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Nothing like a ‘would-you-rather’ game of death: What would you rather be: cremated or buried? Have open or closed casket? Who should die first, you or your spouse? Human mortality is an interesting conundrum. We feel powerless when it comes to death. But if we had control or the option to be in charge of death, the results are interesting. In a 60 minutes/Vanity Fair poll for September 2013 married men and women were asked if they would rather die before their spouses. The results state that men want to die first and could not live without their other half. Not quite as many women felt the same. 46% of married woman opted their husband’s die first and 70% of married men want their wives to outlive them. Does this result indicate women are more independent than men? Not that we wish ill will for our ex-spouses, but if you were presented with the option (kept anonymous of course), could you live without your spouse? Expectedly, according to the poll, the majority of people would die for their children. A few of the results are as follows: 55% said they would be most willing to die for their child, 12% said their spouse and 10% said their parents. Another 10% would die for their religion and only 5% said they would die for their country. When asked to contemplate your own mortality, what would you die for?

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