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pulse-AR Corporate Presentation


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Published in: Automotive, Technology, Business
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pulse-AR Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation Pascal GULA, C.E.O / pulse-AR pulse your Business with
  2. 2. Company Profile (1/2) • pulse-AR is a new innovative company focused on the success of AUTOSAR usage at its customer • Created on the 09/09/09 • Extensive AUTOSAR expertise by the founder (4 years on AUTOSAR including WPs participation in WPII-1.2 and WPII-3.2 as speaker) • Approved Development Member in the AUTOSAR Consortium in early October 2009 • Active moderator of the AUTOSAR Forum on Xing (more than 2600 members) • Planned employees (all AUTOSAR confirmed profile): – 4 beginning 2010 – 9 end of 2010 • Location: – Paris – Berlin end of the year – China end of the year
  3. 3. Company Profile (2/2) • High willingness to promote and support AUTOSAR success in its industrialization • Services composed of – Consulting, based on Methodology and Process, – Engineering, i.e Tools and Software development – Training, both on AUTOSAR and ISO26262 • Future Product – system design tool focused on Variant Handling and Safety with R4.0 support – based on Artop – first release planned Q2/2010
  4. 4. Industries • Automotive – OEMs and Tier1 – Method and Tools services – All domains for support in innovation and industrial projects • Building Technologies – Promising market (including full political support) – Domains • Energy management, fire security, comfort,… • Multimedia and Infotainment, tele-assistance,… • Building-to-Building, Building-to-X communication (e.g. to transport) • Medical – Innovative and safe device – Tele-medicine
  5. 5. Services • Consulting – From the AUTOSAR methodology, help a customer to build an AUTOSAR compliant process fulfilling its requirement – Defining a migration path from non-AUTOSAR to AUTOSAR process – Bringing solution to specific AUTOSAR implementation issue • Engineering – Providing tool engineering to complete an existing toolchain thanks to Artop Eclipse Framework – Providing software engineering to develop SWC on customer specification • Training – Enabling a progressive achievement of AUTOSAR and ISO26262 concepts – Customizability possible to fit a specific customer need
  6. 6. Product for Variant Handling (1/2) • “A product line architecture which can rapidly respond effectively to variabilities imposed by different customer requirements and changes within a well defined market segment” from SC2008 paper – Required by Tier1 supplier to meet different OEMs needs in the implementation of their software • “Architectural variability refers to the quality, state or degree, of a software architecture, to accommodate variability and changeability.” from AMPLE Taxonomy – Required for OEM to express in a flexible and efficient way the intrinsic variability present in vehicle they produce
  7. 7. Product for Variant Handling (2/2) Door Lock Authentification Entry Electronic ManualFingerp rint Card User Control Authentification Manager Lock Control Electronic Lock Manual Control Fingerprint Algorithm Simple Algorithm Fingerprint Reader Card Reader Expressing Variation Points (e.g feature model) Describing Architecure models
  8. 8. Contact Pascal GULA pulse-AR 47, rue de Rivoli 75001 PARIS France Tel/Fax: +33(0)951127593 Mobile: +33(0)628094142 Mail: Web: