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  1. 1. Page 1 of 3 PARVEZ J.TADVI Email: Mobile: +91 7566881001, 8458808374 CAREER 0BJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging position in the field of Instrumentation where I can utilize my experience with the available technologies, significantly contributing to the growth of organization. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Company Profiles:-  Presently working as an Engineering Executive with LUPIN Ltd. (Pithampur), since 19th February 2011 till date. It’s an USFDA, MHRA, approved Oral Solid Dosage facility. Work Profile:  Preparation, implementation, monitoring and performing preventive maintenance activities of plant equipments and machineries.  Analysis and Rectifications of Breakdowns related with Production, HVAC and Water System also implementation of necessary modifications to minimize them.  Planning, Supervising and performing activities like Validation, Qualification of HVAC and PLC’s along with protocol review and complete documentation of the entire process.  Reviews of SOP’s related to Engineering Department and make necessary changes as and if required with proper Communication avoiding any deviations.  Procuring, listing and stocking of critical spares required to avoid downtime for engineering related activities.  To observe Safety rules, comply with Government and Regulatory statutory requirements.  SAP related activities for procurement of materials, stocks and Preventive Maintenance module.  Supervising and manpower handling for almost a team of 20 persons.  Machines handled Complete Packing lines (CVC, Countec), compression machines (Killian, Fette, Sejong), Fluid Bed Equipments (Gansons, PamGlatt).  Providing of trainings related to Standard Operating procedures, Safe working and machine related maintenance activities. Project Activities:  Installation commissioning and implementation of Process SACDA and Machine SCADA.  SAP module for Preventive and Breakdown maintenance implementation and training.  Automatic Storage and retrieval system for die punches(ASRS)  Warehouse management of goods (MES), under installation.  E-log book project is in installation phase.  Power Saving projects for cost reduction (Timers for Air handling units, Use of LED’s)  Formerly worked as an Engineering Officer with WOCKHARDT Ltd. (Aurangabad),Since 3rd May 2008 till February 2011.It’s an USFDA, MHRA, WHO approved export oriented sterile facility with injectable division basically covering drugs under the Cephalosporin group. Work Profile:  Performing and documenting activities like Validation Qualification of Autoclaves, DHS, Temperature mapping and PLC’s.  Calibration activity of total instruments including critical and non critical instruments.  Cost saving projects to reduce day-to-day consumption of fuel, water and electricity.  Handling of breakdowns related to Macofar washing, tunnel, filling, and sealing machines.  Maintenance of inkjet printers and their critical spares.  Breakdown related to DM plant and WFI system. Project Activities:  Installation of new HVAC system, Autoclaves for microbiology lab with complete documentation and validation activity.  Renovation of existing HVAC system to comply with guideline and for cost reduction purpose by proper designing of mezzanine floor.
  2. 2. Page 2 of 3  Formerly worked as a Service Engineer with AMAR EQUIPMENTS (Mumbai), From 1st July 2006 to April 2008.It is an ISO 9001-2000 company which manufactures High Pressure reactors from 50ml. to 500Ltrs.,with working pressure of 300 kg/cm² and temperature of 600ºC,also manufactures Pressure Leaf Filters ,Sparkler Filters and fermentors. Work Profile:  Installation and commissioning of reactors at site right from unloading to complete satisfactory and proper functioning of the equipment.  Explanation of working and educating for proper handling of the equipment along with safety measures to be followed during operation.  Service and maintenance at site and in house of electrical panel, magnetic drive shaft and valves.  Tuning of PID controllers and VFD for optimum process requirements.  Planning for regular service & maintenance, AMC’s, and emergency visit schedule as per requirements.  Also worked as a trainee in TATA STEEL (Borivali), Since August 2005 to 30 June2006. It is ISO 9001-2000 company. The main product of the company is wires of different sizes ranging from 0.25 mm to 5 mm. Also manufactures multi-strand wires which are used for high voltage transmission, in cement concrete pillars as support, also for bridge ropes etc. Work Profile:  Optimization and parameterization of PLC driven production line.  Replacements and basic troubleshooting of cards.  Breakdown time analysis to reduce the total time consumed.  Reports & summarizing for the monthly production. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Passed Bachelor of Engineering in Instrumentation in the year 2004 with First Division. 2. Passed Diploma in Electronics Production & Maintenance in the year 2000 with First Division. 3. Passed S.S.C from C. J. High School, (Mumbai State Board) with First Division. PROJECTS COMPLETED:  DC Motor Control Using PID (Degree Final Year). In this project we have controlled the speed of a DC motor using PID, providing a tight control for variable load bearing motors and also the speed of the motor can be adjusted according to requirements of the process. This can be used for various purpose viz. on a conveyer belt where the load is being varied despite which the speed of the motor remains unaltered, a crane which has to lift different amount of load at every instance, etc. This project was sponsored by Colgate & Palmolive (Aurangabad).  On Line Power Dissipation Measurement of Optical Fiber (Diploma Final Year). The measuring instruments available in the market had major drawback that the Fiber Optic Cable had to be cut in between in order to measure the power flowing through it. In this project we have developed a die of mild steel which had an engraved groove in it. The Fiber Optic Cable is being placed in it passing through the grove. The circuit consists of a transmitter receiver pair which detects the disturbance in power flow and reflects it on the CRO. Thus we on line measure the Power dissipated by an optical fiber without cutting fields of Fiber Optic Cable.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 3 TRAINING AND OTHER PROFICIENCY:  DCS/PLC Fundamentals conducted by Yokogawa Blue Star Limited during Degree Final year.  Process Control Instrumentation (PC-10) from ADVANCE TRAINING INSTITUTE(Mumbai), It’s an institution under the MINSTRY OF LABOUR, GOVT OF INDIA.  Industrial Training at Ultra Tech Devices SEEPZ (Mumbai), manufacturing Power Supplies During Diploma Second year. AREA OF INTEREST: Working with Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemical and Refineries with a scope of instrumentation, PLC’s, SCADA and also like to work on projects. UP CLOSE: Date of Birth : 8th January 1980 Communication Languages : English, Hindi, & Marathi. Marital Status : Married Membership : ISI (Instrumentation Society of India) Secretary Residential Address : S/o Mr. J. F. Tadvi, Plot No.24/A, Dhanvantari extension, Rajendra Nagar, Indore, M.P. (PARVEZ J.TADVI)