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IMTC Presentation


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IMTC Presentation

  1. 1. INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY & TOOLS CORPORATION 15, Avantikabai Gokhale Street, P.O.B. 3684, Opera House, Mumbai 400004. INDIA Tel : 91 22 66356263, 23824366   Fax : 91 22 23806359  Email:;    Website: www.imtc‐ ; g@ j p IMTC is in the fields of Industrial Machinery, Garage & Service St ti E i t E iStation Equipment, Engine Diagnostic Equipment, Garage & Hand Tools, etc., both of Indian and overseas manufacture. 1 Established in 1940, our Company has, over the years, developed a product programme in line with the end user needs of the industry Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 1end user needs of the industry.
  2. 2. Contents Our Scope of Products and Services11 Business Model22 IMTC Operations Profile33 2Contact Details44 Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 2 4/19/2013
  3. 3. O S f P d t d S iOur Scope of Products and Services Automobile Garage and Service Station Equipment & Tools Vehicle Inspection & Diagnostic Equipmentq p Industrial Equipment 3 Welding & Other Electric  Equipment Bolting System, Pneumatic Tools & Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 3q p Equipment
  4. 4. Business Model 4 Manufacturing Distribution Project Management Agency Import Export Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 4 4/19/2013
  5. 5. IMTC Operations Profile AUTOMOTIVE We manufacture the following: • Hydraulic Trolley Jacks cap. 1.5T thru to 20 T • Hydraulic Presses up to 100T • Felis Leo MIG / CO2 Spot Welding Systems (an import s bstit te de elopment)import substitute development) • IMTC Parts Cleaners (standard and custom‐built) 5 • IMTC Mechanical Jib Cranes, Gear Box Jacks Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 5
  6. 6. SERVICE STATION Our program encompasses: IMTC Operations Profile Ou p og a e co passes • IMTC Fully Hydraulic Hoists, 4T thru to 16 T El t H d li /M h i l Lift• Electro‐Hydraulic/Mechanical Lifts • IMTC Air Compressors • IMTC Hand operated & Pneumatic Greasers • IMTC Car Wash Plants, 3‐plunger systems, working pressure 40 kg/cm2 6 working pressure 40 kg/cm • IMTC Pre‐set Digital Tyre Inflators Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 6
  7. 7. Customized Tool Kits IMTC Operations Profile Maintenance Basic Break‐ Basic  Service Mechanic’s  General  Service Machine Shop down Maintenance All ElectriciansIndustrial Heavy D t 7 All  Purpose – Handy ‐ mans kit Duty We offer complete  solutions. Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 7 Our kits program is available for every segment of the User Industry. We custom‐build  programs suitable to your needs.
  8. 8. ENGINE REPOWERING IMTC Operations Profile • We have the complete program of machines of both Indian and Import • As Distributors for Engine‐Repowering Machines in India, we have delivered several machines into the Automotive, State Transport and Defence SectorsState Transport and Defence Sectors 8 Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 8
  9. 9. INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT IMTC Operations Profile Our scope of supply includes the following Machines: • Sheet metal machinery Wood working• Sheet metal machinery, Wood working machinery, General machinery • Lathes, Milling, Drilling, Shaping, Boring, Shearing MachinesShearing Machines • Capstan, Radial Drilling, Cylindrical Grinding, Surface Grinding, Planning, Slotting Machines 9 Slotting Machines • Presses, Pipe‐benders, Hand and Powered Wood Working Machines etc Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 9
  10. 10. PNEUMATICS W ff T k li ti t IMTC Operations Profile We manufacture the following: • Torque Wrenches to Britool specifications We offer Turn‐key applications to  Workshops looking at pneumatics at  the Workstations/Bays. W ff th f ll i t ( p • Torque Multipliers • Impact Sockets We offer the following systems (as  Authorized Distributors.) • CP Screw Compressors  T d li ti• Impact Sockets • Hose Reels Top‐end applications. • Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Tools. • Misc Air Tools accessories 10 • Spring Balancers • IMTC Air Compressors • Misc. Air Tools accessories. • Sander Polishers • Bend Pak 2 and 4 Post Vehicle Lifts Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 10• Bend Pak 2‐ and 4‐Post Vehicle Lifts.
  11. 11. FELIS LEO: WELDING SYSTEMS • A comprehensive welding systems product program IMTC Operations Profile • A comprehensive welding systems product program • The MIG/CO2 Spot Welder finds applications with Automotive Body Shops JUPITER AUTOMOTIVEJUPITER AUTOMOTIVE • As an Associate Co., we offer the Vehicle Inspection Centers both Single and Multi Track, Multi Gas Analyzers, Smoke Meters, Engine Diagnostics Equipment, Hand held Systems, Electrical Parameter Checking equipment, etcetc. E‐BUSINESS • B to B and B to C platform for providing a single‐point source for automotive 11 B to B and B to C platform for providing a single point source for automotive applications. Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 11
  12. 12. Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 15 Avantikabai Gokhale Street P O No 3684 Opera House Mumbai ‐ 400 004 INDIA Contact Details 15, Avantikabai. Gokhale Street, P. O. No. 3684, Opera House, Mumbai ‐ 400 004. INDIA Partha Sen Mg. Partner Tel.: +91‐22‐66356162  Email: Rupak Senp Partner Tel: +91‐22‐66356263  Email: 12 C. Surve ‐ Sr. Sales Officer / Snehal Kolambekar ‐ Project Manager Tel.: +91‐22‐23824366  Fax: +91‐22‐23806359 Industrial Machinery & Tools Corporation 4/19/2013 12Fax:  91 22 23806359  Email: Mumbai * Kolkata * Pune * Coimbatore * Delhi