  11. 11. Be Your Best with… The Trust of Millions Of Loyal Customers The Community of Over 6.5 Million Representatives
  12. 12. Be Your Best with… The Company That Shares Your Hopes The Company That Empowers Women
  13. 13. Passetta Phinn 876-521-8194 Code: psavage
  14. 14. What would you do with US$500.00 ? • Pay bills • Treat yourself to a spa day • Holiday shopping Avon offers you the opportunity for financial freedom with unlimited earnings potential. Be in business for yourself, not by yourself!
  15. 15. What would you do with US$1,000.00 ? • IPad • Weekend get-away • New wardrobe • Save it for a rainy day Avon offers you the opportunity for financial freedom with unlimited earnings potential.
  16. 16. What would you do with $5,000.00 ? • A fabulous vacation? • College fund for your kids? • Secure retirement? • New car? • New home? Avon offers you the opportunity for financial freedom with unlimited earnings potential.
  17. 17. How would you like to work? • Set your own hours. • Work independently. • Work with a team. • Work from home. • Be your own boss. With Avon, you’re in complete control – you decide when, how, and who you want to sell to. Only US$10 – Code: psavage
  18. 18. What would you like to gain? • Discover beauty secrets. • Keep up with fashion trends. • Expand your social circle. • Develop key business skills. • Gain more confidence. Avon gives you the tools, training, and support to build a beautiful business – let Avon show you the way.
  19. 19. How will your life change? “Avon has changed my life. I’ve realized my strength and abilities, and I’ve shown others how to realize their full potential and make their dreams a reality.” Avon Representative, Canada “I could never have imagined how much financial freedom Avon would give me. Today, I don’t worry about making ends meet*. I have a house that is paid for … And I have a hot tub … At the end of a long day, I slip into the tub, and feel all the cares of the world melt away.” Kym Calder, Vancouver WA Avon Representative Since 1995 “I was studying business management in college, and realized that I had the best, most flexible income available: everyone loves lipstick; everyone loves meeting new people; and everyone loves an unlimited earning opportunity. I can make as much money as I put into my business. And I can help others do the same.” Jessica Heller, El Paso TX Avon Representative Since 2004 Code: psavage
  22. 22. Do you want to work with the best? • Largest direct seller • Well-known brands • Innovative products • Continuous support • Commitment to excellence Did you know that Avon sells four lipsticks every second? Two out of five women globally have purchased an Avon product in the last year.* *Source: Avon Annual Report, 2010
  23. 23. Do you want to be part of something big? Avon is sold in over 100 markets, has a portfolio of thousands of products, and a network of over 6.5 million Avon Representatives, who collectively generated over $10 billion in sales last year.
  24. 24. AVON Goes Hollywood
  25. 25. AVON Goes Hollywood
  26. 26. AVON Goes Hollywood
  27. 27. Do you want to help make a big difference? The Avon Foundation for Women was founded in 1955 to improve women’s lives, and focuses today on the issues of: • Breast Cancer • Domestic Violence • Disaster Relief Through 2010, Avon philanthropy in more than 50 countries has donated over $800 million worldwide.
  28. 28. Do you want to make your dreams come true? “Eight years ago, I was earning $100 a month, living in a one-bedroom apartment. Then, I expanded my dreams. Today*, my children and I live in a beautiful, spacious, fourbedroom house. I changed my dreams, and I have changed my life.” Start today for only $10.00 Code:psavage * Your earnings may differ. Donna Reid-Mitchell, Dallas TX Avon Representative Since 2003
  29. 29. You have multiple ways to earn Personal Selling Avon makes selling products easy, with our constant innovation and exciting brochures. Before you know it, you’ll be a selling expert. Team Selling (Leadership) Share your Avon opportunity with others. When ready, you can begin recruiting, training, and motivating your own sales team.
  30. 30. Your earnings* are equal to your ambition Sales Earnings^ Leadership Earnings^^ 50% $900 -- $1,549.99 45% $425 – $899.99 40% $285 – $424.99 35% $145 – $284.99 30% $50 – $144.99 0% Executive Unit Leader Up to 12% Bonus Advanced Unit Leader Up to 8% Bonus Up to 7% Bonus Candidate Eligible – Believe In Your Success Bonuses 20% $0– $49.99 Senior Executive Unit Leader Up to 13% Bonus + Executive Cash Bonus + Extra bonus on EUL Sales Unit Leader $1,550 or greater ^Fixed earnings on selected products. ^^Bonus earnings on First Generation. *Earnings calculations are based on minimum qualifications for each level. Your earnings may differ.
  31. 31. You can earn as much as you choose Average annual earnings of top Avon performers compared with other occupations.* Senior Executive Unit Leader $134,000 Telecom. Director $133,000 Inner Circle Member $126,000 Retail Sales Manager $100,789 Nurse $58,811 Executive Unit Leader $56,000 President’s Council Member $50,400 Elementary Teacher $48,194 Administrative Assistant $33,852 David H. McConnell Member $29,925 Childcare Specialist $26,618 *Earnings calculations are based on minimum qualifications for each level. Your earnings may differ.
  32. 32. Code: psavage
  33. 33. You’re recognized for your achievement • Great Awards • Achievement Gifts • Enticing Incentives • Fantastic Galas • Exciting Trips Avon recognizes our highest achievers with fabulous awards – top performers in sales and Leadership are also rewarded with trips to fun, exotic destinations. 2011 Avon Woman of Enterprise Judy Madsen, Salinas CA Avon Representative Since 1985
  34. 34. EXCEED EXCEED Once You Believe, You Will Achieve Your Goals… ACHIEVE ACHIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE
  35. 35. Achieving with Avon is as simple as 1-2-3 1 1. Invite 2. Inform 3 2 3. Inspire
  36. 36. You begin with a simple Invitation… Invite Sales Invite customers to browse the brochure, ask questions, try samples, and buy products. Leadership Invite prospects to learn about Avon, ask any questions, and to join as a new Representative.
  37. 37. …and then Inform others about Avon… Sales Inform customers on product benefits, and how to choose and use the right products. Leadership Inform Representatives about the Avon Opportunity, how to find customers and how to sell.
  38. 38. …and finally, you Inspire others to do more Sales Inspire customers to believe in the brand, remain loyal, and share their passion with others. Leadership Inspire Representatives to believe in themselves, improve their sales, and join Leadership.
  39. 39. Invite, Inform, Inspire - it’s that simple! Invite
  40. 40. Once You Believe, You Will Achieve, And Even Exceed Your Expectations. EXCEED ACHIEVE ACHIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE
  41. 41. Did you know? •In Avon U.S., last year’s top seller sold over $3.5MM* •Our top Leader has a team of over 4,000 •Over 550 Representatives went on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to San Diego •We had 400+ Representatives who achieved President’s Council or above * Your earnings may differ.
  42. 42. We invite you to take the next step and join Avon today. Your success is our success and we’re here to help you realize your dreams. Passetta Phinn
  43. 43. It’s time to Be Your Best with the Best
  44. 44. Seize Your Opportunity Today!
  45. 45.  MAKE MORE MONEY Earns up to 50% commission  BE YOUR OWN BOSS Start your own business and make your own hours  WORK FROM HOME Sell online or in person
  46. 46. Contact me today  Passetta Phinn Unit Leader & Independent Sales Rep. 876-521-8194 Code: psavage
  47. 47. Thanks for watching!! I look forward to having the opportunity of building your business with you.