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OOFELIE for Microsystems Design - 2015


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OOFELIE for Microsystems Design - 2015

  1. 1. OOFELIE::Multiphysics 2015 for MICROSYSTEMS DESIGN MEMS and MOEMS revolutionize the transducer industry in terms of the very small component size, product reliability and reduced production costs. The continuously decreasing size makes a strongly coupled multiphysic simulation approach mandatory to obtain accurate and quick results. When your microsystems need high dimensional stability, increased accuracy and reliable performances, the MICROSYSTEMS DESIGN suite is the right solution for you. AN AUTOMATED MULTIPHYSICS FEA SOLUTION OOFELIE::Multiphysics is a 3D strongly coupled multiphysics FEA solution used to conceptualise, design, analyse, and optimise various types of systems before starting the time-consuming and costly build-and-test cycles. The automated exploration of the design space allows to identify the appropriate design by using:  Parametric studies and Design of Expermiments  Optimization strategies OOFELIE::Multiphysics is tightly linked with MEMSPro® for connection to the EDA flow:  Model importation using MEMSPro® from SoftMEMS  Model exportation to EDA solver using Verilog-A or VHDL-AMS exchange and to the optical software ZEMAX® to accurately predict the behaviour of MOEMS. © 2015 Open Engineering - All rights reserved KEY FEATURES  PARAMETRIC GEOMETRIC MODELLER  Integration & Import from leading CAD tools  CAD healing technology  PHYSICAL FIELDS & COUPLINGS  Coupled Electrostatics Mechanics  Piezo-resistivity  Electromagnetics  Piezoelectric analysis  Thermo-mechanical and pyro couplings  Thermal radiation including view factors  Electro-thermos-mechanics including Peltier and Seebeck effects  Fluid-Structure Interaction  Multiphysic contact  MATERIALS  Linear and non-linear Multiphysic materials  DISCRETISATION TECHNIQUES  FEM-BEM coupling  Fast Multipole Method (FMM) with BEM  ANALYSIS  Static & Transient (linear, non-linear)  Harmonic & Modal  Random vibration  MODEL ORDER REDUCTION  Capacitive SEMs including electrostatic forces  Extraction of mutual capacitance matrix  IC co-simulation Verilog-A and VHDL-AMS export  SCRIPTING & CUSTOMISATION  C++-like scripting language  AUTOMATED DESIGN SPACE EXPLORATION  Parametric studies  Design of Experiments  Monte-Carlo studies  Sensitivity analysis  Optimisation  Model Updating  SUPPORTED PLATFORMS  Windows and Linux A TIME-SAVING, HASSLE-FREE SOLUTION FOR ACCURATE AUTONOMOUS SMART SENSORS DESIGN Courtesy of ONERA
  2. 2. APPLICATION EXAMPLE: VIBRATING INERTIAL ACCELEROMETER - DIVA (COURTESY OF ONERA) ONERA designed a monolythic quartz sensor, sensitive to orthogonal acceleration. This design efficiently decouples the vibrating beam from the outside case through the frame. The measured frequency shift is directly related to the acceleration and a high quality factor is needed for frequency tracking stability. The whole device, including the sensor package, is simulated using OOFELIE::Multiphysics because of the need of strongly coupled Piezo- thermo-elastic modelling. OBJECTIVES  Compute and optimise the resonance quality factor  Minimise the effect of thermal stresses on resonance frequency to reduce temperature influence on device performance  Account for the package by studying energy losses through mounting parts and the main structure CHALLENGES  Activate the resonating beam through piezoelectric effect  Minimise thermal stresses influencing the frequency behaviour  Include thermo-elastic damping effects which are critical for space and vacuum applications SIMULATION REQUIREMENTS A real need for a strongly coupled Multiphysic approach  Time constants of governing phenomena reach similar magnitudes  Simulation of coupled Piezo-thermo-mechanical effects on a complex 3D structure in combination with the electric measurement circuit OOFELIE::Multiphysics for MICROSYSTEMS DESIGN A complete modelling solution used by ONERA to predict the major characteristics of their innovative sensors  Optimized quality factor (thermo-elastic damping and package effect)  Accelerometer scale factor (evaluation of frequency shift due to acceleration)  Optimized electric parameters of the driving circuit An efficient modelling simulation environment with proven agreement between numerical and experimental results. © 2015 Open Engineering - All rights reserved OPEN ENGINEERING LIEGE science park, The Labs Rue Bois Saint-Jean, 15/1 B-4102 Seraing (Belgium) Tel.: +32 4 353.30.34 BENEFITS  SOLUTION FOR REAL LIFE INDUSTRIAL PROBLEMS You will be able to import, model, parameterise and mesh complex 3D structures  EFFECTIVE SIMULATION You will obtain a faster convergence and a shorter simulation time through strongly coupled simulations between relevant physical phenomena, necessary to accurately design continually shrinking components  ABILITY TO HANDLE 3D INDUSTRIAL PROBLEMS You will be able to efficiently handle large scale problems using coupled FEM, BEM (with FMM) in simulation methods  REDUCING DESIGN CYCLES You will cut your design cycles thanks to highly accurate results and fast simulations to optimise your designs  MODELLING WITH ACCURACY You will benefit from an intuitive and smart tool with a pre-configured wide range of strong couplings between the main physical phenomena  INTEGRATED SIMULATION PACKAGE You will benefit from a broad sensors and actuators coverage  CONNECTED TO THE EDA DESIGN FLOW Compatible with the latest MEMSPro® versions. AUTONOMOUS SMART SYSTEMS OOFELIE::Multiphysics allows you to focus on the design of smart sensors by predicting the behaviour of the active components:  TRANSDUCERS Accelerometer, gyrometer, pressure sensor, micro- mirror, IR (micro-bolometer), flow sensor, magnetometer, SAW, BAW  POWER CONVERTERS Energy harvester based on piezoelectric or thermoelectric (Seebeck) effects OOFELIE::Multiphysics allows you to analyse the interaction with the IC and the package.