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What is artificial intelligence ?


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence machine which think like human and operated by
machine rather than human or other animals.Any device and business who own AI
technology that start “revenue” and “grow up.Auxano Global Services is top mobile app development company offers mobile app development of IOS, Android, iPad, iPhone & web design service. We developed over 250+ apps & 150+ games.

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What is artificial intelligence ?

  1. 1. Auxano Global Services What is Artificial Intelligence ?
  2. 2. History Of Artificial Intelligence What Is Artificial Intelligence ? Trending Movie On Artificial Intelligence Is Artificial Intelligence Is Threat ? Artificial Intelligence Application(AI) ? Where our business ? Machine Learning Behind AI
  3. 3. History Of Artificial Intelligence
  4. 4. " The term of artificial intelligence that bring into reality at 1956 by John McCarthy at workshop on the campus of Dartmouth College " John McCarthy was American computer scientist. McCarthy was one of the founders of development of artificial intelligence History Of Artificial Intelligence
  5. 5. Alan Turing submitted the turing test at 1950 to determine and measure machine intelligence and from that time to now this process is continue to determine 'ability' of machine to 'think' like a human. History Of Artificial Intelligence
  6. 6. What Is Artificial Intelligence ?
  7. 7. What Is Artificial Intelligence ?
  8. 8. What Is Artificial Intelligence ? “ Artificial Intelligence is intelligence machine which think like human and operated by machine rather than human or other animals “ Any device and business who own AI technology that start “revenue” and “grow up” by AI benefit
  9. 9. Is Artificial Intelligence Is Threat? Yann Lecun Answer by Yann Lecun , Director of AI Research at Facebook : I don't think that Artificial Intelligence is become threat for humanity. That means, i am not saying that it is not possible, but we are stupid if to let that happen. We are very smart, if we make intelligence machine think like human and achieving the goal of making super-human intelligence. So to be very smart to prevent that from happening. If we build machine of super human intelligence, so chance that we are not that much stupid to give infinite power to destroy humanity.
  10. 10. Trending Movie On Artificial Intelligence
  11. 11. Trending Movie On Artificial Intelligence Interstellar The Matrix Metropolis
  12. 12. Trending Movie On Artificial Intelligence Star Trek: Generations RoboCop Robot
  13. 13. Trending Movie On Artificial Intelligence Tron The Terminator Wall-E
  14. 14. Artificial Intelligence Application
  15. 15. Artificial Intelligence Application Google Neural Machine Translation “ Google Neural Machine Translation is neural machine translation or ‘ Google AI translation ‘ tools, uses am artificial neural network to translate language “
  16. 16. Artificial Intelligence Application ENGLISH FRENCH GREEK ENGLISH FRENCH GREEK Google Neural Machine Translation
  17. 17. Artificial Intelligence Application Cortana Cortana is voice controlled virtual assistant for Microsoft window which recognize human voice, understand and respond back. Cortana uses artificial neural network to recognize pattern
  18. 18. Artificial Intelligence Application Cortana APPS DOCUMENTS WEB HUMAN
  19. 19. Artificial Intelligence Application Siri Apple Siri is built-in "intelligent assistant" available on apple user which have Apple iPhone 4s or later. Apple Siri is also avail on iPad and iPod touch device. Apple Siri give respond back while someone speak natural language voice command to operate mobile devices and apps.
  20. 20. Artificial Intelligence Application Waymo Google Self driving car project is now Waymo which goal to self driving technology bring in front of world with high accuracy and efficiency. Waymo stands for new way forward in mobility. Self driving technology company with goal to move round with safety and ease.
  21. 21. Artificial Intelligence Application Tesla Autopilot Tesla Autopilot is full self driving hardware come up with artificial intelligence. Aim will be all car with full self driving capability for ease and safety,
  22. 22. Where our business ?
  23. 23. Where our business ? Now, at this stage you wonder that how artificial intelligence is running so far and we don’t know just because we don’t ware about AI.
  24. 24. Where our business ? But, now we know what is arftificial intelligence and how they change life of us to make easy and safe. Even we knew that how AI will help to grow business and take step ahead in business.
  25. 25. Where our business ? Question :- How we bring business with AI in next step ?
  26. 26. Where our business ? Answer :- Well, there are lots of mobile app development company out in world that developed and delivered efficiently artificial intelligence app and revenue from application.
  27. 27. Machine Learning Behind AI
  28. 28. Machine Learning Behind AI Copy Link -
  29. 29. Auxano Global Services Auxano Global Services is Artificial Intelligence Application Development Company provide AI app development solution. We are perceptive with different types of AI system including following. 1- Genetic Algorithms 2- Fuzzy Logic 3- Neural Networks 4- Natural Language Processing 5- Bayesian Networks 6- Pat-Finding
  30. 30. Question ?
  31. 31. Contact - Auxano Global Services Email : Contact Number : +1-209-348-9807 Website : Auxano Global Services
  32. 32. Thank You