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The meaning of memorial headstone symbols


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We put together a list of common headstone symbols and their meanings, so next time you visit a cemetery you'll have a better appreciation for the customs, profession and personality of the deceased.

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The meaning of memorial headstone symbols

  1. 1. THE MEANING OF MEMORIAL HEADSTONE SYMBOLS When visiting a cemetery you may notice that there are many types of headstones that depict different symbols. It’s important to understand the meaning of these symbols since they represent information about the customs, profession and personality of a deceased loved one. Source Note: This information was obtained and rewritten where necessary for clarity from WifiAlliance at: symbolizes the pathway to Heaven or the deceased’s Heavenly reward. is a symbol of death, rebirth or victory. means truth, equality and the holy trinity. symbolizes the cycle of life, enlightenment or spiritual power. a rising sun symbolizes renewed life or resurrection, a setting sun represents death and a shining sun is a symbol of everlasting life. represents faithfulness, memory and undying affection. represents the body of Christ. shows affection, love and devotion for the dead. Two joined hearts on a headstone depict a happy marriage. Wheat Heart Triangle Pyramid Finger symbolizes that the deceased was a member of the military. Eagle is a symbol of life and time. Scroll Sword symbolizes triumph over death or everlasting memory of the deceased. Laurel represents divine wisdom or justice. A sleeping cherub symbolizes innocence. represents resurrection, life everlasting, the pilgrimage of one’s life and the baptism of one’s soul. gentleness and purity of thought. Moon symbolizes the power of God and guards the tomb against evil spirits. Lion Ivy is a symbol of chastity, innocence, purity and resurrection. Lily is a symbol of love, hope, unfailing love, victory, triumph and purity. Rose is a symbol of the swift passage of time, or the shortness of life on earth. Hourglass is symbolic of Christ’s resurrection. Butterfly Wheel Chain is a symbol of divine guidance. A 5-pointed star represents the Star of Bethlehem; a 6-pointed star represents God’s creation. Star highlights spiritual victory, success and eternal peace. It also symbolizes Christ’s resurrection. Palms Lamb means innocence. It is often used on an infant’s or a child’s headstone. is a symbol for resurrection, eternal life, enlightenment and spiritual attainment. stands for friendship, love and truth. Simplifiying End-of-Life Managment is a symbol of reward and glory, and life after death. Crown symbolizes a deceased’s noble life. When depicted as broken or in a draped format, a column symbolizes early death, mourning and grief. Column is a symbol of faith and resurrection. In military graveyards a cross represents trials, victory and reward. Cross are a symbol of the Bible, Divine Words or the deceased’s lifetime accomplishments. Books represents the soul, a messenger of God or peace, eternal life, or spirituality. Bird symbolizes hope and steadfastness. An anchor with a broken chain indicates cessation of life. Anchors are often used on the headstone of a deceased seaman. Anchor means awakening, courage and vigilance. Rooster Cherub is a symbol of peace, forgiveness and humanity. Olive branch Sun symbolizes the power of God and guards the tomb against evil spirits. is a symbol for eternal sleep. Poppy Conch shellDaisy Twitter @PassareInc Facebook Tumblr