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Adding Value To Gift Giving Online


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Sharing real gifts on Facebook is better than virtual gifts. Real gifts add value to relationships, while virtual gifts fade in value. Online gift exchanges allow friends and family members to share real gifts and add value to social experiences on Facebook. Facebook applications can help families share real gifts that they purchase through Amazon.

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Adding Value To Gift Giving Online

  1. 1. Adding Value to Gift Giving Through Social Media
  2. 2. Gifts provide emotional support
  3. 3. Real Gifts add value to relationships They Show Love
  4. 4. Real Gifts can not be replaced in a virtual way…
  5. 5. Virtual Gifts become discarded memories
  6. 6. Real Gifts build lasting memories
  7. 7. Real Gifts = Real Value from any distance
  8. 8. Social Networks = Gift Sharing Opportunities
  9. 9. Gift Sharing from any distance
  10. 10. Real Gifts can be exchanged on Facebook using…
  11. 11. Gift Sharing Applications
  12. 12. Online Versions of Real Gift Exchanges
  13. 13. Combining E-Commerce & Parcel Delivery
  14. 14. Adding Value to Gift Giving Online Parties
  15. 15. …and Real Gifts Delivered to your door…
  16. 16. Learn More