The Beautiful Game: Brand Marketers & The World Cup In The Era Of YouTube


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In the era of YouTube, brand marketers are trying to capture fan excitement around the 2014 World Cup in Brazil with some of the best and most creative video advertising anywhere.

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The Beautiful Game: Brand Marketers & The World Cup In The Era Of YouTube

  1. THE BEAUTIFUL GAME * Brand Marketers And The World Cup In The YouTube Era Brazil 2014
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  3. ...making it the world’s most popular sport. 270 million people around the world participate in formal soccer.
  4. More than 3 BILLION people are expected to watch the World Cup in Brazil. ...meaning a higher % of the world’s population watches the World Cup than % of the US population watches the Superbowl.
  5. For fans, the World Cup represents dreams and pride... Marco Ugarte/Associated Press)
  6. Dreams of glory...
  7. Dreams of overcoming... Dreams of overcoming...
  8. Pride in victory... Pride in victory...
  9. And pride in defeat and pride in defeat.
  10. For brands, it’s one of those rare moments where they get to participate as fans first.
  11. The brands that succeed are those that translate their genuine love for the beautiful game.
  12. Social media has changed how brands, fans, and stars communicate.
  13. In the era of YouTube, the centerpiece of the brand playbook is the world cup video ad.
  14. In fact, YouTube’s first clip to ever hit 1 million views was a Nike Ad featuring Ronaldinho in 2005. YouTube and soccer go way back.
  15. Today, YouTube is the world’s most important channel for creativity in film and video
  16. As the world cup starts, brands are competing to have the ultimate viral video.
  17. NIKE “Winner Stays”
  18. McDONALDS “GOL!”
  19. HYUNDAI “Because Futbol”
  20. NIKE “The Last Game”
  21. ESPN “Time Zone”
  22. ADIDAS “The Dream”
  23. BEATS “Game Before The Game”
  24. EMIRATES “All-Time Greats”
  25. POWERADE “Nico’s Story” ...if this one doesn’t get you...
  26. At its best, social media is a force for connecting people of every different background. Few events symbolize that global connection like the World Cup. No matter who you’re rooting for, take a minute this World Cup to celebrate not just the Beautiful Game, but this beautiful world. HAPPY WORLD CUP FROM ALL OF US AT PARTNERED!