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Sustainable citizen engagement


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Sustainable citizen engagement

  1. 1. Bil Datblygu CynaliadwySustainableDevelopment BillCyflwyniad rhyngweithiol ar y cynigion yn y ddogfenymgynghori.An interactive presentation on the proposals in theconsultation document.Ymgynghori ar y Bil Datblygu Cynaliadwy
  2. 2. Cyd-destun y Polisi a’r StrategaethThe Policy and Strategy Context
  3. 3. twf economaidd cynaliadwy cyfrifoldeb adfywio er lles ein cymunedau Cymuned gref a chreadigol bywyd iach gwireddu’r potensial cyfiawnder a chydraddoldeb cymdeithasol i bawbHunaniaeth: lleol a Chymreig gwaddol ddiwylliannol tirwedd ecosystemau a natur iachmenter gwneud y gorau o’r cyfalaf deallusol a naturiol
  4. 4. sustainable economic growth responsibilityregeneration that serves our communities creative & strong community healthy life fulfilling potential social justice and equality for allidentity: local, Welsh - Cymreig cultural legacy landscape healthy ecosystems & wildlifeenterprise maximising intellectual & natural capital
  5. 5. ues mic iss es Econo al issu Soci es ent al issu Bet long ter, joineEnvironm lder views -term du outc p, o Stakeh ome s
  6. 6. Amcanion DC SD Objectives Hybu lles Enhancement of wellbeing Hybu cyfiawnder a chydraddoldeb Promotion of social justice & cymdeithasol equality Parchu terfynau amgylcheddol Respect for environmental limits Cryfhau’r waddol ddiwylliannol Strengthened cultural legacy Galluogi pobl i fyw’n iach Healthy living Hybu economi fyrlymus a vibrant economy Cydnabod buddiannau’r cenedlaethau Recognition of interests of future i ddod generations Cael pobl i gymryd rhan yn y Involvement of people in penderfyniadau sy’n effeithio ar decisions that affect their eu bywydau lives
  7. 7. A Sustainable WalesBetter Choices for a Better Future
  8. 8. Programme for Government “This is our Welsh account of sustainable development: an emphasis on social, economic and environmental well-being for people and communities, embodying our values of fairness and social justice.” “All our policies and programmes will reflect this commitment to sustainability and fairness so that we make sustainable development our central organising principle”00
  9. 9. Key Requirements ► To support the embedding of SD into the strategic decision making processes of the public sector. ► To empower and drive positive change. ► To avoid adding layers of additional bureaucracy and cost and becoming a tick box exercise. ► To avoid stifling innovation and removing the flexibility from organisations to reach the sustainable solutions that are best for their circumstances. ► To ensure that SD will have a practical effect and not simply a set of high level principles05
  10. 10. Proposals for a stronger governance framework ► An embedded and strengthened framework ► A focus on Support ► Robust Accountability ► Phased Implementation05
  11. 11. Sustainable Development Framework Aim (the what) Best Future for Wales Purpose (the why) Sustainable Development Methodology (the how) experience with s79, independent reports, international experience etc02
  12. 12. Existing measures (more to come)Encourage EnableProposed SD Bill SD Charter networkSD Annual Report SD Framework for LG SD component of WG business support Sustainable Futures practitioners networkExemplify EngagePolitical consensus on SD Wales Sustainability WeekConsistency across policies SD research and segmentationCommissioner for SF Cynnal Cymru; and Green List SD Advocates Eco Schools programme
  13. 13. Wrth eich byrddau On your tables Reflect on what’s been saidMeddwl am yr hynsydd wedi’i ddweud What are the opportunities for engagement and participation from the Bill? Ymgynghori ar y Bil Datblygu Cynaliadwy Llywodraeth Cymru
  14. 14. Contemporary challenges
  15. 15. Some relevant areas Post-16 participation Energy efficiency Parenting Transport choicesEducation/skills Adult literacy Environment Reduce, reuse, recycle Life skills (cooking etc) Consumption choices Volunteering Fly-tipping Drugs, alcohol, tobacco Anti-social behaviour Teenage pregnancy Crime preventionHealth Obesity Community Terrorism Keeping appointments Social mobility Organ donation Litter / graffiti Active job seeking Pension provision Service culture Self-careProsperity Entrepreneurship Care / ageing Mental health Personal aspiration Active ageing Diversity End-of-life choices
  16. 16. 1. The 4-E approach to behaviour change Taxes & fiscal measures Remove barriers to act Regulation & fines Set defaults / opt-out vs opt-in League tables Form clubs / communities Targets / perf management Provide information Prizes / rewards / bonuses Enable Choose intervention timing Preferential treatment Personalise Status recognition Provide space / facilities Subsidies / discounts Build confidence Feedback Ease/cost of access Encourage Catalyse Engage Community/network action Evidence base Deliberative fora Walk the talk & lead Segmentation / focusConsistency across policies Exemplify Secure commitment Sustained approach Personal contacts Credibility / confidence Role models / super-usersBenchmarking / evaluation Paid/unpaid media campaigns Learning & improvement Pester power / Peer pressurePolitical consensus building Workplace norms
  17. 17. Smoking and behaviour change High excise taxes Ban marketing practices NHS stop smoking treatment Address smuggling Smoke-free policies Enable Quit-lines (nb. Personal incentives) Pharmaceutical deregulation Encourage Catalyse Engage Smoke-free policies Social marketing campaignsClear messages from NHS Exemplify More graphic warnings Consistent package Major news media assault Clear goals Constant revisiting evidence Commercial arguments “Denormalisation”
  18. 18. But others forces are at work... the force of theA cigarette for the beginner psychological symbolism is a symbolic act. I am no subsides, the longer my mother’s child, pharmacological effects I’m tough, I am an take over to sustain the adventurer, I’m not habit square... Dunn W. Vice President for Research and Development, Philip Norris. Why one smokes. 1968 Minnesota Trial Exhibit 3681.
  19. 19. Smoking: from the dark side Advertising Orchestrating smuggling Role models Lights Adult product definition Enable Filters Duty Free Wide availability Fighting smoke-free places Encourage Catalyse Engage Aspirational sell to poorProduct placement in films Exemplify Coupons and catalogues Sponsorship Coaching arguments Normalisation Distracting PR Bogus science
  20. 20. The SD Bill and behaviour change Budget Setting Evidence collection Grants & Grant in Aid Policy process Sponsorship Capacity building Procurement Networks Legislation Enable Information League tables & Good practice & element of competition Knowledge sharing Status recogition Encourage Catalyse Engage Know your stakeholders and Evidence base audiences - segmentation Consistency Exemplify Narratives Honest Buy-in Celebrate success Workplace normsEvaluation & continuous Continuous improvement
  21. 21. Wrth eich byrddau On your tables• Identify your group challenge – SD Bill focused• How will this effect your organisation?• Consider the Engage box: what could you add to the Engage menu that would help drive the action you’re trying to promote?• Feed back your most important learning pointYmgynghori ar y Bil Datblygu Cynaliadwy Llywodraeth Cymru
  22. 22. Think of people as ‘human’
  23. 23. 2. Understand human behaviour Rational all-knowing individualised long-term utility maximisation
  24. 24. MINDSPACE
  25. 25. MINDSPACEMessenger: We are influenced by who communicates informationIncentives: Our responses are shaped by biases and shortcutsNorms: We tend to do what those around us are already doingDefaults: We ‘go with the flow’ of pre-set options
  26. 26. MINDSPACESalience: Our attention is drawn to what is novel and seemsrelevant to usPriming: Our acts are often influenced by sub-conscious cuesAffect: Emotional associations can powerfully shape our actionsCommitment: We seek to be consistent with our public promises,and reciprocate actsEgo: We act in ways that make us feel better about ourselves
  27. 27. The Science of Persuasion6 weapons of influence1.Reciprocation: You did something for me and now I owe you2.Consistency: One thing I do or think leads to another3.Social proof: 9 out of 10 cats prefer...4.Liking: I will buy Tupperware from you because I like you5.Authority: More doctors smoke Lucky Strike6.Scarcity: Get it now, or I’ll be sorry when it’s goneRobert Cialdini, The science of persuasion, Scientific American, 284, 76-81.
  28. 28. Some “biases” in real behaviour• Loss aversion• Recency Its illogical• Peak experience Captain...• Herding• Heuristics• Omission• Habit• Confirmation• Hyperbolic discounting
  29. 29. List of cognitive human “biases”Behaviour & Decision- Probability & belief SocialmakingBandwagon effect Ambiguity effect Actor-observer biasBase rate fallacy Anchoring effect Egocentric biasBias blind spot Attentional bias Forer effectChoice-supportive bias Authority bias False consensus effectConfirmation bias Availability heuristic Fundamental attribution errorCongruence bias Availability cascade Halo effectContrast effect Belief bias Herd instinctDéformation professionnelle Clustering illusion Illusion of asymmetric insightDenomination effect Capability bias Illusion of transparencyDistinction bias Conjunction fallacy Illusory superiorityEndowment effect Disposition effect Ingroup biasExperimenters Gamblers fallacy Just-world phenomenonExtraordinarity bias Hawthorne effect Notational biasFocusing effect Hindsight bias Outgroup homogeneity biasFraming Illusory correlation Projection biasHyperbolic discounting Ludic fallacy Self-serving biasIllusion of control Neglect of prior base rates effect Self-fulfilling prophecyImpact bias Observer-expectancy effect System justificationInformation bias Optimism bias Trait ascription biasInterloper effect Ostrich effect Ultimate attribution errorIrrational escalation Overconfidence effectJust-world phenomenon Positive outcome biasLoss aversion PareidoliaMere exposure effect Primacy effectMoney illusion Recency effectMoral credential effect Disregard of regression toward the mean.Need for Closure Selection biasNegativity bias StereotypingNeglect of probability Subadditivity effectNormalcy bias Subjective validationNot Invented Here Telescoping effectOmission bias Texas sharpshooter fallacyOutcome bias Well travelled road effectPlanning fallacy Consistency biasPost-purchase rationalization CryptomnesiaPseudocertainty effect Egocentric biasReactance False memoryRestraint bias Hindsight biasSelective perceptionSemmelweis reflex Reminiscence bump Rosy retrospection For more informationStatus quo bias Self-serving biasVon Restorff effectWishful thinking Suggestibility Wikipedia search:Zero-risk bias “List of cognitive biases”
  30. 30. Understand the population
  31. 31. Be careful with the relationship between citizen and state
  32. 32. 4: Establish the case for intervention “The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilised community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not a sufficient warrant”.But… Children? Addiction? Influence of background?Mental illness? Collective costs? Regret...?
  33. 33. From soft paternalism to regulationPublic (external) impacts Passive smoking - workers Passive smoking - public Hooking kids Unregulated addiction Health impacts Private impacts
  34. 34. Adopt a learning approach
  35. 35. 4+2 Es approach to behaviour change EnableExplore Encourage Catalyse Engage Evaluate Exemplify
  36. 36. Summary1. Four-E behaviour-change model Encourage Enable Engage Exemplify2. Understand real behaviour3. Segment and personalise4. Judge public acceptability (which changes)5. Experiment and evaluate
  37. 37. Reading up...Thaler & Sustein Mark Earls Robert Cialdini Dan Ariely
  38. 38. Reading up... Government Government Institute for Cabinet Officecommunications Social Research Government & Cabinet Office
  39. 39. Wrth eich byrddau On your tables• Identify your group challenge• Quickly jot down the existing elements under the 4 Es headings• Consider the Engage box: what could you add from the Engage menu that would help drive the action you’re trying to promote?• Feed back your most important learning pointYmgynghori ar y Bil Datblygu Cynaliadwy Llywodraeth Cymru
  40. 40. Digwyddiadau ymgynghori Consultation events • 15/16 Ionawr Caerfyrddin • 15/16 January Carmarthen • 29/30 Ionawr Cyffordd • 29/30 January Llandudno Llandudno Junction • 5/6 Chwefror Caerdydd • 5/6 February Cardiff • 12/13 Chwefror Llandrindod • 12/13 February Llandrindod WellsDaw’r ymgynghoriad i ben ar 4 Consultation closes 18 JulyMawrth Ebost / Email: Ymgynghori ar y Bil Datblygu Cynaliadwy Llywodraeth Cymru
  41. 41. Y Bil Datblygu CynaliadwySustainableDevelopment Bill Diolch – Thank you Ymgynghori ar y Bil Datblygu Cynaliadwy
  42. 42. Diolch yn fawr!