Published on is a start up founded by a rural Texas Salvage Yard owner out of frustration in the online used parts industry. Too many part requests go unfilled, too many used parts are crushed: is the solution.

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  1. 1. a new online start up company for the salvage industry.Hope you will kick the tires and take a look around.
  2. 2. There are over 10 million “parting out” ads on the internet at any given time attracts theads, sellers, and buyers to one location A virtual online salvage yard
  3. 3. is a virtual marketplace a venue a place to gather most importantly a platform to exchange parts for money
  4. 4. is a system to display avehicle and a better means toallow that vehicle to bePartedOut better than anyother place on the internet.
  5. 5. You choose: –1,000 random email requests of "do you have?"or –200 "I see you have what I want-here is my offer." provides the latter.
  6. 6. • We are not based on the interchange model• is driven from an association of parts within the whole of a vehicle.• Why? Because you just can’t inventory all those parts
  7. 7. There are Customers searching for EVERY PART (they are crushed by the tons)• gives the online customer access to the parts you have• gives the SELLER QUALIFIED REQUESTS on the parts previously marked as “fluff” – visors, handles, etc
  8. 8. Thoughts behind• The demand for recycled parts is huge.• There are just too many unsold parts.• The markup between multiple vendors kills too many deals.
  9. 9. Thoughts behind• Because of inefficiencies in the marketplace, many parts request go unfulfilled.• Accountability needs to be established on the buyer and seller side from the beginning.
  10. 10. Thoughts behind• There is time to sell the less common part if buyer and sellers approach is in an equally qualifying manor.• You can make money selling – recycled door panels and switches, modules and trim.• You can save money buying – recycled door panels and switches, modules and trim.
  11. 11. Parts we do not consider when buying salvagebecome valuable with PartingOut.comExample :Volvo sun visorLast week, a user in Kansas City Mo. did aGoogle search for “parting out a Volvo.” Hewas directed to and createda Buyer Listed Part Offer of $50 for a sun visor.Needless to day, the seller accepted.
  12. 12. Why not let the buyer choose theparts he wants to buy, in realtime, instead of you guessingwhat he may need later?With your permission we allowthis to happen.
  13. 13. Buyer Listed Part:• If a specific part is not found in a search• But, a vehicle containing those parts is listed by a seller• Buyer has the ability to create a Buyer Listed PartIn other words, "I see you have a “part X,” I want to buy it for $$."