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Monetize Social Networks by Selling Real Gifts


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Gift merchants would love to assist Facebook and other social networks to monetize.
This slide presentation suggests that selling real gifts using engaging party games would help fund social networks.

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Monetize Social Networks by Selling Real Gifts

  1. 1. Can Gift Merchants Sell on Social Networks?
  2. 2. Traditional gift selling does not seem to work…
  3. 3. Because… It is all about the Conversation
  4. 4. So… The gifts must join the Conversation
  5. 5. Where do gifts usually add to the conversation?
  6. 6. Where are most gifts distributed?
  7. 7. So… Put Conversational Party Games on Facebook…
  8. 8. Sell Real Gifts… From Real Merchants No Virtual Gift Mumbo Jumbo!
  9. 9. Provide Real Support For Family and Friends
  10. 10. Build Real Profits… From Real Commerce! U.S. Gift Sales Estimated at $150 Billion
  11. 11. Everything is in place So….
  12. 12. Take the Party Online! PartyWeDo
  13. 13. Facilitate Gift Sales on Social Networks… PartyWeDo
  14. 14. A Demonstration Party is now on Facebook…