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Published in: Design
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  1. 1. SERVICES AND THE CITY S12Enhancing public services interfaces
  2. 2. SERVICES AND THE CITY S12 Enhancing public services interfacesObjective• engage with HPD to assess current offerings and generate potential improvements for points-of-service, both online and offline• explore the co-production approach, where citizens can collaborate actively in the co-design and co-production of servicesPhases(1) understanding the challenges and possibilities for designing public services(2) evaluating, assessing existing service provisions within HPD(3) generating possible improvements or new ideas for service provision(4) iterative cycles of prototyping and testing with HPD and PPLMethods• staff and expert presentations• field visits• critiques sessions• further visits and consultation with staff
  3. 3. SERVICES AND THE CITY S12 Enhancing public services interfacesTeam 1: Judit, Molly, Harriette, Team 2: Eli, Marissa, Jack Team 3: Michael, Ivett, Jim, CaitlinMatteoDivision on Neighborhood Development Marketing, communication and Tenant-oriented services / field(DNP) field offices outreach strategy inspectionContext: There’s a need to update Context: A new online portal for the Context: There are two types of fieldDNP role in the community, to engage lottery system will be launched. New inspections: (a) code inspectors, whowith the neighborhood, in a different physical points of contact might wear uniform, look like policemen andcapacity, now as a broker (of local leverage online/off line interfaces. issue violation codes and (b) “softer”development) rather than as the There will be events in summer to inspectors, who wear plain clotheslandlord/owner as in the past. The launch the new portal and new and work more as tenant advocates.field offices are the main physical services. The goal is to update the In addition, the Tenant Nights areaccess to services and interface with interface of the agency with citizens another key interaction DNP has withthe community. redefining the citizen experience as a tenants and residents. whole.Brief: How might we re-define the Brief: How might we re-design theseengagement with the local community Brief: How might we re-define a new interactions and interfaces so tofocusing on the field office experience comm./outreach strategy for the improve the overall experience andso to update the public’s perception of physical channels that matches the service efficiency?the agency to match its current role? new online presence? (e.g. kiosks, new signage systems, and the design of events)