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  1. 1. Public & Collaborative Services: Case StudyNeighbor in Needhttp;//www.neighborinneed.orgEast Lake, Kirkwood and Edgewood communities in Atlanta, Georgia.DescriptionNeighbor in Need is an initiative in the communities of East Lake, Kirkwood andEdgewood in Atlanta where citizens help low income elderly make emergency homerepairs as repair a leaky roof and bad plumbing, so these individuals do not have to bedisplaced from their homes. The point of the program is to help the elderly keep theirhomes when they have nowhere else to go as opposed to being forced to sell theirproperties.A service of the east lake cammunityCitizen RoleCitizens act as both donators and volunteers for these projects. Projects range from roofrepair, electrical failures, exterminating, window replacements, repainting and majorgardening help.Neighbor in need is also associated with the East Lake foundation and Atlanta Youthproject, which have programs of volunteering to act on many different projects, and oneof them is neighbors in need.Degrees of InvolvementEveryone work as volunteers, but the level of envolvment is different. There are peoplewho participate in every activity and that manage the program and there are people whoparticipate with working hours. Some volunteers some citizens have to enter by theinstitutions mentioned above: East Lake foundation and Atlanta Youth project. To Caring for Elderly and Children: Rosalind, Amber, Kara, Jennifer, Daniella
  2. 2. Public & Collaborative Services: Case Studybecome a volunteer the candidate has to:1. Complete the secure volunteer application.2. Agree to a background check.3. Work with the volunteer coordinator to find a program that best matches your interests and schedule.4. Attend orientation training.Some of the members are working on the program on regular basis, they contribute withwork.The amount of hours you donate is pretty open, to match people’s schedulescomfortably.The institution also raises funds for the projects, and people or institutions can donateeither money or materials for specific repairs. Individuals can donate on-line or volunteerdirectly in the organization.Public RoleThe institution is basically lead by the community and the non profit organizations thatsupport it and the private sector. The money raised comes from the community (throughfund raising activities), from private enterprises who support it, and from donations on-line. They also have a list of partners that collaborate with material and services. Hereare some of the partners that collaborate with materials: Cool Ray Heating and Air, Mr.Plumber Atlanta, USA Roofing and Windows, Sherwin Williams, Arrow Exterminatorsand Georgia Pressure and Steam.Service Diagram Caring for Elderly and Children: Rosalind, Amber, Kara, Jennifer, Daniella
  3. 3. Public & Collaborative Services: Case StudyEnabling SystemsNeighbors in need has a web site were you can become a member or donate, thevolunteers who participate on regular basis manage the financial resources, distributethe tasks, and also participate on the repairs. The materials donated by the partners aredonated based on the needs of each job.East Lake foundation and Atlanta Youth project are the two organization that are linkedto Neighbors in need offering working hours of their volunteers and supporting thecommunity around the project.Role of Digital EnvironmentThe web-site does not play such an important role in the management of the system, themain connections are made through other social communities like churches, clubs andthe East Lake Community Foundation. What is available at the website is the applicationfor volunteers and place were you can donate through paypal and credit-card.Background / HistoryEast Lake was a popular vacation haven for Atlanta’s well-to-do families in the early1900s and continued to attract golfing enthusiasts who wanted to play at East Lake GolfClub, It was established in 1995 to help transform the East Lake neighborhood andcreate new opportunities for the families who live there. Working with neighborhoodresidents and expert public and private partners, the Foundation developed a newcommunity on the site of the former public housing project.Since the autumn of 2007, the recession has been impacting many senior citizens inEast Lake, Atlanta. They were struggling with the rising costs of city taxes, homemaintenance, heating and cooling and the ever-rising health care costs associated withgrowing older. Many have seen their funds decimated and their homes value dropmarkedly as well. At that time the East Lake Community decided to offer this serviceorganizing the community and building partnerships, to help the elderly who were facingdifficulties. Caring for Elderly and Children: Rosalind, Amber, Kara, Jennifer, Daniella