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Gift shopping yields free parties


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Target and other retailers could capture much of the U.S. gift market by providing party services. Amazon and Facebook could work together and also offer party activities that would assist people in passing out the gifts on the internet.
Parties would then become the added value in the gift shopping experience. Online parties that are tied to eCommerce services will capture a significant portion of the gift sales opportunities in the future.
Family and friends are already on the social networks, so all that is needed is a convenient shopping tool and the party.
This combination will be used to monetize Facebook and other social media.

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Gift shopping yields free parties

  1. 1. What if Target hosted parties?
  2. 2. With Free Party Space at Target’s Event Center Event Center
  3. 3. Make a purchase… Get a Party Room
  4. 4. Purchase the Baby Gifts… Have the shower at the store
  5. 5. Wedding Gifts earn a Reception Party
  6. 6. Holiday Gift Shopping Yields a Gift Exchange Party
  7. 7. Including the Party Planning
  8. 8. The Invitations
  9. 9. … and Games
  10. 10. All for being a Good Customer
  11. 11. Yes… Target could give a Free Party when you Purchase Gifts
  12. 12. Now… What if Amazon did this?
  13. 13. With a Party Center on Facebook
  14. 14. Everything done Online
  15. 15. So that Everyone can make the Party…
  16. 16. With all the Support Tools
  17. 17. Bundled in One Place
  18. 18. This Will Work! CLICK